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perf-list-digest Monday, August 2 1999 Volume 02 : Number 192

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FTE Perf - FTE Perf- 4.6 performance
FTE Perf - Hey Again - Introduction, and some Q's...



Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1999 12:40:13 -0700 (PDT)
From: Ryan Reinke
Subject: FTE Perf - FTE Perf- 4.6 performance

I guess I am looking to get more torque out of my 4.6
on the low AND a bit more at the top or at least
maintain what I have there. (Pulling trailers - hard
to start and maintain speed.)

How much would a Mass Air system from a Mustang
help/hurt? kill my gas milage? I currently can
consistently get between 13 and 17...


- --- Tim Turner wrote:
> William S Hart wrote:
> >
> > torque. Fortunately these modulars have a very
> flat torque curve, so once
> > revved up a bit (2000+) it will have about the
> same amount of torque
> > without the peakiness that you get from some high
> powered motors...
> But us off-road guys (I know.. wrong list) need the
> torque from idle on
> up. I spent my 'Fun time' today between 1100 and
> 2500 RPM; thank
> goodness for decent torque at low speed im my worn
> out 2.8. 3/4
> throttle sometimes in 3rd/Lo just to maintain speed
> at 1200 rpm.. (12
> MPH?) the sand was TOUGH today.
> Tim
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Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1999 16:23:00 EDT
From: CCSSportzAOL.COM
Subject: FTE Perf - Hey Again - Introduction, and some Q's...

Well, most of you probably don't know me at all, so this is a re-introduction
- - mixed in with questions and a few other things that may eminate from my
brain. Although, totally useless, if anything this will keep you busy for a
few extra minutes, maybe just long enough that you miss the call that says
you won a million bucks, and a FORD. Beware if you read this, you could
potentially be loosing a Ford........ :oP

Well, I'm 17, the name's Shawn, and I have two 1979 Fords.
1. - '79 F-150 Custom, 4x4, 4spd, 351M, named 'ZILLA due to it's massive size
now - which will ultimately get bigger. Now - 6" susp lift, 3" body lift, 36"
tires - when I'm done, I may take out the body lift, undecided, but It will
have 40's or better. It looks real good now but the wheel wells would look
better if they were filled up a little more
2. - '79 F-250 Ranger, Full time 4x4, C-6, 351M, unnamed at this point.

Here's the background: First the trucks (more interesting), then me.

'ZILLA, was found searching the AOL truck classifieds - It was owned by a
corporate lawyer who had bought it for his son. Anyway - he paid 1750.00 for
it and his son had it for less than a month when the steering went. It was
parked, his son did some bad stuff, he took it away, and put it up for sale.
He was asking 1000.00 for it but after talking with him, for some reason (I
think because he couldn't get it to start, and there was NO steering), agreed
to sell it to me for 325.00. I accepted and called it Sold. At that point I
lived in upstate NY, in a little country town, Cambridge. ('Bout 45min. north
of Albany) - and the truck was in NJ.
Dad was pissed but we rented a trailer, made for a car not a massive hulking
beast, and pulled it down to get the truck behind my *mom's* '93 E-150
Conversion van (She was pissed), but anyway we got there and bought the
truck. First I got it running, the carb was bone dry - all I had to do was
dump some gas in the top of it. The steering was undiagnosible because it was
dark but the 325 it was worth fixing. Needless to say with a truck with no
steering it was a pain in the arse to get it on the trailer. My dad being the
"know it all" did it but forgot he wasn't in his Freightliner at work (Driver
for Fed-Ex), and just gave it too much, and he ALMOST ramped the trailer
looking like bigfoot and landed on my mom's van. Luckily the winch on the
front of the trailer, stopped him kindof. then we had to let all the air out
of the tired so it would kind of fit - it didn't so we just strapped it all
down. Yadda yadda yadda - bought a steering box, and that wasn't it, got the
place to take it back (MIRACLE), turned out to have a stripped part (the
thing that holds the soft knuckle and then clamps the column to the steering
box. So I made out. It has been a long time since I bought it (like 10
months) and haven't done much of anything at all to it. Due to the lack of
money, time, and moving. After NY, we moved to NH, where 'ZILLA sat, and I
bought my F-250. Paid 1500.00, everything was fine - drove it around, then
one day I go out and the tranny (C-6) wont shift out of 2 into 3! What a
pain....... With school, sports, and job - I had no time to do anything.
Anyway - this wasn't all bad - when my F-250 clunked out, my parents got me
an 88 Mercury cougar (Still technically a Ford), so I could get to school,
and work, and what not. They got it from a friend so it was kinda cheap -
before I could fix the truck I had to pay them back for the car so the truck
sat - I kept it running everyday a little bit just for "excercise".....After
the car was paid back, and I was ready to get the F-250 looked at, and fixed,
I got the news... My dad requested a transfer to North Carolina, and was
accepted - "We're moving in 2 weeks". This was after only 6 months in NH,
still in the middle of my Junior year in High School, I transferred schools
AGAIN. Anyway - I went into a spin, and had so much to do - I quit my job,
and had no time for the truck. Now I am living in NC, driving my Dad's GMC
(It is almost a sin to say that), because last month my Cougar, on a trip to
NH, did something bad with the head, because now I have water in my oil, and
we ran the piss out of it to get it to a service station, and we didn't make
it - it kept overheating, and the water we were putting in it was shooting
straight out the tailpipe. We towed it back here and are waiting to fix it
because of the $$ we have spent since May - unbelievable!!!! I am not having
a good time here - MY TRUCKS ARE STILL IN NH, and I won't see them until at
least Sept. when my dad gets vacation time. I'll be in school and working, so
He'll fly up on the company cargo plane (free, a perk of working at Fed-ex)
and take the F-250 in to a shop and get the tranny fixed, then tow Zilla down
behind the F-250. That will use ALOT of gas, especially with the FT4x4.
Anyway - just thought I would introduce myself, kinda got sidetracked with my
messed up life, and this got way too long.

It gets longer.

Someone just said in a safety first thread:
""""Fords have a tendency to jump out of park into reverse. I would never
leave it
running in park unnattended, even with the parking brake set, because as
you know, it doesn't hold in reverse very well. """"

Well, sorry, I didn't know - and IN NH, while towing my 150 , with the 250 I
had trouble with the chain and put it in park, on a hill no less - and went
to check it out. To make a long story short - this person was right, they pop
out of park, I found out the hard way, I was almost crushed, and Zilla had
irrepairable fender damage. It wasn't too bad, I was putting new fenders on
anyway...... But I discovered my F-250 that had "NO" rot through in the box
except for the floor, was skimm coated with BONDO, which cracked a little
when they hit. No - biggie, niether were hurt bad.

You can see 'Zilla on the FTE site - it is the big '79 F-150 4x4, in primer,
needing a little help......
The 250 will go up after get some pics scanned.

Mods -
I *want* to put a 460 in the F-250 - it will go in perfect where the 351M
comes out... I hope........I'm not going to do that for awhile, if ever
though because I hate to take out the 351 and just have it sit - it runs
PERFECT, and I do mean perfect. And why spend the money if you don't have to
- - I can use it somewhere else.
The F-150 is a 4 spd - which is a good tranny - but I kindof want an
automatic - I am undecided on what to do here - remember the 150 is going to
have 40's or better and is not going to see much if any offroading, it is
just too big - and the 250 is going to be my daily driver, and play toy - the
Full time 4x4 may be a problem......gas hog plus wear and tear, any thoughts
on a part time conversion? Anyone do this on a similar truck? Is it hard?
Expensive? And the 351M runs ok - I just rebuilt the carb, that motor
actually came from a '78 Custom LTD II, It is definately coming out! I don't
know what to put in though - 429/460 is a virtually a no brainer swap with
that tranny, but If I go to auto., I dont know. I like the 390 ALOT, but like
I said I am only 17 and haven't had much exposure and experiance.
My friend got me hooked on Ford trucks, and he's the only person I've had
teach me anything, all else I learned on my own, and now that I live in NC,
and he's in NY - that is done - he can't help anymore. If there's anyone
around here in NC that I could talk to or meet up with that would be great -
reply, or personal e-mail is fine.

I want to apologise again for the length of this post, but I dont think you
guys mind too much......It did contain Ford related stuff....

- -Shawn
'79 F-150 Custom, 4x4, 4spd, 351M, 6" susp lift, 3" body lift, 36" tires -
'79 F-250 Ranger, Full time 4x4, C-6, 351M
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