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perf-list-digest Friday, July 2 1999 Volume 02 : Number 162

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Re: FTE Perf - no distributor spark?
Re: FTE Perf - no distributor spark?
FTE Perf - fuel line
Re: FTE Perf - Really dumb question!



Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1999 10:11:01 -0700 (PDT)
From: shane san miguel
Subject: Re: FTE Perf - no distributor spark?

Hey Tom,

Yeah, the point gap does affect the amount of spark
you get. If you can see the points arcing then all
your ignition checks up to the distributor are
probably good ie voltage to the coil etc. I had heard
a long time ago that you could gap points with a
matchbook but this definitely does not work. Gap them
to about 17 hundredths and you should be good to go.
If it even TRIES to fire after that then I would move
on to the timing issue.

Good luck, let me know what happens!

- --- Tom Ewing wrote:
> Shane
> Thanks for the electrical advice.
> I've been busy and haven't had much time, but I am
> now getting spark to the
> points. I've got the OEM breaker points set up, and
> I don't THINK I was

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Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1999 10:45:11 -0700 (PDT)
From: shane san miguel
Subject: Re: FTE Perf - no distributor spark?

Hey Tom,

Also...... Did you try to blow through the fuel lines
when you took them off? I had a wad of mud come out
of mine and hit my friend on the shirt when I blew out
the line....

55 F100 5.0

- --- Tom Ewing wrote:
> I've put on a new Edelbrock 750cfm carb and RPM
> PERFORMER manifold, plus
> I've replaced and somewhat temporarily improved the
> fuel lines as best
> I can. However I removed the distributor to make it
> easier to install the
> intake
> manifold and now I can't seem to get any spark? I
> can't even get the thing
> to
> backfire. At least I think its lack of spark. I
> can see fuel in the carb..
> I've tried
> setting a spark plug on the intake connected to
> spark plug wire and remotely
> stood in front of the truck and tried to see the
> spark plug firing, but I
> don't. Am
> I running this test of the ignition improperly?
> I'll keep checking.The
> coil, the
> condenser, the spark plug wires are new. The spark
> plugs are not new in
> that I tried using them a bit with the badly leaking
> previous carb, but they
> appear totally clean and I only used them for a
> matter of minutes as I
> recall.
> Tom
> 58F100, 429,C6
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Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1999 15:13:52 -0500
From: "ben"
Subject: FTE Perf - fuel line

I need to replace the fuel line that goes from the tank to fuel pump in my
'79 4X4. Is is safe to use rubber line? I know that steel is best but I hate
bending that stuff, can the aluminum type be bent by hand with out it

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Date: Thu, 01 Jul 1999 21:41:11 -0400
From: Tim Turner
Subject: Re: FTE Perf - Really dumb question!

William S Hart wrote:
> > Holley carbs suck for daily street use. If you enjoy tinkering with
> >it every week then by all means keep it otherwise get an Edelbrock or
> >Carter. Every Holley 4 BBL I've ever had required constant attention
> >(The 2 BBLs were awesome though!) I wont purchase another.
> >

> Wow Tim, you always manage to stir things up don't you ?

Yep! An old friend of mine introduced me to debate and well... the rest
is history!

> Didn't you start
> the auto vs. manual debate on the off-road list ? :)

That would be me.. ;-) Worst part was my Hard drive crashed and Kim's
modem crapped out all within a week so I couldn't keep those two going.
(Along with others in varying lists.) I'm back for the time being, but
at 14.4 and only when Kim isn't at work. getting caught up on the
severe backlog of mail though. :-) :-)

> Anyway I'll have to take an opposing view here ...after fighting with my 2V
> all the time I ended up with a Holley 4V ... on my daily driver. I've

I went from Holley 4 to H 2 once on a 318 with more cam than was wise,
but it did pretty well until it's replacement came in. (Carter AVS) I
just have a sour taste about Holleys from many bad experiences; I *DO*
admit they're great from a performance standpoint and quite tunable.
Not as tunable as 40 DCOE Weber side drafts, but that's a horse of a
vastly different color! (Hmm.. need to find an old Capri to put those
Webers on.)

> heard lots of people complain about how awful the carb is for off roading
> and anything that's off camber or bumpy ... but I've never had that problem

I've heard it, but haven't actually seen it personally or known anyone
in the area to complain of it.

> ... the only problems I've had with it is that the choke is goofy
> (electric), but then every car I've had ('cept the 96) has had a goofy
> choke... and one time there was something in the fuel bowl that stuck the
> valve, caused it to flood out all the time.

And that was one of the reasons I gave up on the last of my Holleys.
with *3* fuel filters and a new gas tank it would still randomly start
overflowing with fuel. I got to where I could change the dang needle &
seat real quick on the roadside. Never had a moments problem with the
Holley 2, Quadra-junk, AVS or T-Q I used on that engine though.

> In cleaning that out I was
> able to even re-use the same gaskets (kids don't try that at home, a leaky
> carb is never safe)

That's rare! Most (stock) gaskets tear all to Hell and are well nigh
impossible to scrape off easily. I dont rebuild carbs daily anymore,
but always hated seeing a Holley come in; I knew I'd spend more time
removing gasket material than I would taking it apart and putting it
back together!

> After tinkerin with it for a year or so, I was able to just bolt it onto my
> 390 and it was very close to tuned already ... didn't need more than a
> little tweak to the idle mixture to get my vacuum up a bit (though the cam
> bleeds off most of it :)

Consider yourself lucky. My own experience was the reverse; probably
somewhere in the middle is the average, hopefully closer to your end of
the spectrum. :-)

> Anyway that's my experience with the carbs

And mine. Just like most products you'll find stories ranging from
great to horrible. Some people love Slick 50; 2 vehicles I've put it in
promptly tossed a rod... (NOTE! I do NOT fault the S-50 for that as
they were both clunkers; just using it as illustration of how someone
could use it as evidence that that product was inferior if they so

Hmm.. maybe I should make a post of all the products I dont like and let
the flames, er.. debate roll in!

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