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perf-list-digest Sunday, June 27 1999 Volume 02 : Number 158

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FTE Perf - turbo's - Right List ?



Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 13:02:35 +1000
From: les
Subject: FTE Perf - turbo's - Right List ?

Hi All,
I hope this is the right place for this question? If it's not, I'm sure
somebody will tell me where to stick it!
Has anybody had experience with 'blow thru' turbo charging 351C in F100's
? Ok I hear you say 'Big deal' - How about turbocharging a propane (LPG)
only engine. The engine is/has been optomised to run on propane gas and the
next logical step is to install turbocharging and an intercooler. At face
value it seems pretty straight forward, even easier than petrol, but I'm
concerned that the 'Devil will be in the detail.....'
This truck is in use daily and I am looking for reliable boost from
approx. 1500 rpm through to about 4500-5000 rpm.
Any info concerning installation in a '86 351C F100 2WD ELWB LPG fueled,
and the steering wheel is on the wrong side to you, will be appreciated.
Should I go for 1 or 2 'snails' (turbos)
What max. boost pressure can I expect AND is still be reliable.
Which type of exhaust manifolds or extractors(?) or just find a good pipe
C6 auto trans modify, change ?
9in, 3.20 rear end ?
Anything I may have overlooked ?

Since this is all happening down here in Australia, please try not to
recommend specific states side services. I do appreciate that this is
probably not something I can buy as a Plug & Play kit, and I have spoken to
several turbo installers that I feel don't know much more than being kit
installers for petrol engines. (If you want ask a 'test' question - ask
them 'What is the octane rating (mon) for propane gas?' Uhh? ).
So why do it ? - like drilling holes in disc rotors, - cause it's there !
And besides when you occasionally run someone at the lights, the
unbelieving look, when they spot the number plate and realize they have
been beaten, or even if they win (rarely), the real concern that it's an
F100 burning 'bbq gas' !! - It's just not cricket!! - So coool !!!


The geographical centre of Sydney

(The answer is - 110 octane)

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