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RE: FTE Perf - Whatz a henweigh?
FTE Perf - Bore vs Stroke - My $.02
FTE Perf - New member with a few questions
FTE Perf - 370 engine
FTE Perf - ADMIN: FTE's 2nd anniversary



Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 13:30:26 -0500
From: Sleddog
Subject: RE: FTE Perf - Whatz a henweigh?

what you say, in this and the "testing rant" post is all true and
understandable. i started the thread on the cost of hp, and really started
as to what peoples _expectations_ are at different prices. And, what about
the product, marketing, knowledge from other sources, etc. is it that makes
someone choose one product over the other.

when choosing something like an intake the choice may be "simple" as design
can be the influencing factor.

what about something like a carb spacer. why would anyone actually buy the
swirltorque spacer? does it work? hell, i don't know! but people are
buying it!

in my intellectual property i have drawings of something similiar to these
spacers but i did it in a different location, about 5 years ago. does it
work? i don't know! probly could sell it though, if what i see being sold
is any indication.

marketing and choices was the main aspect of the thread, pertaining to
peoples expectations. maybe for 25-50 bucks people will spend it with no
expectations and only hopes.


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From: Chris Samuel[]
Sent: Thursday, January 21, 1999 1:29 AM
To: A Perf-List
Subject: FTE Perf - Whatz a henweigh?

So what does a horsepower cost?

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Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 14:23:52 -0500
From: The Neighbors
Subject: FTE Perf - Bore vs Stroke - My $.02

Sorry, I can't help but jump into the Bore vs. Stroke dabate. My best
experience is with the FE block, and I have Steve Christ's incredible
book on the subject to refer to. The FE 427 has a bore and stroke of
4.23x3.784, and the 428's dimensions are 4.13x3.984. The 427 with it's
shorter stroke was used in NASCAR and other racing, the 428 was the drag
racing engine, thanks to its longer stroke. BOTH engines are capable of
gobs of horsepower, but I can personally attest to the 428's torque.
I guess if I were in your shoes I'd build an egine with low rpm grunt
that is comfortable at 65 mph. Somewhere there is a formula that will
give you the best compromise of bore, strike and connecting rod length.
One of you guys that build high performance engines probably know it off
I DO understand the need for torque though. I am torn between wanting
to keep my '54 mostly stock, or dropping a honkin' big ol' FE between
the front fenders! The truck has a rear end that gives me lots of
torque, but only a 50mph cruising speed. I need a Dana 60 and about a
3.73 diff.....
- --
Don Neighbors
'54 F250 Named Grover

"Any dropped tool or part will automatically fall into the most
innaccesible part of the vehicle."
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Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 13:56:00 -0600
From: William Zellmann
Subject: FTE Perf - New member with a few questions

I'm a new subscriber, and thought I'd introduce myself and ask a few

I regret to say that I'm not a long-time Fordophile. Not long ago, I
bought my first Ford since the early 1960's, a 1982 F-100 short-bed with
a 300 I6 and 3spd + OD manual trans. I've also subscribed to the 80-96
list, so I can pick minds about keeping my new baby running.

As the above may hint, I'm not exactly a teen-ager. OK, I'm middle-aged
(well, would you believe LATE middle aged?). But I'm having a teenager's
amount of fun with the F100!

I live in a semi-rural area of Arkansas. My truck is used almost
exclusively for two purposes--running around town, and cruising the
highways. Unfortunately, in the not-exactly sleek and aerodynamic truck,
the OD has the 1-bbl 300 running out of breath when trying to cruise at
70. So, a bit more power is in order (YEAH! I don't think I've ever
owned a vehicle where I didn't think more power was in order).

So, I've been planning a bit, and I'm soliciting comments and advice:

I don't want to pull the 6 and put in a V8. The six is just too tight
(23psi oil pressure at idle, near 50 at cruise, compression 165-175# in
all cylinders), and I also like the fuel economy. I know that power mods
will cut the economy angle, but probably not as much as a 460 would!

So, here's what I'm looking at: I picked up an Offy 4bbl manifold. Also,
I discovered that the late-model, FI 300's had some very sexy exhaust
manifolds, with dual outlets. I scrounged around and found a set in a
boneyard, since I'd prefer manifolds to headers (Been there, done that,
got the T-shirt, used it as a shop rag). I've been told, however, that
the Fuel Injection head for the 300 is different from the earlier
carbureted head. Anybody know if this is true? and, if so, would the
exhaust manifolds be adaptable? (I REALLY don't like headers!)

My plans are to turbocharge the truck, using a blow-thru system. does
anyone know what the compression ratio is on an '82 300? If it's 9:1 or
higher, I'd probably have to change those plans. I may also add a mild
cam. But, I'm NOT trying to turn a good, low rpm hauler into a
world-class puller, or something. Chances are the truck will never see
more than 4000 rpm, the way I use it. I simply want to be able to cruise
at 70-75 on the Interstate without having the truck slow down on the
smallest hill. as for hauling or towing, I'd need to be able to tow a
car on occasion, but that's about it. I figure that with a 600 cfm
Holley pressurized to, say 8-10psi at 3000 rpm, I should have all the
oomph I need, without getting the mileage down to single digits.

Comments? suggestions? criticisms? nits to pick?

Bill Zellmann
Searcy, Arkansas
'82 F100
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Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 22:15:13 -0500
From: Dan Shade
Subject: FTE Perf - 370 engine

What are the specs of the 370 engine? Does it have 4 bolt mains, cross
bolted, thicker water jackets, etc? I have never seen one of these,
basically I am wondering if a 385 series crank will fit in the mains and
everything. If so, it would probably lend itself to a killer bottom
end. If not, it would make good ballast.


Dan Shade

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Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 01:39:18 -0500
From: Ken Payne
Subject: FTE Perf - ADMIN: FTE's 2nd anniversary

Hi gang,

Someone just sent me an email asking me about FTE's 2nd
anniversary. The earliest archived email I have is from
January 16, 1997 and its an email asking to be removed
from the list! I started the list two weeks prior to the
first archiving of email so that means our anniversary
is on January 2. With the t-shirts and web site updates
I simply forgot.

We are the oldest and longest running Ford truck list(s)
on the Internet and I wish to express my sincere thanks
to everyone here. Both long-time members and newcomers
are important to our community. As we continue to grow,
so does our ability to do great things - this Christmas
we were able to help a fellow list member in his time of
need after a house fire. Only the 61-79 list participated
and I hope that next year all the lists can get involved
in yearly tradition of banning together for a cause.

Once the club gets going, we'll have even more opportunity
to build friendships and help one another. Its been a
great 2 years; sometimes frustrating, but always rewarding.
I have made more friends in the past two years than in the
28 prior to them and I thank you all.

Sincerely yours,
Ken Payne
Admin, Ford Truck Enthusiasts
(PS - t-shirts get shipped tomorrow!)

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