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RE: FTE Perf - Good years for 460?



Date: Sat, 12 Jun 1999 07:52:01 -0500
From: "John MacNamara"
Subject: RE: FTE Perf - Good years for 460?

Bill: I have a 71 block with the 73 heads (low comnpression). I used the
Crane 260 degree cam for low end and the motor has more power and torque
than I know what to do with. I tow a 4000 lb boat up the baker grade at 65
so don't worry about the camper, you'll be fine.

John MacNamara
*805 577 2536 Wk
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* ESN495-2536

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From: Rod Robertson []
Sent: Friday, June 11, 1999 2:47 PM
Subject: Re: FTE Perf - Good years for 460?

William S Hart wrote:

> >It looks like the high compression 460's from 69-70 would have the most
> >horsepower, but would they run on 92 octane gas?
> Most engines'll run on it, how well may be up for debate. You generally
> want to stay around 9:1 for steel heads and 10:1 for aluminum. If you do
> get pinging you can retard the timing to make up for it a bit. Also a
> heavy cam will bleed off some of it, so it all comes down to what you want
> to do.... I think I ended up a little high (9.6?) so my timing probably
> won't take much more than 10degrees ... but its runnin good, so I'm not
> gonna argue with that.

The truck's primary heavy job will be carrying a fully self contained 10.5'
Vacationeer Camper, wife, kids and stuff on summer vacations. Last year I
from California to the Grand Canyon and had to lock it in 2nd and go about
35 mph
on hilly parts of hwy. 40. I suppose what I want is "healthy" vs. ultimate
rpm horsepower, healthy enough to maintain the speed limit as I drive up and
the interstate! ;-) (forgot: old motor=360)
It looks like 9-something:1 would be the the best overall ratio. If I
the book I saw right, the ratios dropped from the 10's to the eight' without
anything inbetween? Would the low compression motors be just fine for what I
in mind? Can you put high compression heads on a low compression motor and
get an
averaging out? Is this where head shaving comes in? Am I asking
enough annoying questions??

> >I was looking at a Jegs catalog where they have an Eddlebrock
> cam/manifold/carb
> >combo that I would probably put on any engine I found, so existing carb
> >for certain years wouldn't matter too much to me.
> This is probably the Performer or Performer RPM package. It seems like a
> pretty good package to me, though the Weiand intakes look pretty
> interesting as well ... 0-6000 power range would be pretty impressive,
> maybe too impressive to be realistic.

I think it was 0-5500 and for about $500, it seems like a good deal. At my
knowledge level,
the matched components have a fair appeal as well

> Just my 2cents
> wish

Thanks for answering,

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