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Re: FTE Perf - Exhaust/Cat question



Date: Sat, 5 Jun 1999 11:01:36 -0700
From: "Bill Beyer"
Subject: Re: FTE Perf - Exhaust/Cat question

That lovely rotten egg smell, to put it politely, can come from a faulty
cat. conv. however it could also very well be from unburned fuel exiting the
exhaust. This could also be the cause of the original converter going south.
Someone needs to measure the tailpipe emissions and determine whether or not
the engine is burning clean, I would suspect it's running way too rich.

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From: Joe Mitchell
Date: Friday, June 04, 1999 10:12 PM
Subject: FTE Perf - Exhaust/Cat question

>Hi all,
>not really a performance question, but rather seeking help for my brother.
>He's got an 85 Ranger with a freshly transplanted 351 in it. Its a rebuilt
>engine, carburated with a set of headers and dual exhaust. However, about
>two months after he swapped the engines, his catalytic converter went out
>and he had it replaced. Anyways, after he did so, his exhuast started
>smelling like...well, its unpleasant to say the least. Could it be a faulty
>cat, or would it be something else? I don't think he has added anything
>on besides the set of headers and duals. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks in

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