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FTE Perf - It's IN!
FTE Perf - Ranger Problems



Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 05:33:03 -0700 (PDT)
From: Bill
Subject: FTE Perf - It's IN!

Well, the best laid plans of mice and men sometimes meet up with old
Ford trucks and do-it-yourself engine swaps... what was supposed to be
a long weekend project, turned into a 6 day "fun fest"... (actually 7
if you count tomorrow to go back and replace the leaking power steering
pump).. but the 351W is in and running in my '64 F100. Since I have a
Volare front suspension and custom made motor mount cradle and towers,
the fit is extremely close, thus I remove the entire front clip when
messing with the engine to this degree... since I had it off, I decided
to do a lot of "maintenance" you just cant do right with the engine in
place.. one thing led to another (and throw in a couple of dumbs
mistakes on my part - cant blame no one else.. it was only me) and on
noon of the 6th day, I turned the key for the first time.. it spit,
sputtered, and then roared to life (roared 'cause open manifolds are
damn loud)... set the timing by ear for now, adjusted the idle on the
Holley, dropped in gear and idled out to the muffler shop, dodging the
local police and scaring kids... put a nice alumimun 2.5 exhaust system
on (couldnt afford Flowmasters so settled for the shops "Turbos"..
sound nice and looks nice..) by the way, I settled on the H-pipe and I
used the 69 Mustang Mach I cast iron manifolds because of the ease of
fit and maintanence..

Haven't had a chance to "test" the engine, but a little blip on the
throttle results in a quick chirp of the tire... should run out pretty
good when I get it all tuned... I still need to put on an aftermarket
ignition system (Like an MSD 6 or equivalent) but for now I am using
the stock duraspark with the dist recurved at my local speed shop..
budget is about exhausted for this go-around.. Anyone have
recommendations or suggestions for a good mutli-spark or other type of
aftermarket ignition system? something that won't break me??

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Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 19:45:44 -0600
From: "Walter Scott"
Subject: FTE Perf - Ranger Problems

I have a 92 Ranger with a 4.0 V6 EFI, I have been having problems with it
losing power in right hand turns only. Usually when I'm giving it more
throttle (I don't notice it when using light throttle). It feels like its
running out of gas or losing spark (like a dead engine kill, no stutter) but
I don't accually think it would die, just lose RPM's. Once I straighten
out, it goes back to normal. Another way of looking at it is it fells like
when you turn the key off and then back on while driving.

More to add to the point is it hase been coming up with trouble codes saying
that the oxygen sensor is saying it is too rich and that the lean limit has
been hit at mid and wide open throttle, not at idle(possibly not enough fuel

It has also been frequently going down in the idle below 500 RPM when
letting off the gas then returning to normal (which is not normal for my

My possible thoughts are fuel pump, oxygen sensor or maybe one affecting the

I just don't want and can't afford to be spending money on something that
won't fix the problem.

Anyone have any ideas or reactions?

Walter Scott
92 Ford Ranger 4.0 EFI Paxton supercharged
73 Mustang 351C 4V
70 Mustang (no engine yet)
69 Mustang 302

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