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Re: FTE Perf - F150 4x4 1999
FTE Perf - FE 3 duce intake?
Re: FTE Perf - RE: Danger Opinion follows! and another..
FTE Perf - 428 flexplate
Re: FTE Perf - F150 4x4 1999



Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 08:20:31 -0600
From: William S Hart
Subject: Re: FTE Perf - F150 4x4 1999

> I plan on getting the XLT or Lariat package, the towing package, the off road
> package, and the XLT sport group. I also plan on upgrading certain
> components, like shocks, exhaust system, computer chip, etc.
> 1. My concern(s) are some of the products in each group are duplicates, but I
> don't see any indication of reduction in prices because of duplication.

It used to be that when you got the OffRoad package, you could get the towing
package for no extra charge. There is always an overlap in options available,
and they should be available individually. Talk to your dealer (if you have a
good one around), see what they have to say about this, if you have a decent
one, you should be able to knock off quite a bit.

> I also don't see any 'brand' names associated with products. Is the
> aftermarket products better value or quality than the 'Ford' products? How
> can I find out information about Ford components, like who makes them, basic
> spec's, comparisons to aftermarket, etc.?

I have a hunch that most of the parts on a Ford truck from the factory will
have Ford part numbers all over them. The x-fer cases are still Borg-Warner I
think ... the transmissions are Ford, built by ... hmmm..used to be Borg, but
they sold off to Tremec for the manuals, don't know about autos, probably a
Ford thing ...

If you are unsure about some of the things (hitches for instance) the dealer is
a good place to start, you can usually get dealer installed stuff if you don't
want to order it from the factory because of quality issues, or if there is one
on the lot that is just missing a couple things ...

> 2. What exactly did Ford do to the 5.4 engine to give it more horsepower from
> 1998? What size in cubic inches is 5.4?

Well if they did the same stuff they did for the 'stangs, its a revised intake
and camming, also an upgraded computer I think (in 98 anyway). 5.4*62 is about
335, so probably some where around there for CI ... you should be able to look
that up pretty quickly at some place like Carpoint or other new car site ...

> 3. I really like the Ford ranger 'splash' color of canary yellow or 'baywatch
> yellow'. Does Ford plan on coming out with this color in the near future for
> the F150? If not, can you special order from Ford this color? I know they
> carry the paint because the ranger 'splash' is this color.

Probably special order, never seen a (stock, 97+) yellow 150...

> 4. I also don't like the leather seats on the Lariat package, can I replace
> them with the XLT seats at no cost?

Check with the dealer again ... a well optioned XLT might be just as good as a
lariat, but without the name ...

> 5. Is Ford going to have disc brakes on all four wheels for the F150 soon?

The lightning does, do I smell a swap ? :)

> 6. The Ford Lightning is coming out soon, how many components, performance
> and cosmetic, will fit the regular F150? Will they be available at regular
> Ford garages? I really like the white faced gauges.

The aftermarket has really taken after the white faced gauges, look around at
some of the F150 websites, they should have links to places with these, it
seems like I've seen them already somewhere, but I can't remember where ...

> 7. What would I have to do to increase horsepower to about 325-350. I plan on
> headers and cat back system, a K&N air filter, new computer chip. What else?

I don't know what stock is, but from what I hear the mod guy for Mustangs is
Sean Hyland, if you hang around the Mustang groups ( is usually
okay) you can pick up on who's tinkerin with the 4.6's, with a little prodding
they might even come up with some 5.4 stuff for you...

> 8. I would like to add a 3 or 4 inch lift kit so I can use larger tires.
> (33or35x12.50x15or16) How much product duplication/upgrade is there to the
> above information? Will I need to upgrade/change other components because of
> the lift? I just don't want to buy the same pair of shocks three times. I
> would rather plan my upgraded vehicle.

It sounds like you don't really want the off-road package then. Just get the
skid plates and such,then you can have the 15 or 16" rims instead of the 17's
that most offroads come with (do they still come with them ?). This would also
likely reduce the chances of replacing the same shocks with the same thing. I
would bet though that if you go with too much of a lift that your shocks will
run out of travel and you'll need new ones anyway. I'd run the stock ones til
they either wore out, or didn't fit ... then it doesn't matter if you are
replacing them with the same thing or not, you've already got your money out of

> 9. Is there any information as to what Ford is planning for the F150 for the
> year 2000?

Since they just changed (minorly) the body for 99, I would have trouble
believing there was anything major planned for '00

> 10. What about Ford manufacture warranties with all these upgrades? Which
> Ford assembly plant makes the F150 and do they allow tours?

As for upgrades, if you get a good dealer he won't care, as long as the parts
you've upgraded aren't the cause of the problem. Some things he may have
trouble saying they are the cause, but be warned he may try. Take the time to
find a good dealer, and be willing to drive the extra distance. Again the
Mustang crowd is a good source as they are always running into dealer problems
with their gear changes and shifters ...

> Well enough, this will get me started. I want to say thanks for all the
> information that I know will follow.

No problem, feel free to send me a private email if this thread is getting too
long for the list

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Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 14:23:35 -0800
From: Don Grossman
Subject: FTE Perf - FE 3 duce intake?

Hey you all

What is the going price for a 3duce aluminium intake for an FE going for.
This one is dirty but has the carbs on it. I don't want to get soaked in the
deal so where would be a good price range?


Don Grossman

ICQ# 19575234

99 Contour SE Sport
63 F-100 4x4 with 3/4 ton running gear and most of the trimmings.

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Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 22:21:16 -0500
From: Tim Turner
Subject: Re: FTE Perf - RE: Danger Opinion follows! and another..

Chris Samuel wrote:
> Date: Sun, 27 Dec 1998 15:47:47 PST
> From: "Bryan Snyder"
> Subject: FTE Perf - Ford Ranger 5.0 buildup ideas
> My budget is about 4-4.5k,

More snips..

> Ok, First off the following is my opinion based on my experience.
> So for what its worth...

And cuts..

> Some sort of puffer is going to be
> required

And slices..

> Turbos are THE way to go as you will build the same power plus the
> power lost to the Blower drive!

But I thought his main objective was LOW end torque; I certainly dont
want to wait for a turbo to spin up the boost after the demand is
required as opposed to the (slightly) quicker response of the SC.. (Or
am I behind the times RE: latest turbo setups?) Not to mention the
ungodly amounts of extra heat you'll be generating in a VERY tight
engine compartment with two turbos in a Ranger.

And dices..

The entire rest of the post is straight-up good info! Power costs $$
AND reliability; the more you START with the easier it becomes to
achieve your goal. You may want to reconsider your 'base' engine and
look at the following URL.

The last time I checked this link it was just some shots of a big-block
Ranger, but now it's a complete guide almost! If you START with a big
block it'll be a darned sight easier to get the numbers you want with
anything approaching your budget and better reliability to breliter relir>
Just my pair of Abe coins..

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Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 21:13:07 -0800
From: "Steven Salas"
Subject: FTE Perf - 428 flexplate

Does anyone know of any manufacturer that offers SFI approved 428
flexplates? It was suggested by someone I know that the C1AE heads off
early 390's were/are good performance heads. Could anyone confirm or
disagee with this information? Thank You

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Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 01:38:29 -0800
From: Rob Bryan
Subject: Re: FTE Perf - F150 4x4 1999

At 11:40 PM -0500 12/28/98, Rick Heis wrote:


5. Is Ford going to have disc brakes on all four wheels for
the F150 soon?


All F-150's with 4-wheel ABS that were built after December 2, 1998 are
equipped with 4-wheel discs, as are all 1997-1999 F-250LD's with 4WABS.
The Superduty trucks all come with 4 wheel discs. So if you look for
one built after that date you will get discs.

The 5.4L engine is 330ci. They upped the hp and torque by opening up
the heads and changing the cam profile.



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