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FTE Perf - Welcome Aboard
Re: FTE Perf - I'm a newbie to the list, just bought a '79 4x4, need lots of ...
FTE Perf - Re inside runners which hold the glass inside the 79 Bronco tailgate.
Re: FTE Perf - Welcome Aboard
Re: FTE Perf - I'm a newbie to the list, just bought a '79 4x4, need lots of help!!!!



Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 06:49:58 -0500
From: The Neighbors
Subject: FTE Perf - Welcome Aboard

Welcome, Shawn! Don't mind the long post, we all do it from time to
time. I can't help you with your 4x4 questions, and my "old" truck was
made in '54, so I have you beat in age! Well, I am older too....We'll
look for you right here, bragging on your truck like the rest of do our
own trucks!
- --
Don Neighbors
'54 F250 Named Grover

"Any dropped tool or part will automatically fall into the most
innaccesible part of the vehicle."
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Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 07:11:26 EST
From: WJeff43AOL.COM
Subject: Re: FTE Perf - I'm a newbie to the list, just bought a '79 4x4, need lots of ...

AutoKrafters and Dennis Carpenter Productions are both excellent sources for
Ford truck restoration parts. Bill Jeffreys
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Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 09:50:21 -0500
From: "Mr. Paul R. Boudreault"
Subject: FTE Perf - Re inside runners which hold the glass inside the 79 Bronco tailgate.

Hi Tim.

Auto Krafters doesn't have then but another list member had a set to sell
me, (used). I will be using them.



PS. I did a search online at the following and they had them. If ya got an
obsolete/hard to find item try this place. It is linked to a multiple
dealer network. Not just Ford either.

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> | You can visit the World Parts Center at |
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> | Developers of the internet's first online parts catalog |
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Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 22:13:49 EST
From: GoodwhskyAOL.COM
Subject: Re: FTE Perf - Welcome Aboard

Hello all. I have been lurking here for a little while, and I was just
wondering if this list is strictly for OLD Ford trucks? I have a 93 F 150
Lightning (#3951) and was kinda hoping to find some late model enthusiasts.

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Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 22:22:01 -0500
From: Tim Turner
Subject: Re: FTE Perf - I'm a newbie to the list, just bought a '79 4x4, need lots of help!!!!

I'll keep this short (I hope), feel free to e-mail me for more detail.

CCSSportzAOL.COM wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> I am new to this list (yesterday), and I am new to old trucks. I'm 16,
> and just bought the truck of my dreams, well, I'd rather have a '77 or '78,
> but I just got a '79 F-150 4x4. It has a 351M, Hurst 4 speed tranny with
> granny (on the floor). It has a 9" rearend, 6" susp lift, 3" body lift, 36"
> tires on the rear, and 35" tires on the front. All are on 15" rims. I don't

Sounds like a nice start! welcome to the world of REALLY getting stuck

> I know that until I can afford to buy a
> matched set of tires, I can't do any 4 wheeling, strictly 2x4 unless I want to
> kill my transfer case.

Unless.. I've heard of people using a different ratio axle front and
rear and adjusting tire size for an equal overall ratio (unlikely, but
possible). Check the tags on the axles; the 2nd line will tell you the
ratio (eg 45 would be 4.50 etc.); if there's an 'L' in the number it's a
limited slip unit

> help...Or any contacts for restoration parts.........

Check the main page and 'autokrafters' I'm sure others will have good
suggestions as well.

> Can anyone tell me if I got a good deal price wise. I think I got a great
> deal, but then again I don't know what everything's worth.

For $325? HELL yes!! In my area (Wilmington NC) you cant touch a stock
rusted out hulk that runs for under $2000. If I had it to spare I'd
offer you $1500 sight unseen. :-)

> this weekend..........any suggestion in material to use?

Odd as they may sound.. you'll come across old washing machines and such
in your off-roading and they're a GREAT source for floor metal. ;-) Use
some spray undercoating on the bottom to seal it and motor on.

> Well, anyway you all probably think
> I'm a nutcase, my first post is long and boring - I'm sorry.

Nah.. just excited; hopefully we all can remember that time in our own
lives and overlook any exuberance you show.

> I hope you all can help me out and work me through some
> problems that may occur.

You've found a good source in this list; keep us posted as to your

> It's always been my dream to get an old FORD truck, and work on it all by
> myself. I just don't have alot of experience, and don't know what I'm going
> alot of the time, so if I sound like I'm lost I probably am.

Just a suggestion; after you graduate spend a year at the community
college taking a course in automotive technology or whatever they call
it. Be careful though; I only took it for my own use, but wound up
doing it for a living anyway! Although if you find you like it and make
good grades.. hopefully pay & respectability for the profession will be
higher by then as the 'idiots' get weeded out of the profession.

> Can anyone tell me what the front end is supposed to look like ------ I mean

With the front on a jack grab the tire at 3 & 9 and wiggle, then 6 & 12,
should be little to no movement; if there IS then have someone wiggle
while you look to see where the movement is coming from. Ask/e-mail if
you need help.

> Also I've never owned or even driven a 4x4, can someone tell me how to work
> it. I'm sorry, I know I have to lock the hubs, but I don't know what is what
> with the shifter, and gears.

Usually the pattern (starting from the firewall) is 2WD, 4WD HIGH,
Neutral, 4WD LOW. Not knowing the exact T-case you have come to a
complete stop before changing, it's USUALLY OK to switch between 2&4
HIGH on the move *IF* and ONLY if the hubs are engaged, but NOT HIGH and
LOW. (Expensive mistake!) High will be the same gears as your 2X4
operation and the LOW will be 2-3X lower gearing; Low is your friend in
the tough stuff and High is good for fire roads, light snow on the
highway or any other time you want to exceed 40MPH or so. A lot of
people may disdain using low unless really necessary, but just drive
around 'em when they get stuck!

> problem, but I am lost with the 4x4. Does the front drive shaft always turn
> nomatter what - or only if I am in 4x4.

The shaft turns in either of the 4x4 modes, but the power doesnt get
transmitted to the front wheels unless the hubs are locked. Some people
leave the hubs locked and just switch to 4x4 as needed, but this
involves a gas mileage and wear penalty. Note that in Neutral (of the
t-case shifter) BOTH driveshafts are out of the picture so your e-brake
better work if you select 'N' for parking!

> I noticed it was turning , hubs were
> unlocked and the shifter was there, I don't know if it was in 4WD or not
> because I don't know what is where.

OK.. get the truck jacked up or on a lift so all 4 wheels are off the
ground; turn the rear wheels and note what happens, try the next
position and the next and the next. You should be able to determine the
shifting pattern from this. Of course it might be easier to find a good
mud puddle and note which wheels spin and what RPM you turn for a given
speed.. in 4 Low you'll run out 1st gear REAL quick!

You know. I'm sorry once again. You don't
> have to respond if you don't want to , I am just excited about my truck, and
> don't know how to use it, or what to do to fix it.

That's OK; enjoy it for many years to come!

Feel free to e-mail at

Tim Turner/Manic Mechanic
Custer Auto Repair
Wilmington NC
'85 B-II
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