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FTE Perf - Brakes, performance and Proportioning valves
Re: FTE Perf - 300/6
FTE Perf - 5.0, 83, feed back carb or EFI??
FTE Perf - Fwd: For all of us wrench tuners or GEARHEADS
Re: FTE Perf - 300/6
FTE Perf - ADMIN: SoCal Pickups
FTE Perf - ADMIN: Volunteers, an invitation......
FTE Perf - ADMIN: My deepest thanks



Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 08:32:30 +0000
From: "Gary, 78 BBB"
Subject: FTE Perf - Brakes, performance and Proportioning valves

Well gang(s) after 52 years I finally got a chance to take my proportioning
valve apart and also peruse the service manual for the break down schematic
etc. and have a few bits of insight to share :-)

The discussions of retention kanootin valves for the front disc brakes have
basically gone over my head and fell on the floor somewhere in the back of
my closet but I'm taking a whole new interest in the notion since I discoverd
this thing actually exists and is really simple and easy to understand. The
proportioning valve on the 78 vintage (perhaps many others) has three basic
jobs to do:

1..The rear brake has one inlet and one outlet which are "moderated" by a
"proportioning" valve which basically causes a "balloon" affect to occur
when brake is applied in that it allows the fluid "space" to expand slighly but
reaches a point of no more give at which point you can apply full pressure
but apparently this is enough to let the front brakes work a bit harder and
softens the application of the rear brakes while still allowing full activation at
some point.

2..The front brake has a "kanootin" valve that allows three inlets to it from
the same direction but separate. The center one is the MC inlet and the other
two each go to one caliper. It is basically a "disk" valve which covers all
three holes and pressure from any one of them will lift it and allow flow to
the other two holes so the center is the inlet and the other two are outlets to
the wheels. By varying the spring pressure you vary the resistance to fluid
being pushed back from the calipers to the MC but it is not a "Check Valve"
as I originally thought, it simply resists the back flow so that the pistons are
not "easily" pushed back and therefore stay close to the rotor and give a
much better pedal feel or firmer pedal on the first push. Without this valve
in the system you have to pump the brake to get more pedal. Don't ask how
I know this :-(

The pull pin only relieves this resistance which should not restrict normal
bleeding techniques but may trap air bubbles in the valve if it is not pulled all
the way out when bleeding. It should also pretty much prevent "gravity"
bleeding of the calipers if not pulled out if I understand it's operation

3..There is a spool valve or sealed pin with a detent in it's middle which
connects the first two items and if one looses pressure the pin or valve is
pushed toward that side and the detent pushes up a brass pin which makes
contact with the electrical pins to the brake warning light. The design should
allow normal operation to re-center it but a few quick, hard pumps may be
necessary to do this. There is no physical, external way to access this valve
and the schematic does not show any springs on it. If nothing else works
you could probablly take it off and bang it on the bench to cause the pin to
shift. On mine there was no return spring on the contact pin but I may have
dropped it when taking it apart, not sure. Seems like it would need one
though so I may put one on before I put it all back together.

On the bronco, 4wd, there are two wheel flex lines and only one "axle" flex
line so one of the front wheel outlets is plugged at the factory but still there
and usable. My next quest will be to obtain an additional Superlift flex hose
from RTC and run separate lines to the proportioning valve to allow each
caliper to act within it's own free play space which should have a good effect
on the pedal feel. Having only one will be an improvement but separatating
them further should render even more improvement. I'll let you guys know
how the experiment goes :-)

Michigan Pot Hole Jumpin Bronco lover, -- Gary --
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Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 08:31:16 -0500
From: "John F. Bauer III"
Subject: Re: FTE Perf - 300/6

I just collecting 300/6 parts for a build-up myself, so I don't have "done
it" experience, but the following vendors have performance products for the

Clifford Performance (, big catalog of stuff,
intakes, headers, fuel injection, chrome stuff, cams, etc.
Hooker Headers - lists a header for the 240/300 for either 2wd or 4wd.
Offenhauser - appears to make a 4bbl intake, but I ordered mine through
Clifford because of the water warmed feature.

Good luck,

At 07:25 PM 10/28/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Anyone know of any high performance parts for the 300 cid in-line 6? If I
>look for a replacement 300/6, are the mount bolts the same for all of them,

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Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 11:56:46 +0000
From: "Gary, 78 BBB"
Subject: FTE Perf - 5.0, 83, feed back carb or EFI??

What kind of intake system might I expect on an 83 crown vic with 5.0??
My ...........frie........budd...........well you know......has one and no choke
plate but it has an electric choke cap on it??? He says it's throttle body
injection, I say feed back carb??

Michigan Pot Hole Jumpin Bronco lover, -- Gary --
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Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 17:08:44 EST
Subject: FTE Perf - Fwd: For all of us wrench tuners or GEARHEADS

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Here you go guys, Tasteful Funnies

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Subject: For all of us wrench tuners or GEARHEADS
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 13:34:21 EST
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"You might be a racer if ..."

You take your helmet along when you go to buy new eyeglasses

You feel compelled on a road trip to beat your previous best time.

You are happiest when your street car's tires are worn to racing depth
(wear bars showing).

When something falls off of your car, you wonder how much weight you just

When you hear 'overcooked it,' instead of food you think 'off the track.'

You change engine oil every other week.

You sometimes hear little noises from your passengers when you get on the
throttle right after turning in.

You thoroughly enjoy showing the tailgater behind how to drive around a
highway offramp.

Your racing budget is one of the big three mortgage, car
payments/maintenance, dating.

Your email address refers to your race car rather than to you.

You walk proper lines through the grocery store.

You've paid $4.00 a gallon for gas without complaining.

You buy new parts because you don't know where you put the spares.

You bought a race car before buying a house.

You bought a race car before buying furniture for the new house.

You're looking for a tow vehicle and still haven't bought furniture!

You find that you need a new house because you've outgrown your garage and
the neighbors are threatening violence if you park one more vehicle on the
street or in the front yard.

The requirements you give your real estate agent are (in order of
1) 8 car climate controlled garage with an attached shop.
2) Outside parking for a motorhome, a crew cab dually, a
28'enclosed trailer and a 34' 5th wheel.
3) 3 phase 220 V outlets in the garage for your welder.
4) A grease pit.
5) Convenient to a hazardous waste disposal site.
6) Deaf neighbors.
7) Across the street from a paint and body shop.
8) Some sort of house with a working toilet and shower on
the property somewhere or hookups for the motorhome.

You measure all family acquisitions in terms of the number of race tires
that could have been purchased.

You know well that Orthodontic work is the equivalent of
three sets of tires

You sit in your race car in a dark garage and make engine noises and
shift, while waiting for your motor to get back from the machine shop.

You look at the purchase of tools as a long term investment.

Your garage holds more cars than your house has bedrooms.
You have enough spare parts to build another car.

More than one racer supply house recognizes your voice and greets you by
name when you call.

You have car parts in your cubicle at work.

You think the last line of the Star Spangled Banner is: "Racers,start your

If you can't remember when you last worked on weekdays
and rested on weekends.

You're registered for wedding gifts at Summit Racing Equipment.

Your Christmas list begins with another set of Dunlop slicks and Wiseco
(and your 'significant other' knows what these are).

After your answer to "What did you do this weekend?" the next question is
always: "And you do this for fun? Right?"

You have a separate drawer for 'garage clothes'.

Your reading material in your bathroom consists of car parts and racing
supply catalogs, several books written by famous drivers, every book Keith
Black has ever written, and 400 car magazines, none of which have

People know you by your race number and car color.

People know you by your "off"s."

You talk to other cars on the road, calling them by the
manufacturer name.

Your first date involves asking her to crew for you.

Your criteria for selecting a significant other include
auto repair skills. Air tools optional.

Your friends don't recognize you without a helmet and driving gloves.

Your family remembers your hair color as "grease."

You plan your wedding around the race schedule.

You astound the clerk at Sears by bringing in a snapped
breaker bar every other week or so.

You remember the dates and details of every race you've ever been in, but
can't remember your phone number.

Your family brings the couch into the garage so they can
spend some time with you.

You complain when cars in front of you on highway offramps don't stay on
the line, causing your exit speed to drop.

A neighbor asks if you have any oil, to which you query,
"Synthetic or organic?" and they reply, "Vegetable or corn."

You give out Summit Racing's number when a friend asks
for the best hardware store.

You refer to the corner down the street from your house as "Turn One."

You look at the fire hydrant at that corner and see an
apex marker.

You always late apex the intersection and try to pass a few cars coming

Everywhere you go, you try to find the fastest line through the turn.

You will gladly pay up to $8 for a quart of engine oil.

You've ever tried to convince your wife you needed that flow bench to fix
the air filter on her station wagon.

You save broken car parts as " momentos."

You've found your lawnmower runs pretty good on 108 octane gas (but doesn't
particularly care for alcohol).

The local tire shop won't honor the treadlife warranty on any car you've
been within 50 yards of...

The shop manager at your local car dealer mutters "dear Lord" under his
breath after he sees the size of your exhaust piping.

The local police and state Highway Patrol have a picture of your car taped
to their dashboard.

You spend more time polishing your exhaust tip every day than you do

Instead of pictures in your wallet, you have timeslips.

White smoke coming out from under your tires is a common sight.

You consider the redline a "conservative suggestion" and the rev limiter "a
fun limiter"

You spend more on insurance premiums than on food.

Your idea of a good time is sitting around figuring out
gear ratios and the ideal final drive ratio for given situations.

You have racing shops programmed on your speed dialer.

You own five cars and only one of them is street legal.

You know the 1/4 mile times and skid pad numbers of your riding mower and
want to improve them.

You've embarrassed your significant other at least once by insisting on
wearing your full face helmet while driving

You know the "racing line" of every turn in your daily commute including
your alternate routes, and practice hitting them every day.

You quote your street tire wear life in weeks rather than miles.

You regularly live test your rev limiter on that straight that's a little
too long for 2nd but not worth going into 3rd for.

You've started looking for sponsors for your daily commute.

You've slalomed in a construction zone, and counted your penalty time in
the rearview afterwards.

After you tell your wife where you'd like to go on your vacation she
answers: "Why... is there a race there?"

- --part0_909698925_boundary--
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Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 19:16:36 -0500
From: Thomas Teixeira
Subject: Re: FTE Perf - 300/6

>Anyone know of any high performance parts for the 300 cid in-line 6? If I
>look for a replacement 300/6, are the mount bolts the same for all of them,
>did Ford change the engine and bell housing/transmission mounting patterns
>through the years? I know Ford made this engine for a very long time. The
>one I have right now is a 1979 model. Bill Jeffreys

Try Clifford Performance ( I haven't
ordered anything from them, but got their info when I was thinking about
doing some to the 200 six in my Mustang. Not much you could do with that
because the intake manifold is cast into the cylinder head, but I believe
there are cams in dual carb manifolds for the 300's.

Tom Teixeira
94 Taurus SHO 5-speed NESHOC/SHO Registry
'66 Mustang convertible (200 cid auto)
'35 Ford Pickup (flathead V8)

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Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 23:00:34 -0500
From: Ken Payne
Subject: FTE Perf - ADMIN: SoCal Pickups

Dear Ford Truck Enthusiasts list members:

We have a new advertiser on our web site. Since the beginning,
our practice with web site advertisers has been to make a brief
announcement for 2 days (this is day 2 of 2). Please show your
appreciation to SoCal Pick-Ups for helping to support the web
site and the lists by checking them out (this is a temporary page
until they have their site up):

"SoCal Pick-Ups started over 25 years ago as the first restoration
parts business to focus soley on the 53-56 F-100's. Now, SoCal
is now under new ownership. With this new ownership there has
come a renewed emphasis in making sure SoCal is THE place to go
to get the help you need to successfully create the F-100 of
your dreams.

SoCal has made changes in all areas of their operation in order
to bring the best possible service to those rebuilding 1948-1966
F-100's. They have a new catalogue that is updated monthly with
new products, a new customer oriented computer system that keeps
track of every item ever purchased by a customer to enhance their
ability to provide personalized service, and even a few new
employees dedicated to making you successful with your truck

We would like to you to let them know you heard about them via
the Ford Truck Enthusiasts group.

Now returning you to our regularly scheduled program...

Ken Payne
CoAdmin, Ford Truck Enthusiasts

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Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 23:04:03 -0500
From: Ken Payne
Subject: FTE Perf - ADMIN: Volunteers, an invitation......

Ladies and Gentlemen, as some of you know I started a list, called
the "Core" list, to help me in my administrative decisions toward
the Ford Truck Enthusiasts lists. I initially chose those who were
active in responding on the lists and whom I considerd my friends
which was a good way to start but more is needed. As the list
matured I realized we need more help and some of my first choices,
while good people and interested in ford trucks are either not in
a position to participate very much or don't feel qualified but
since they had no say in their selection this is not in any way to
their discredit.

What I would like to do now is invite any who feel they have time
and resources to assist in decision making, committee participation
for events planning and participation, or to hold an office in a
club (which we have already begun discussing on the core list) to
come forward privately via email to my mail box
stating your offer, including what you can participate in, what
office you may feel qualified for, email and other computer resources
you have etc. so I can compile a list of people to add to the core
list and from which committees can be formed for planning such things
as the Pigeon Forge event next May and working on the club idea etc..

We may split the core list up into committee lists to cut down on your
email traffic and these discussions don't typically generate a lot of
email so it shouldn't add too much to your mail burden in any case.

Please reply ASAP so we can develop the lists and make our selections.
This is a preliminary, group invitation and we expect more respondees
than there are jobs to fill so please do not be offended if you are
not selected. We appreciate all assistance but only need so many for
these functions so some will not be asked even though qualified. I
will be keeping the list in case more openings come up so you may be
asked at a later date and if any do not resond today but feel inclined
later to volunteer, please feel free to email me in this regard and
I will add you to my list :-)

Please remember that those responding will be expected to participate
to some extent in discussions and activities so don't apply if you
are not in a position to do this. Thank you very much for your past
support. We look forward to greater things in the future, with your
help :-)

Ken Payne
CoAdmin, Ford Truck Enthusiasts

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Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 23:14:44 -0500
From: Ken Payne
Subject: FTE Perf - ADMIN: My deepest thanks

I just received a gift from one of the list members. It was
through the contributions of many of the list members that
I was given this gift. These contributions were made behind
the scenes, without my knowledge, after the Pigeon Forge
Supernationals show that Ford Truck Enthusiasts participated

Since I don't have the email addresses of all those involved,
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who
contributed towards this gift. It was not an insignificant
gift and I really appreciate the gesture.

Just wait till next year's Pigeon Forge show!
Ken Payne
CoAdmin, Ford Truck Enthusiasts

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