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FTE Perf - cool url
FTE Perf - Re: 514 crate/C6 cons



Date: Sat, 12 Sep 1998 18:19:47 -0400
From: Sleddog
Subject: FTE Perf - cool url

check out this URL:

lotsa info.


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Date: Sat, 12 Sep 1998 16:55:18 -0500
From: (Paul M Radecki)
Subject: FTE Perf - Re: 514 crate/C6 cons

>What sort of mileage should I expect with the 514? With my current
>( '76 F350 camper special/supercab, C6, 4.10 rear, 65K miles) I've
>gotton over 10MPG; current mileage is 8.5 - 9.0--with/without the
>slide-in camper loaded.
>John in N. VA

All other things being equal (yeah, right) I would expect about the same
mileage: you're still moving the same mass against the same drag. The
wild card is the weight of your right hoof. Even SWMBO's Saturn gets
crappy mileage under MY size 12 'cuz if I have the power on tap I USE it.
I suspect you will, too. Sure wish I could afford to swap a 514 for my

OTOH, if I were going to the trouble and expense to install such a motor
I would probably upgrade to a roller valvetrain, K&N, better exhaust,
stronger ignition, fuel injection, overdrive, et. al. and maybe get even
BETTER mileage than stock due to lower parasitic drag and higher
combustion effeciency. In theory, anyway...

"The beatings will continue until morale improves..."

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Date: Sat, 12 Sep 1998 18:38:33 -0400
From: Sleddog

Gary, was it you that was talking about what bases the different synth oils are made from?

found a possible answer. i have cut & copied this info from something that is in public domain, without permission from the author.

start clip-------

One of the early
synthetics used was a Polyalkylene Glycol. This was totally
incompatable and would gel when mixed. This has not been used for
years for automotive lubrication. All common syntetics used for
engine lubrication now days are a Polyalphaolefin (Mobil 1) or a
Dibasic Organic Ester type (AMSOIL). These are fully compatable
with conventional oils. In fact Golden Spectro and AGIP Sint 2000
are mixtures of mineral and synthetic oils. It is always best to
mix oils with the same rating (SG). This insures that the
additive packages are compatable and will maintain their

end clip---------

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