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FTE Perf - Explorer pinging & suspension



Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 06:18:27 EDT
Subject: FTE Perf - Explorer pinging & suspension

Dear J. A. Knapper
Thank you for your suggestion. Let me update you (and copy the list) with a
partial solution fitting your comment.
I gave up on the dealers who recommended I switch to lower octane to stop the
pinging. Last week I had it at Kenny Brown Motorsports in Indianapolis to have
it lowered (which really helped the swaying ride problems mentioned on this
list) and mentioned the pinging. They think it is a loose exhaust manifold -
not pinging at all. Amazing that the dealers couldn't catch that, eh?
As for the swaying, my suspension cams had worn and my shocks had been
tightened too hard, causing the shocks to be loose because the mounting
threads had been worn off. Brown replaced all of it and it rides wonderfully
now. The dealers had told me to get used to it because "It's a truck". Ha.
So your advice about the manifold is timely. I will use that when getting it
fixed, as soon as I can find someone local to do the job (NOT the dealers).
Thanks again.
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