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FTE Perf - Speed-Density Blues
FTE Perf - Trick Stuff
FTE Perf - ADMIN: Web site updates
FTE Perf - ADMIN: June Archives
FTE Perf - Re: Ramblings
FTE Perf - What's going into the Bronco?



Date: Sun, 5 Jul 1998 09:06:49 -0500
From: (William L Ballinger)
Subject: FTE Perf - Speed-Density Blues

>My 94 Lightning is speed density..they were in 95 too! Not everything
>got mass air unfortunately! You can still change the cam, or even heads
>but you want see any performance from them to you get the mass air!

True, how true. I never saw why they continued with Speed-Density so long on
trucks. Mass air offers much better long-term driveability, besides
allowing for increasing power.

I'd bet that a 5.0 Mass-Air set-up could be adapted to the six, but I
wouldn't know the step-by-step, and visual smog checks could be a problem.
Duttwieler Performance might have some insight on what you can legally do
with the stock system, it seems like I remember that they did some work on
SD systems in the mid '80's. I don't have an address, but I bet if you look
in Hot Rod or C*maro Craft you'll find him.
Come on over to my Back Porch

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Date: Sun, 5 Jul 1998 09:40:11 -0500
From: (William L Ballinger)
Subject: FTE Perf - Trick Stuff

>The point her is to illustrate that you don't have to have "all" of the
>trick stuff to build a "Runner". I suppose that I am writing this mostly to
>remind myself of this. When you only read about all of the things that the
>big boys do it's one thing; but when you are involved in building their
>toyz, well, it rubs off. I wonder if this knowing how to do something
>right, and having the capability to do it is the reason that my Bronco is

I've had a lot of fun through the years making things run quicker than they
really should. I've seen poor guys spend all of their money on the trick of
the weeek and go backwards so many times, and swear that it improved something.

Ford made some great performance stuff through the years that didn't get the
recognition it deserved. The 390 can be built to be the original S.O.B, and
the stock heads and block can be made to do it, though they were a bit tepid
out of the box(relatively speaking). The 460 never made it to the hi-po
list of heavyweights it should have been. Anyone can build a Ch*vy, it's
been done to death, but a Ford takes a little more ingenuity. Aftermarket
parts are hardly better than the OEM especially on the FE, and information
is a bit more scarce, so performance tuning is a lonely task. When someone
gets it right they want to sell it, instead of publishing it for everyone to
use to stem the march of the bow-ties. As long as Ford guys build things to
Hot Rod's specs, they'll be just a tick slower than the Ch*vies. Too bad.
An example of secrecy, try to get the cam specs out of a guy running a 428CJ
Mustang in Super-Stock. He'll either lie to you or laugh. These engines are
scarce enough to not be a threat to him, and I bet that all the other CJ
guys use the same cam, so what gives?

Maybe you see all that trick stuff, and get discouraged when you think of
what your Bronco could use? That's common, and nothing to hang your head
over. SWMBO's never understand anything we do, do they?
Come on over to my Back Porch

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Date: Sun, 05 Jul 1998 16:37:50 -0400
From: Ken Payne
Subject: FTE Perf - ADMIN: Web site updates

Ford Truck Enthusiasts web site updates:

- - Several pictures added to pictorial (let me know if I missed yours, I
have a bunch of pictures that I lost the original email to!).
- - Rotary Lift article added to the tech articles page.
- - Several links added.

The new products pages are nearly complete and will be up tomorrow
night! This will feature products which are available at a discount to
Ford Truck Enthusiasts list members and web site visitors. Items
covering all years will be featured. If these pages do well we'll be
able to expand our free services. Web space has been tight so we
haven't been able to do some of the things we've been wanting to.

Ken Payne
CoAdmin, Ford Truck Enthusiasts

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Date: Sun, 05 Jul 1998 17:05:39 -0400
From: Ken Payne
Subject: FTE Perf - ADMIN: June Archives

June list archives are now on the web site. This
includes the new Performance list archives.

Ken Payne
CoAdmin, Ford Truck Enthusiasts

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Date: Sun, 5 Jul 1998 23:46:22 EDT
Subject: FTE Perf - Re: Ramblings

In a message dated 98-07-05 06:15:28 EDT, you write:

Mouse Trap lives in a SCCA type track toy and was built in the guys garage.
Now this will bring a grin and shatter that numbness!
So, this little mouse killer jumps to life and we have the sweet sound of
pure Ford Power :-) No, it is not the most powerful engine that I have seen
but it is the first Ford in a long time! For a vary conservatively built
engine with 0.50 Valve Lift, Hyp. Pistons, Dual Plane, etc... Through the
mufflers he made 350+ HP and it would spin to 7200RPM though it had quit
making power by this time.
So what is the recipe for the 350hp 302. GOTTA KNOW!!!

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Date: Sun, 5 Jul 1998 21:39:19 -0700
From: "Chris Samuel"
Subject: FTE Perf - What's going into the Bronco?

- ->What's going into the Bronco? (aside from beer)

- ->George Miller

Actually, no beer, at even that cash is going in the Bronco!
To illustrate just how bad it is SWMBO noted that my Beer intake for the
year can be counted in bottles, not cases!

I had wheeled this truck hard for about 4 years when I started thinking
about more power and bigger tires, B.Blk and a set of 38-39's... While out
in the hills I run into a guy that has a 78 that was set up about the way
that I was thinking, 460, Dana 60's etc. We traded trucks for a few miles
(what you break you buy). He said 600 but I'd guess a solid 500 horses in
his truck, ran damn well, would bog like a SOB on fire! but.. my truck came
through too, so? The test was when we got to the Deep and the Steep. or
Vertical Standing Mud.
The extra weight of the B.Blk was a penalty, the truck certainly did get up
the hill, but my truck came up with half the effort, faster, less wheel
spin. This happened repeatedly, regardless of driver. Hey, we were both
So, I decided that for my type of wheeling the 335 was the better choice.
Had a buddy pick one up for me and I started down the path to Building a
competent 400M.

Block: Just a good solid basic bottom-end.
Fully de-burred inside and out. All stress risers removed in the crank case
and the lifter valley smoothed for oil control.
Magnafluxed, oil passages reamed and corners radiused.
Bored +0.040.
All surfaces squared and "Blueprinted"
All Bolt holes chased.
MPG external Oil Line.

Crank, & Rotating stuff.
Basically stock Crankshaft. Mag'd. Fully beburred and cleaned up.
Deburred stock Rods with a set of Silvolite Hypereutectic Pistons (9:1 Nom.)
ARP Bolts.
All of this stuff has been balanced including the new flywheel.
HV oil pump. Tru-roller chain and all of that kind of stuff.

The heads are 70-74 351C 2BBL as the "M" heads are prone to crack, and mine
were. These are the real trick parts in this engine. I ported these suckers
to with in an inch of their life, tested this work on my flow bench, added a
set of 4BBL valves, did the machine work to get the adjustable valve train,
added ARP studs, Manley Guide plates and a set of Crower 1.73 Stainless
Roller Rockers. I know what I would have to spend to replace these and
believe me I could have had a pair of 460's!

I had been running a Edelbrock Performer, 1" 4 hole spacer, and a AFB 9625,
But they died power wise at around 4500 or so. They would rev well beyond
this but all I did was hurt the engine! that's another story!
Well the 351C had some good manifolds and so I started looking. I know that
a good Single-Plane type manifold will out power a Dual-plane from the
bottom to the top of the RPM range. The trick is to keep the intake velocity
high. Running a 351 intake on a 400 inch motor allows just that! Ended up
with the Weiand x-celerater (however ya spell it) and a set of their
spacers... I have read in the list all about how Edelbrock makes JUNK,
HO-HO! Just wait until you try this one! TIG WELDER REQUIRED is not
mentioned in the instructions!
I have no intentions of running Exhaust heat on this engine, so I didn't
open up the passages through the spacers. Instead I drill and tap the rear
water passages and weld in some fittings into the original Cross over, run
some -6 Aeroquip from the Left Rear up to the Cross over and out on the
Right and on up to the Thermostat housing; and run a line from the Right
Rear up to the T/stat housing. Then I find out that nobody makes the T/stat
spacer that you need to plumb these lines into (make em for Chebyz) and I
have to carve one from a chunk of Alum. to get the hoses plumed back into
the system. Killed three birdz with one set of hoses, heated manifold for
those sub-zero days at 8000 feet, eliminated some known steam pockets in the
heads, and created a true bypassing T/stat.
Now when you raise the "C" Manifold up to fit the "M", the darn thing hits
the bottom of the distributor, oop's. Mallory makes a small diameter one but
I want the stock diameter. So fire up the Lathe, TIG, Mill, and presto my
distributor has a 2" lift, and a Sealed Roller Bearing to boot!
Yes we still have the issue that no-one makes a set for this chassis that is
worth the $$ to ship them somewhere else! After 6 months of Fabrication I
have a set! 1.75" x 42" long into custom collectors, both of which are
above the Trans. K/Member on the Pass side. and the pass side is routed
above the frame rail and comes nowhere near the Starter motor!

The ignition is a Crane Hi-6 with the built in Rev control as I will be
limiting the engine to 6000 RPM.

Power, well; the Dyno will tell, I fully expect that I will make 400BHP by
5500 or so and that the Torque curve will hit 300 LbFt by 2000 RPM and
continue up to its peak at around 400 LbFt 4500 RPM or so. That is the
goal anyways!

While I am still killing the details on this project it is coming together
finally, I have a fresh coat of paint on the "Test Muel" as I call this
truck, I have yet to build the Fan Shroud to hold the Dual Electric's, the
winches (yes Ft&R) need to be installed, the front clip still needs to be
painted, the new gears swapped in (4.56), New tires (just 36's) hung on the
truck, new exhaust built, Dual 3" system.
I have redesigned the Suspension for 18" of travel, because even in the mud
you have to keep the tire on the ground to move! and I am sure a bunch of
other stuff!

I could have spent a bunch less on this engine and had the same power, or
more! I built this engine to be able to sit fat and happy on the Horsepower
peak for hours! I will abuse it so I built it to live.
"I" most certainly would have spent a ton more to be able to build a 385
series to the same level and I almost did, except for one fortuitous day in
the woods! Lucky me!

So, now you know...

Bet you all are sorry that George asked...


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