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perf-list Digest Wed, 07 Jun 2000 Volume: 2000 Issue: 077

In This Issue:
FW: 351W connecting rod blowout at Summit
Mid-America Mustang Meet
Re: engine codes
Re: fan clutch rotation


From: Kevin Kemmerer>
Subject: FW: 351W connecting rod blowout at Summit
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2000 23:24:11 -0400

This may be of interest to some:

Part # SES-5-48-05-111 - $92.00

Ford: 351W, Stage I connecting rods

Sold as a set.

Previously priced at $229.95

As usual, cut & paste link to remove carriage returns ->


Date: Wed, 07 Jun 2000 23:37:40 -0500
From: Ezekial>
Subject: Mid-America Mustang Meet

I was wondering if anyone is going to the Mid-America Mustang Meet in
Tulsa this coming weekend. I will be there, with or without my
Fastback. Depends if I get it going in time. If you going to be there
let me know and we could meet up sometime there. I will be going to the
drags on Saturday and the Show on Sunday.


Ezekial (Derrick)
93 F-150 4x4, 351, SC, SB
66 Fastback Stang, 289HP, 4sp, 9inch
96 Conv. Stang, 3.8, lil add ons


From: "wish">
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2000 15:30:58 GMT
Subject: Re: engine codes

>I wish that was true, but my fuel mileage has dropped to 10 GPM down from
>18. Also the engine has no power so I know there is something wrong...

As I previously wrote:
>car goes into "limp" mode (IE major loss of power and performance), then you

>should not drive it,

It goes to a very save air:fuel ratio and pulls a ton of timing to prevent damage
to the motor, it needs to be looked at ASAP, if the truck's under warranty I'd
take it back and tell them it was my only vehicle and I needed it back right
away. If they give you a hassle then explain the reason you bought a new vehicle
was reliability and all that stuff, do whatever you can it should be fixed in
a timely manner if its warranty work especially.

Just my $.02

96 Mustang GT 5spd 4.6L
73ish 1/2ton 4x4 6.4L

Ford Truck Enthusiasts


Date: 10 Jun 00 21:31:05 EDT
From: Tim Turner>
Subject: Re: fan clutch rotation

"Greg Hopper"> wrote:
> Yeah, I finally got it off. The Chilton's manual said it was removed
> clockwise and was wrong. I later realized the fan shroud said it was right
> hand threads.

The best indicator I've found for which way it needs to go is to follow the
belt routing; whichever way the pump turns the opposite rotation is needed to
remove it. When the vehicle is new the fan shroud should tell you which way
it goes, but with a used vehicle you never know if it's been wrecked or not
and if it has the fan shroud may have been replaced out of another vehicle
that did not have that thread, also looking at the threads of the replacement
part may help but you don't know if you have the right part or not at that

You can thank serpentine belts for this confusion; with V-belts everything
rotated in the same direction as the engine but with the serpentine belts
devices can be rotated in either direction. (You can imagine the diagnostic
nightmare when a counter clockwise turning water pump is installed on a
vehicle that should have a clockwise turning water pump!)


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