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perf-list Digest Fri, 18 Feb 2000 Volume: 2000 Issue: 007

In This Issue:
press bearing race into tranny case
Re: [compression ratio]


From: "Tom Ewing">
Subject: press bearing race into tranny case
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 07:54:46 -0800

I'm rebuilding a T5 tranny out of a 88TBird turbo coupe for use in my 92
Ranger 2.3L, and I'm needing some info on what to watch for, if anything,
when I press the bearing race for the cluster gear assembly into to tranny
case. The instructions I'm using for the rebuild refer me to another
publication at this point and I don't have it. I think any general
instructions would help. What I do know is that I'm advised to put the race
in the freezer a couple hours, red loctite it, and press into case. What I
don't know is are there any general guidelines regarding the setup for
pressing it in straight or whatever that I need to observe. The race comes
with an attached Oring and a metal lip on the race itself. It appears to me
that the metal lip is to be pressed flush to the tranny housing and thus
would dictate the depth that one needs to consider when installing, but are
there other things to watch for. Appreciate any help.


Date: 19 Feb 00 19:53:04 EST
From: Tim Turner>
Subject: Re: [compression ratio] wrote:

> what does a compression ratio mean?

To oversimplify it; it's how many times the air/fuel mixture is squeezed as
the piston comes up. A ratio of 10:1 would mean that the mixture is
compressed to 1/10th of it's original size.

> is a 13:1 ratio better than a 9:0 ratio? if so, why?

The more air/fuel you can put into the engine the more power you'll make. In
general higher is better, BUT compressing something generates heat... too much
compression and the mixture will ignite itself (pre-ignition, detonation etc.)
That's great if you're building a Diesel engine with CR of 25:1 or whatever,
but for a gas engine it's slow death.

I'm not 'technically correct' in these explainations but you should get the
general idea.


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