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perf-list Digest Mon, 15 May 2000 Volume: 2000 Issue: 064

In This Issue:
Re: max tire size: 92 F150 2WD
Re: max tire size: 92 F150 2WD
HOLLEY for sale on ebay
Carb Q


Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 16:28:03 EDT
Subject: Re: max tire size: 92 F150 2WD

In a message dated 5/15/00 1:14:21 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< Those of you running wide tires on the same body style 2wd truck, what
size are you running, and have you had ANY problems with
rubbing/interference? Ideally, I'd like to go to a 275/60-15.

It depends on what size tire your rims will support.

I have a 92 Flairside and run 275/60-15 on the rear and 235/60-15 on the
front. I also have Bell Tech lowering 2 inch front 4 inch rear



From: "wish">
Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 20:13:20 GMT
Subject: Re: max tire size: 92 F150 2WD

>i'm looking to install wider,
>slightly lower profile tires. I have the optional 7.5 inch wide wheels.
>So far, all i've heard is that a 255mm wide tire will fit- but this is
>less than 1" wider than my current tires.

A 255 is probably about the widest you want to go on a 7.5" rim, I think the
general rule is to keep the rim within 2" of tire width otherwise the angles
on the beads can get extreme. Of course there's always exceptions to this,
but I know putting 255/50's on my 17x8 rims was a stretch, a 60 series will
have a better sidewall to work with, but may still be pretty tight ... a 275/60
has a good sized side wall, but will be pretty large compared with the 7.5"

Calculating out the widths you find that the 275 is about 10.8", which in real
life is still nearly 3" wider than your rims. The 255's are 10" or so, so still
over that 2" "rule". If you are sticking with the stock rims I'd suggest the
255's as probably a good max, depending on how you use the truck.

When I say it was a stretch, one tire shop couldn't do it because the sidewalls
were too short, another did it for me, but being a tire store they have more
experience and it still took them 2 tries.

Just my $.02

96 Mustang GT 5spd 4.6L
73ish 1/2ton 4x4 6.4L

Ford Truck Enthusiasts


Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 18:16:35 -0700
From: able office machines>
Subject: HOLLEY for sale on ebay

"Looking for a carb for your ford off-road vehicle..."
am replacing the one i used in baja last year and its for sale on ebay
I shutter to think how much i have invested in it.. (needless to say a
it has CENTER pivot floats and ALL off-road mods available have been
done. Even has extended primary float bowl with foam cell to prevent
slosh.. has been jetted and adj. by NW performance and off-road here in
portland in october of last year.. ran in the baja. and been sitting on
engine while i do the transmission transplant since then. It still has
fuel in it and all the "GOOD" gaskets..
help my attempts at funding my baja-2000 attempt. bid HIGH.. VERY VERY
high.. and often.. lol phil


Date: 17 May 00 22:02:23 EDT
From: Tim Turner>
Subject: Carb Q

'85 2.8; beter to use a 390 4-V Holley (ugh..), retune a 600 4-V Edelbrock or
500 2-V Holley for a stock to near stock engine that sees some use requiring
low RPM oopmh in the sand? Never had any good experiences with Holley 4's in
the long run, but good marks for the 2-Vs and Edelbrocks.



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