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perf-list Digest Mon, 17 Apr 2000 Volume: 2000 Issue: 046

In This Issue:
Re: Quarter Mile Time


Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2000 10:45:22 -0700 (PDT)
From: shane san miguel>
Subject: Re: Quarter Mile Time

> run #3 (best)worst reaction
> 1.2798 reaction
> 2.4248 60ft
> 6.7839 330ft
> 10.4607 1/8
> 66.68
> 13.6915 1000et
> 75.27 1000mph
> 16.4551 1/4
> 81.19 mph

My 55' F100 with 5.0 (carbed) runs a 15.5187. What
are your rear gears? I missed the original post, do
you mind reposting your combo? My 60ft's are
somewhere in the 2.60 range. So, you're hooking up
off the line a lot better than I am, and it looks like
I have more motor at the big end.

Isn't Draggin' fun! Nothin better than a smallblock
singin' a song at redline...

It looks like everything is good on your runs except
the reaction time, and the consistency of the runs. I
would work on your technique a little. Don't worry
about doing things better, just do them the same. I
can sit on the couch and go through an entire run from
staging lanes to timeslip shack. Every motion should
be burned in your head. If you have a passenger
riding with you, a good rule to agree on is NO TALKING
after you pull onto the burnout pad. Also, make sure
the passenger knows to have arms, legs, etc out of the
way. The rule in my Pinto is, if your arm gets in the
way when I'm shifting, it gets broken and I won't feel
sorry about it.

Loading up the converter is good, especially in a
truck with decent traction like yours. Cars seem to
have a lot less chassis flex/slop that can soak up a
lot of vehicle reation time. It takes time for the
motor to spin up, load the converter, torque the rear
end, lift the front end, chassis to twist..... THEN
the tires start to spin. If you stage, then apply
brake and load the converter to about 1,200 rpms, it
takes all that other stuff out of the equation.

On the lights.... If you're concentrating like you
should be, you'll be able to see three stages to each
light. They are:

1-just coming on
2-full on
3-about to go out

You want to release the brake and judiciously apply
throttle (as much as the tires will take) at stage 2
to stage 3 of the last light. It depends on how tight
the chassis is and how much you load up the converter.

In the Pinto, I can deep stage and leave late in stage
3 of the last light and cut a good light. In the
truck, I have to stage and then leave at about the
beginning of stage 2 of the last light. It takes the
truck a l o n g time to get it's act together and
begin moving.

Anyway (sorry so long) the point is, whatever
technique you decide on, you need to do it the same
way every time. Then work on things one at a time.

Even a few psi of tire pressure can make a big
difference in the whole scheme of things.

Congrats on your 'trip down the strip'! It's a rite
of passage thing... Now when people are telling you
their beater 68 camaXo runs 11's, you'll know just how
full of crap they are. And since you have a timeslip,
you can say "I don't care how fast you THINK you are,
get me a timeslip and then you can talk"....

Put up or shut up, life begins in the beams!

55 F100 5.0
289 Pinto

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