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perf-list Digest Fri, 14 Apr 2000 Volume: 2000 Issue: 045

In This Issue:
Re: Tranny
Quarter Mile Time
Re: Quarter Mile Time


From: "wish">
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2000 15:45:22 GMT
Subject: Re: Tranny

>I have a 1984 F-150 4x4
>the tranny is bulletproof and excellent but i hate it for driveing around town
and on the highway,it drives like a tractor.

Interesting analogy, most tractors I've played with haven't been too tough to
drive around ... but then I don't drive them in town either ;)

>my question is if i found a used c-6. wouldn't the final gear be the same as
the one in the 4 speed, 1:1 ??


>also the 351W puts out around 270hp
>i have done a little to it no internal work just intake and carb,ignition.


Uhm, I'd debate that 270hp rating ... heck the Lightning 351 is only 260 advertised
... to really be at 270hp you'd need to do a cam and some head work to get the
compression up ... anyway not the issue, the real problem is torque, that's
what rips your tranny apart ... and you could be near that for torque rating

>will the aod handle that my friends seems to do very well.

The 302 is a lot weaker motor than the 351, many who are "performance oriented"
have questioned the AOD's ability to hold up to a 351 ...others question the
E4OD as well, though I think if you get a newer one it will last better, the
problem is cost, they are really expensive, and expensive to fix too ...

>it also has 33" tires.
>that i probably will trade for 31's

What gears are you running in the axles ? Using 33's is kind of like a small
over drive right now ... though it affects all gears, not just the top one...
a 31 will be less of an od ...but...

>i am getting 9.5 mpg.
Because of the larger tires being harder to start and stop, if you're driving
around in town going to a smaller tire might make the mileage go up with no
other changes. An automatic isn't quite as efficient with the gears, so going
to an overdrive for in-town driving will have very little positive effect on
your mileage, though your arm/leg may not be as tired at the end of the day

>and NEED and overdrive.
>that is can get used for under 300$
>then rebuild.

That's not likely an Overdrive tranny ... also there are issues with shift linkages,
xfer case adapters, driveshaft lengths, cooling the tranny ... any number of
things associated with it, its not going to be just a weekend swap (unless its
a long weekend and you have ALL the little parts around)

Just my $.02

96 Mustang GT 5spd 4.6L
73ish 1/2ton 4x4 6.4L

Ford Truck Enthusiasts


Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2000 02:25:08 -0500
From: Ezekial>
Subject: Quarter Mile Time

I was "" until I switched ISPs, in case anyone
remembered me. I thought I might post my first drag race times here for
you guys to see. I think I did pretty good for a mild motor in a truck
that weighs like 3tons.. run #1 is the only one without the chip and the
others are with.....
93 F-150 SC,4x4,351,auburn posi added recently
get back to me on anything that looks bad, other then my bad reaction
time. a couple were good but the tires broke loose to much..
run #1
1.3096 reaction
2.5267 60ft
7.0686 330ft
10.8299 1/8
65.5 mph
14.1084 1000et
74.38 1000mph
16.9938 1/4
that was my first ever drag, plus my chip wasn't in yet

run #2
1.094 reaction
2.4815 60ft
6.8952 330ft
10.6057 1/8
66.13 mph
13.8614 1000et
74.71 1000mph
16.6473 1/4

run #3 (best)worst reaction
1.2798 reaction
2.4248 60ft
6.7839 330ft
10.4607 1/8
13.6915 1000et
75.27 1000mph
16.4551 1/4
81.19 mph

16.527 1/4
80.90 mph


Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2000 16:36:28 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Quarter Mile Time

At 02:25 AM 15:04:2000 -0500, Ezekial wrote:
>other then my bad reaction
>time. a couple were good but the tires broke loose to much..
>run #1
>1.3096 reaction

You should be leaving when you see the second to last yellow,
that is if they're using .500 secs between could also try
deep staging, but some tracks don't like you to do that...

>2.5267 60ft

Seems OK if you're spinning the wheels...

>7.0686 330ft
>10.8299 1/8
>65.5 mph
>14.1084 1000et
>74.38 1000mph
>16.9938 1/4
>that was my first ever drag, plus my chip wasn't in yet

Not too bad, everything seems to be in order so far...


>run #3 (best)worst reaction
>1.2798 reaction
>2.4248 60ft

Didn't spin as much this time, did ya. Try lowering the air
pressure by about 5psi, don't worry to much about the
reaction time until you can get the truck to react a little
more consistantly. One way to do this is to load the
suspension, ie- powerbrake. Don't try to get to max rpm
while doing this, You'll also break less rearend parts.

One other thing, the ET clock starts running when the
light turns green. So these runs are fairly stout for a Truck....

Steve & the Rockette
68 F100, 390cid, FMX
63 F100, 292cid, 3speed
72 Capri 2000, hers
73 Capri 2600,tube frame going in.....
73 MGB GT, Our Toy
98 Contour SVT, Mine, Mine, All Mine....


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