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97up-list Digest Fri, 26 Jan 2001 Volume: 2001  Issue: 011

In This Issue:
Re: Cracking doors and rattling engine-98 150
'98 4.2L question


From: "Mark Salvetti" <>
Subject: Re: Cracking doors and rattling engine-98 150
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 22:36:24 -0500

I have a 1986 F150, but I hope to upgrade to something in the 1997-1999
range in the next few months.  I was kind of surprised when I started
researching these trucks, and I found out about the doors and piston slap

For what seems to be some of the latest info on the doors (including an
older TSB number and a service advisory):

There's some detail on the piston slap issues as well:

As I'll be looking at used trucks, I'd like to hear if anyone finds a
sure-fire way to visually tell if the doors have been replaced with the
redesigned part (short of asking the dealer to run the VIN).  Maybe a part
number stamped on the door or something?


Mark Salvetti
1986 F150


From: "D.P. Whipkey" <>
Subject: '98 4.2L question
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2001 17:46:21 -0800

Hi All,

 I have a pinging problem with my 4.2L.  The dealer say's they can't hear it, but I sure as hell can.  I'm about to get serious with the dealer.  Can anything be done about it timing wise?  I don't know much about computer controlled engines, but I thought the engines didn't need to be tuned like a traditional engine.

 I was thinking even if the comp controls the timing, what if the factory or a mechanic didn't have the distributor clocked right.

 I tried running high test, but that made the truck hard to start.  I'm running 89 octane now like the manual says.

Any help would be great!!!!


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