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97up-list Digest Tue, 12 Dec 2000 Volume: 2000  Issue: 201

In This Issue:
Re: Illuminated Emblem
Re: Looking for illuminated emblem?
Re: DREADED DOOR CRACK - fix? (long post)
ADMIN: Ad Announcement
Re: Looking for illuminated emblem?


Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 17:44:27 EST
Subject: Re: Illuminated Emblem

they are available through JC Whitney and the price depends on what size
emblem you need for your truck. I paid $35 + shipping for mine.
As far as ease to install, there are (2) 8mm nuts that hold the stock one on,
and the lighted one just needs a power and ground source. I hooked mine into
the parking lights for power and grounded it to the main support bolt for the
grill frame.

Better to be a racer for a moment, than a spectator for a lifetime
Wayne Foy
94 Flareside SC
NLOC #484
2000 #4 Top Truck
1999 #2 Top Truck
Atlanta GA


From: "Tripp Whitlow" <>
Subject: Re: Looking for illuminated emblem?
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 23:20:25 -0600

Try here...


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Sent: Tuesday, December 12, 2000 3:39 PM
Subject: [97up-list] Looking for illuminated emblem?

This is for Trave (or anyone else who knows), owner of the 2000 F-350
Cab Dually posted on the pictorial site on

First this is an awesome truck!

I too would like to get the Illuminated Ford emblem that lights up like an
INDIGLO watch. Where do I get it? How much is it. Is it easy to put in?



Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 04:21:03 -0600
Subject: Re: DREADED DOOR CRACK - fix? (long post)

I thought I'd provide a follow-up to my previous post on my door crack

Finally made it by the local Ford dealer yesterday to ask about door
cracks on Ford trucks.  I approached the customer service window and
asked for information regarding door cracking on '97-'00 F-150s' and
F-250's. After the first two service reps in the service window pleaded
ignorance of the problem I pulled out my handwritten note of the SSM #
(13238) that I got off this newsgroup.  They took the number and tried to
pull it up on their computer to no avail.

After assuring them that I knew Ford was aware of the problem and that I
was surprised that their service department hadn't been informed the two
service reps then suggested I go talk to the body shop since "they'd
probably know about."  I stopped them right then and said I'd like to
talk to the service manager.  They pointed to his office and just as I
started that way another service rep, J. J., with whom I often did
business, came in and asked me what the problem was.  I told him I was
looking for information on door cracking on truck doors and it appeared
no one in the service department knew what I was talking about.  He took
the SSM # and said he would look into it.  I proceeded on to the service
manager's office.

I repeated my request to the service manager as to what information he
had on door cracks on Ford trucks.  He responded as though he was not
familiar with the crack issue. As he appeared reluctant to acknowledge
the problem I invited him to examine the crack on my truck.  After
viewing the crack on the driver's side door, now more than a 1/2" long,
he immediately he asked if the passenger side door was cracked (which it
wasn't, although in my estimation there is discoloration at the
susceptible location suggesting an incipient crack). I told him it
wasn't, yet, but would be glad to have him accompany me to look at other
trucks on his lot if he'd like.  He suggested we go look again at the
service bulletins out on my truck and see if there was any info there.
(Hmmm, maybe he's starting to remember.)

We get to the service department computer screen to find J.J. dumping a
listing of service notices for my model truck (he's pulled up my VIN from
a previous work order).  A brief dialogue between J.J. and the service
manager ensues, and, surprise!, it turns out they have fixed at least one
door previously with the initial fix (strap) but don't recall if it came
back, and, gee!....several other truck owners have also come by asking
about door cracks.  J.J. finds the notice in the service department
database about truck door cracks and shows it to me and the service
manager.  (I didn't think to get a copy while I had it in my hand, I
guess I was trying to hold back a laugh about how transparent the service
manager was and forgot to.)  J.J. then walks off with the copy and says
he's going check on something right quick.

The service manager and I exchanged pleasantries about the weather for a
few minutes until J.J. returns and makes an interesting announcement.  He
said the Ford regional rep just happened to be in the shop right then and
after being asked about the crack issue the regional rep stated it was
definitely a real problem and that Ford knew it was their problem.  Ford
would pay to replace the door, regardless of the mileage on the truck.
J.J. then told me he would write up a service order to replace the door
and as soon as the replacement door part number was provided from Ford
the dealer would replace it at no cost to me.  I was to call back
periodically to verify the replacement part number had been issued so
they could order it for me.

So maybe Ford has come up with a permanent fix....maybe not....we'll see.
I still thinks its odd the new part number "hasn't been issued yet."
I'll let you know if I actually do get a new door.

I should mention that I never asked to have my door "fixed."  All I did
was ask what information did the dealer have on the door cracks and what
fix, if any, was available.  Persistence after the initial denials led to
an unsolicited offer to fix my door.  I never did meet the regional rep
who basically authorized the dealer to do the work at no charge to me.

Hopefully, this will get me off "crack"


p.s. Mark, I apparently deleted your post containing the door part
numbers, could you repost them, please?

On Thu, 23 Nov 2000 23:44:47 -0600 writes:
> In case anyone is keeping stats on the population, at 60k on my '98
> F-150 SC 4x2  (manual windows) I have acquired the "crack" on the
> driver's side.   Approximately 3/16" in length.  Didn't see it at
> 48k.  Haven't decided which route to take yet....maybe duct tape..
>  :)
> Thanks,  Mark, will check with dealer next trip into town and verify
> door part nos.


Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 14:43:18 -0500
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Now returning you to our regularly scheduled program...

Ken Payne
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Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 13:55:32 -0600
From: Steve #1 <>
Subject: Re: Looking for illuminated emblem? wrote:

> This is for Trave (or anyone else who knows), owner of the 2000 F-350 Extended
> Cab Dually posted on the pictorial site on
> First this is an awesome truck!
> I too would like to get the Illuminated Ford emblem that lights up like an
> INDIGLO watch. Where do I get it? How much is it. Is it easy to put in?
> Doug

Steve #1

99 F150 XLT 5.4 4X4 "Little Foot"
97 Mustang GT
87 K5 Blazer 350 4X4 "Monster"

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