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97up-list-digest Friday, January 7 2000 Volume 03 : Number 005

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FTE 97up - Flowmaster 50 Series muffler
FTE 97up - Parts supplier



Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 09:13:24 -0600
Subject: FTE 97up - Flowmaster 50 Series muffler


Just had a Flowmaster 50 Series Muffler put on my shiny new 2000 5.4 F150
4x4 Lariat. IT SOUNDS GREAT!

Now for a bit of history. When the truck was delivered dealer back in
November the dealer's custom shop here in Austin put a 40 series Flowmaster
with a 4 inch casing (Part#: 430402). IT WAS LOUD! I admit it sounded
awesome and cleared whole lanes of traffic, but the interior cab resonance
was annoying and since my garage is under my neighbors apartment I had
others to consider. Not to mention the whole complex. Besides I had
specifically requested a 50 series in the first place. After all my goals
were increased torque and fuel economy, not waking the neighbors. So I had
them replace the 40 with a 50 series SUV Performance model (Part# 530552).
The main characteristic of the SUV version of the 50 is its 5 inch thick by
17 inch long casing verses the 40's 4 inch thick by 13 inch long casing.
Also the 50 is a three chamber muffler and the 40 is a two chamber muffler,
i.e., the 50 is more quiet.

Now the truck has little if any resonance inside the cab and a nice low
rumble out side the cab while cruising, AND when you step on it and she
jumps to 4000 RPM it lets the guy next to you now you mean business. Also,
one final point of note; while in a parking garage I've managed,
inadvertently of course, to make a few alarms chirp, but the 40 would set
them off pretty easily.

Austin, TX.

PS: In the 50 series line the correct muffler for a 2000 5.4 is the 525562.
This is an off center 2.5 inch inlet with dual 2.25 outs. The 50 used on my
truck was chosen to fit into the existing custom piping that was attached to
the 40. It has a 3 inch inlet but the factory pipe behind the cats is 2.5.

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Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 22:50:49 -0500
From: "Mike Ruth">
Subject: FTE 97up - Parts supplier

Hey everyone!
I was doing alittle research for parts supplier for one of my customers and
I come accross this interesting site:

They claim to have rebuild kits among other parts. They stress kits for
Ford 300. Hope this helps someone.
BTW: I am not endorsing this company, just passing a find that may not have
been found.
Mike (keeping warm in Baltimore)
99 F350 Lariat SC Diesel w/signal mirrors and heated seats!
94 E.B. Explorer with signal mirrors and htd seats
89 Bronco XLT
89 Merkur Scorpio w/htd seats

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