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Re: fordtrucks97up Digest V98 #2 [ "Joseph L. Casey"
Test Post [ Mitch Biarsky
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 13:40:33 -0600 (CST)
From: "Joseph L. Casey"
Subject: Re: fordtrucks97up Digest V98 #2
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As you can read below, Ken Payne observed that this "discussion/talk/exhange
of information in a polite-articulate-way-group" has just begun.

I'll jump in with some trivia about the 1999 Fords. I drove one last week;
it was a crew cab, short bed, V-10, F-250 with captians chairs and power
towing mirrors. The power towing mirrors adjust at the mirror-head like any
power mirrors. There is one large mirror above that adjusts and a curved one
below the adjustable that is fixed. The mirror extends out from the door
several inches less than the "swing-out recreational" mirrors formerly used
for towing. If I recall, the previous mirrors extended 19-21" max; these
extend, I think, more like 15-17" max. They extend beyond the non-towing
mirrors by about an estimated 5-6 inches.

The "pipe-like" holder/extensions DO NOT TELESCOPE as I hoped. They do,
however, foldback against the door window, should one want to keep them from
harm's way or whatever. The engine ran fine, the ride might be better than
previous year's but I did not have time to develop any firm (no pun
intended) opinion about the ride. The inside (captian's chairs) does seem
wider from door to door and that's about all I recall.

At 10:05 AM 2/4/98 -0500, you wrote:
>fordtrucks97up DigestVolume 98 : Issue 2
>Today's Topics:
> test post2 [ Ken Payne ]
> Awfully quiet.... [ Ken Payne ]
>Date: Thu, 25 Jan 1996 14:28:38 -0500
>From: Ken Payne
>Subject: test post2
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>test post
>VERSION 3.0 16- AND 32-BIT
>This is version 3.0 of Eudora Pro for Windows. This README provides
>information on the following topics:
>- Minimum Requirements
>- Bug Reports
>- Requests for Features
>- License and Legal Information
>For details about new features in this release of Eudora Pro,
>see the on-line Help topics under "New in this Release."
>To use Eudora Pro, you must have the following:
>- IBM PC or compatible.
>- Microsoft Windows 3.1 for 16-bit version; Microsoft Windows 95
> or Windows NT 3.5 for 32-bit version.
>- Winsock 1.1 API compliant networking package (not needed for
> serial connection).
>- A mail account with an Internet Service Provider or an Internet-style
>- Access to your mail account via a modem (9600 bps or higher recommended)
> or Internet-style network connection.
>If you experience something you think might be a bug in Eudora, please
>report it by sending a message to Describe what
>you did, what happened, what version of Eudora you have, any error messages
>Eudora gave (the numbers in ()'s are especially important), what kind of
>computer you have, which operating system you're using, and
>anything else you think might be relevant.
>You will receive an automated response indicating that your bug report has
>been received and forwarded to our engineering staff. Unless additional
>information is needed, you will not receive a direct response.
>From time to time, everyone comes up with an idea for something they'd
>like their software to do differently. This is true of all applications,
>Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 10:00:08 -0500
>From: Ken Payne
>To: "''"
>Subject: Awfully quiet....

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>Well folks, just wanted you to know that slow list activity is normal when a
>new list comes to life. All our other lists took 2-3 weeks before membership
>picked up enough to get good activity.
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 17:22:16 -0500
From: Mitch Biarsky
To: ""
Subject: Test Post
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I haven't received any digests in a couple of days, and was curious if I
%$!#! something up, or
there just wasn't any messages...

TIA, Mitch
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