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Re: 99 superduty IN! ["Union Auto" ]
Re: shift on fly in 99 trucks [Shawn Utz ]
dually fenders [Rich Cower ]



Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 08:22:04 -0600
From: "Union Auto"
Subject: Re: 99 superduty IN!

Just for the Record, when it comes to trucks a small dealer will be able
to order you one and get it before a large dealer. In the case of Super
Dutys small dealers(called select by ford) get a much better mix and %
compared to large dealers (contact ). Also when you order a truck from a
select dealer It can be picked up (scheduled) every week. However with
Large dealer they only schedule once a month, so if you go in and order a
truck the day after they scheduled it would be like you didn't order it
until a month later. To prove my point I work at a small Ford Mercury
Dealership in Iowa (town of 400 people). We sell mostly trucks and many HD
models. For the initial startup of 1999's we got 10 trucks. The Large
dealership in Marshalltown (30,000 people) is only going to get 6 initial

As for price that does not sound too bad, as long as they don't charge you a
DOC fee, for undercoating, or any other scam that large dealers are known

Nathan Bernard
Union Auto, Inc.
Union, IA

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From: Michael Ruth
Date: Sunday, February 15, 1998 10:49 PM
Subject: 99 superduty IN!

>HI everyone,
>All my local dealers have atleast one 99 Superduty in stock ! I looked
>at one tonight. WOW! Anyway. Mine is supposed to be the first one in
>at my dealer and they have not even received one yet! My is due on
>March 9. Was supposed to be Feb 28. My dealer is the #2 Ford dealer in
>Maryland. Why don't they have one yet? As far as price. I ordered a
>Lariat 250 4X4 Supercab Loaded including
>Auto shift on the fly
>Auto tranny
>Capt chairs
>hvy frt susp.
>Cd player
>Sticker price $36800
>Dealt pruice was $33,000 plus tax tags so on
>Does that jive with other prices?
>(waiting patiently)
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Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 11:14:01 -0800 (PST)
From: Shawn Utz
Subject: Re: shift on fly in 99 trucks


Our '93 Bronco has shift on the fly and 'of course' auto hubs. It always worked well.
The hubs disengage only when NOT in 4WD and backing up about 15'.
In our '97 F350 CC PS we again have the auto hubs but instead of the 4WD button
on the dash we have the lever on the floor. If it were me I would opt for the
manual hubs. I think of it like this, it is too late to shift on the fly if
your stuck. I believe, almost sure, the vehicle must be rolling to engage the
auto hubs. After warranty experiration I will be swapping to manual hubs and
at that price will be keeping a spare in the truck.

Hope this helps in your decision,

> I've got an order almost completed for a 99 F350 Crew Cab, 4WD dually. I'm
> supposed to give final specs to the fleet dealer in a couple of days. I'm confused about this "shift on the fly" option. Does it work? We have a 97
> Powerstroke 4WD/Crew Cab now - with manual locking hubs that seem to
> work great (We're keeping this truck). What are the +'s/-'s of going with this shift on the fly thing? Is it reliable? Can I still lock the hubs and leave them
> locked?
> cower
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Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 20:54:26 -0800
From: Rich Cower
Subject: dually fenders

I've got a 99 F350 dually on order - and i've read that the inside of the
fenders get beat up pretty bad from gravel. Somone (maybe it was in the
suggested some aluminum inserts to remedy this. I'm wondering - has anyone
tried spraying the inside with some of that Rhino Coat stuff they
spray on truck beds?
It ought to work (?)


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