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Re: Ford Maveric SUV [John941 ]
Re: When should I order a SD if I want it in Sept? ["Union Auto"
Re: 99 has PROBLEM ["Union Auto" ]



Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 07:52:30 EDT
From: John941
Subject: Re: Ford Maveric SUV

Thanks for the picdture


Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 08:06:39 -0500
From: "Union Auto"
Subject: Re: When should I order a SD if I want it in Sept?

I THINK things will be better by this fall. They have added a shift at the
plant and are supposed to add another this fall. I am down to 2 unscheduled
retail orders (by Saturday they should be scheduled) so I think things will
get better. Hopefully Delivery times will improve also. I've had Super
Dutys take as little as 5 weeks (from date scheduled) and as log as two and
a half months. Depending on where you are from the factory, I would plan on
8 weeks from scheduling to delivery. If you ordered right now I would have
a truck in aprox. 9 weeks. Some dealers will have a huge backlog and might
take longer. Allocation is generated on how many you sell. We had more
than most large dealers due to the number of 1997's we sold. We've had 18
(we're in a town of 400 people) and the dealer next to us (town of 35,000)
has only had 7. Anther dealer 30 miles away has only had one due to the
small number of 1997 sales. If you ask most dealers will take the order and
hold it until they think it will arrive on time. As far away as you are I
would still wait a month or two longer to see what happens. Also I would
plan on a price increase by this fall. If you have already ordered you get
price protection so you get the price before it increased. This probably
generated more questions than it answered, so your best bet is to ask the
individual dealer as they will vary due to allocation levels.

Nathan Bernard
Union Auto, Inc.
Union, IA 50258

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From: Sven Setterdahl
Date: Wednesday, April 15, 1998 10:39 PM
Subject: When should I order a SD if I want it in Sept?

>I'm planning on ordering an F250SD 4x4 reg. cab. I want to actually get it
>fall, Sept. or Oct. My question is when should I plan on ordering it?
Will all
>of the delivery problems be solved by this summer, or do I need to order it
>and hope it's slow, or can I place an order and specify an estimated
>date? I don't really want the truck until September at the earliest and I
>have to order it to get the configuation I want.
>Thanks for any insight,


Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 08:29:48 -0500
From: "Union Auto"
Subject: Re: 99 has PROBLEM

I've sold several trucks with this drivetrain (if its a longbox) and have
not had one complaint. If it is doing something that others don't they
should be able to fix it. Possibly your driveshaft was manufactured
incorrectly. The dealer can call the "hot line" to get suggested fixes.
They will more than likely start swapping out parts until it goes away. The
easiest way to get action is to have the dealer ride in your truck and
compare it to a new one off the lot. If yours makes noises the new one
doesn't, they have got to try to fix it. I haven't sold a S/C shortbox yet
(got one due in next week) so I don't know how they drive.

Nathan Bernard
Union Auto, Inc.
Union, IA 50258
- -----Original Message-----
From: Michael Ruth
Date: Wednesday, April 15, 1998 11:15 PM
Subject: 99 has PROBLEM

>I love my 99 Superduty F350 Powerstroke SuperCab Lariat 4X4! I have a
>problem though... When I accelerate with even alittle bit of more than
>normal acceleration, I get a vibration and banging noise throughout the
>whole truck! Sounds and feels BAD! Actually like S*T. I took it back
>to the dealer. They say it's because of the two-piece drive shaft.
>They called FORD (so they say) and there are no fixes in the works. My
>friends 1997 SC Powerstroke XLT 4X4 doen't do this. I have had 4 new
>FORDs dince 1989 and two Merkurs. They all have performed great!
>Mileages range from 20k to 100k.
>This truck is the most expensive of them all and I have waited for it
>since October. I am only 27 years old and take pride in this truck and
>this club, but I am really disappointed. I even have people giving me
>the "thumbs up" when I drive down the rode in this truck. I need
>personal as well as professional advice (you ford sales and service
>people). Thanks! Please reply off list.
>Mike in Baltimore


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