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Re: fordtrucks97up Digest V98 #2 [Ken Payne ]



Date: Sat, 10 Feb 1996 00:37:02 -0500
From: Ken Payne
Subject: Re: fordtrucks97up Digest V98 #2

(forwarded for )
From: "Joseph L. Casey"

As you can read below, Ken Payne observed that this "discussion/talk/exhange
of information in a polite-articulate-way-group" has just begun.

I'll jump in with some trivia about the 1999 Fords. I drove one last week;
it was a crew cab, short bed, V-10, F-250 with captians chairs and power
towing mirrors. The power towing mirrors adjust at the mirror-head like any
power mirrors. There is one large mirror above that adjusts and a curved one
below the adjustable that is fixed. The mirror extends out from the door
several inches less than the "swing-out recreational" mirrors formerly used
for towing. If I recall, the previous mirrors extended 19-21" max; these
extend, I think, more like 15-17" max. They extend beyond the non-towing
mirrors by about an estimated 5-6 inches.

The "pipe-like" holder/extensions DO NOT TELESCOPE as I hoped. They do,
however, foldback against the door window, should one want to keep them from
harm's way or whatever. The engine ran fine, the ride might be better than
previous year's but I did not have time to develop any firm (no pun
intended) opinion about the ride. The inside (captian's chairs) does seem
wider from door to door and that's about all I recall.


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