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97up-list Digest Fri, 12 May 2000 Volume: 2000 Issue: 074

In This Issue:
Re: Payloads again
Payload & Dually questions, Part 2
Re: Payload & Dually questions, Part 2
Re: Payload & Dually questions, Part 2


From: "Harald Stenger">
Subject: Re: Payloads again
Date: Fri, 12 May 2000 20:07:02 -0700

Unless you are carrying the camper full time, I would pass on the added leaf
springs and put air bags on instead. I have Firestone Ride-rite springs on
my y2k F350 CC DRW truck. I carry a 4000 lb loaded weight camper. The air
springs level the truck and stabilize it. They are rated for up to 5000 lbs
extra weight capacity, although they do not legally increase your GVWR
(neither will the leaf springs). The beauty of the springs is that when the
camper is not on the truck, I drop the air pressure down to 5 psi and my
ride is completely unaffected. With the added leafs, you end up with a very
harsh ride unloaded.


"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little
temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." -Ben Franklin


Date: Sat, 13 May 2000 17:11:09 +0100
From: SCA>
Subject: Payload & Dually questions, Part 2

I'm the guy that posted the original question awhile ago regarding
payloads, duallys and
campers. It's a good thing that this forum exists for such questions. I've
not been able to
get ANY information elsewhere.

The only bad thing is that the answers here have been very disappointing as
far as the 350
goes. I'm stunned that such an expensive truck can only legitimately carry
something a
little less than 1/4 it's own weight. Boy, was I stoopid. It makes me feel
especially bad
because, apart from it's apparent lack of ability to actually carry a load,
I really have
enjoyed it and it's been very reliable. The enormous truck bed it had
certainly LOOKED like
it could carry more than a chihuahua puppy.

So I'm now in the market for a 450 or a 550. I'm trying to do my homework
and not make any
such errors this time around.

Unfortunately, the same cloud of general ignorance that surrounded the F350
seems even
denser with 450s and 550s. I'm asking what I'd consider to be the most
basic set of
questions and not getting any answers. So here I am back at this forum,
which seems to be
the only place with information.

My general plan is to get a 450 or 550 PowerStroke crewcab 4X4 automatic
dually with a standard truck bed.
When I talk to most of the Ford dealers and the subject turns to 450s &
550s with a regular truck bed, what
I get is:

"Gee. I don't know."
"We've never done that before."
"I don't know if truck beds are available for 450s & 550s."
"We don't sell many 450s or 550's"

My personal favorite is:

"Why would you want so much truck? Just get a 350. It can carry the biggest
camper made with
payload to spare, and we've got several here on the lot. Why don't you come
down here and look
at one?"

Which is when I usually hang up.

I believe I have a line on a dealer that at least knows how to put a
standard truck bed on a
450 & 550, but they're not helping me on which one to buy.

Based on the tiny amount of information I can actually dig up, I can't find
out why anyone
would ever buy a 450. The difference in price between a 450 and a 550 is
only around $700 on
$40000 (when all is said and done) worth of truck, and the 550 can carry a
ton and a quarter

Clearly, if you're looking past the 350s to the 450s and 550s, you're doing
it because of
payload requirements (after all, the basic engine is the same, ain't it?),
and why on earth would you
ever buy a 450 when you can get 1.25 ton greater payload for $700?

So, like, what am I missing this time? Is there something about the 550
that would tend to
push one back down to the 450 for some reason? Like:

Is the ride so stiff it beats you to death, more so than the 450?
Is there some kind of higher tax?
Does the 550 get significantly worse mileage?
Are there some options on the 450 that aren't available in the 550?
Is there some hidden issue I don't know to ask that'll make me wish I'd
gotten a 450?

I'm beginning to feel like the proverbial Polish mine detector. (No offense
to anyone.)

Lastly, where would be the best place to advertise my 350 for sale? I was
going to post the particulars
about my truck with this message, but I wasn't sure if for-sale stuff was
allowed here.



From: "George Passidakis">
Subject: Re: Payload & Dually questions, Part 2
Date: Sat, 13 May 2000 17:44:57 -0700


One place to check on standard beds for 450/550 truck is:

They might be able to get you some better info and guidance. I'm not sure
if they only sell the whole vehicle or will take a truck and add the std
bed. Let us know what you find out. They are in MI but have dealers

F-350 SWR


Date: Sun, 14 May 2000 00:45:59 EDT
Subject: Re: Payload & Dually questions, Part 2

I wouldn't feel particularly "stoopid",
And I'm not sure the 350 is out of the question yet. First, you need to
really get a handle on what the options lists are for that vehicle regarding
load capacity. The problem is the plate rating on the vehicle. Second it's
the dealer. They want to sell you what's in stock and 450's and 550's are not
nor are heavy rated 350's. All three of the majors have extensive option list
for the 250 and 350 class vehicles.

You have to first find a truck oriented dealer. Generally these guys are
more commercial oriented. Then possibly you can get some clear headed
answers. Most dealers don't have anyone that really knows trucks nor do they
think you are serious when you start looking for something a little off the
wall. They want to sell stuff thats floating around on their floor plan.

There are also folks out there that will do the mods to beef up the load
capacity and can certify that it's been done. Generally these are folks that
do custom bodies like work bodies or small wreckers or flat beds for 350's .

The normal 350 is sprung for ride and towing, say a 5th wheel. Most
knowledgable slide in owners boosted capacity to get the handling they needed
by aftermarket mods at the camper dealer or some independant shop. It's only
recent law enforcement emphasis in some areas that has suddenly created
this issue. It's a pain, but perhaps justified. A lot of Rec Vehicle dealers
are like car dealers. They sell what's on the floor plan and the hell with
what's legal. They probaly couldnt read a rating plate. If it fits it's going
to be great. The cop that stops you 1000 miles away from home isn't his

Sorry for being so windy.

John G


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