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In This Issue:
Re: Gas


From: "Noll, William E(Z01981)">
Subject: Re: Gas
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2000 09:03:15 -0700

We can make a difference, huh?

Last years "gas out" was more internet hype than social protest.
While local news organizations jumped on the potential for a consumer gas
strike, it failed. The premise that not buying gas on a certain day was
flawed in the fact that if gas was bought the day before or after the "gas
out", there would be no net effect on the dealers, refiners, or OPEC. The
thought of actually NOT DRIVING for one day (and not driving twice as far
the next) was never brought up as a requirement to make it work.

As far having an effect? Let me see.... Gas is now $1.42 for regular
unleaded in Phoenix. It's not even Spring yet, and prices go up in the
summer. Yeah, last year's "gas out" had a real positive effect - on oil
company profits!!!



I've got this e-mail this afternoon, and I wonder if anyone of you heard of
it. I've
got it with thousands of e-mail address. This is what it said:

Last year on April 30,1999, a gas out was staged across
Canada and the U.S. to bring the price of gas down, and it worked. It's
time to do something about it again. This time, lets make it for three
days instead of just one. The oil cartel decided to slow production to
drive up gasoline prices. Lets see how many Canadian\American people we
can get to ban together for a three day period in April, NOT TO BUY ANY
GASOLINE, during those three days. LETS HAVE A GAS OUT. Do not buy any
gasoline from APRIL 7, 2000, THROUGH APRIL 9, 2000. Buy what you need
before the dates listed above, or after, but try not to buy any during
the GAS OUT. If you want to help, just send this to everyone you know and
ask them to do the same. We brought the prices down once before, and we
can do it again! Come on North America lets stand together.
WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even if you receive
this 100 times keep passing it around, this way you know everyone is
being informed and no one will forget!!!!!!!!!!


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