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97up-list-digest Sunday, September 12 1999 Volume 02 : Number 244

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FTE 97up - Re: Need a pickup bed
FTE 97up - question about
Re: FTE 97up - Look at what the competition is doing!



Date: Sat, 11 Sep 1999 07:05:44 -0400
From: Lee Haefele
Subject: FTE 97up - Re: Need a pickup bed

> Cory is absolutely determined to pull this off, so we're left with this
> option.
Why not consider a low profile utility or specialty 5th wheel body?
Your resale value will be better.
Why do you need a 450/550 series? You could still buy a F-350 with the
bed on it. Actually, I thought that you could buy a F-450 with a pickup
bed, from Ford. The big downside of a 450 series is that you can only
get 4.88 or 5.34 gears, even with the Diesel, you won't get good
mileage. With the 4.88 gears 5th gear only goes 63, although 6th gear
is quite a change & should go about 90. The automatic will probably
have a 80-85 mph top speed. (All with the Diesel's approx 3200 RPM
> We'll take it to the frame shop and have the it and the driveshaft shortened
> and the axle moved forward. The early estimate for this cost is about $400.00
> We've also discovered that the aft axle fuel tank will not have any rear
> support
Actually, it doesn't fit at all (Hangs out back of truck).
> after the frame is cut behind the axle for bed clearance, so the order was
> changed to a midship tank, something we didn't want to do because of far
> less fuel capacity.
This was what happened to my friend with a garbage packer body to
transfer from his old truck, he had a 40 gal mid tank fabricated
locally. With that small mid tank, you will start to worry about
finding fuel at about 80-90 miles, a REAL PAIN! Consider a tank from
Transfer Flow, but these cost $700+
> We know that the frame rails are different, primarily due to elevation
> changes
> which we regard as a fairly minor problem. We're thinking of using leftover
> bodylift spacers for this.
The width of the frame rails on a pickup is approx 41" and on a chassis
34". I know that the rear axel width is wider on a F-450 than a F-350
chassis. (The garbage packer fenders rub) I was told that F-350 DRW
pickups have a wider axel than the chassis-cab F-350. Do not know if
350 pickup is the same wheel width as F-450 chassis-cab, if the 450 is
different, the fenders might not fit.
You can find all this info in the Ford "Bodybuilder's Guide" that your
dealer will have a copy of. I can measure a 450 & 550 chassis that sit
across from my office, or fax you a picture from the body builder guide
that I swiped from my dealer, if you e.mail me your fax #.
Lee Haefele
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Date: Sat, 11 Sep 1999 10:33:03 EDT
Subject: FTE 97up - question about

Did anybody download/copy/save the pages on the Ford documents that had before they were shut down??

I would like to receive copies from anybody who has them, thanks

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Date: Sat, 11 Sep 1999 17:18:15 -0500
From: "Union Auto"
Subject: Re: FTE 97up - Look at what the competition is doing!

I'm curious to see if it pans out. GM seems to have a very optimistic dyno.
If you read Truck trends you'll see that the last two tests of
Ford-Chevy-Dodge the 270 HP 5.3L GM engine has had less rear wheel HP than
the 260 HP 5.4L Ford engine (I beleive the Feb issue had the GM at 182 rear
wheel HP Vs 209 for the Ford). And in the Diesel world everyone I've talked
to that has dyno'd a Power Stroke (or a Cummins for that matter) has found
that they usually have much more power than there actually rated for. So it
will be interesting to see if GM has actually come out with a powerful
diesel or if they are just playing numbers games like with their gasoline


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Sent: Friday, September 10, 1999 6:56 PM
Subject: FTE 97up - Look at what the competition is doing!

> Hi Guys,
> Check out the new Chevy/Isuzu Diesel engine.
> This is great, I can't wait to see how our respective
> favorite manufacturers are going to respond to this,
> that is, if the new engine has a decent injection pump,
> snicker, snicker ;-)
> Also check out the Allison automatic that Dodge
> was supposed to get, sigh :-(
> All of the below was lifted from
> Best Regards,
> Robert
> Click here: The
> 6.2L/6.5L Diesel Page News
> Subject: Will GM Duramax compete with Dodge's Cummins
> From: (ARCAEH)
> Date: Fri, 10 September 1999 06:09 PM EDT
> Message-id:
> News is beggining to become official about the new diesel from GM.
> Below is some information and a link to a GM press release:
> Engine Description: 90-degree V-8
> Displacement: 6.6L/403ci
> Bore and Stroke: 103 mm x 99 mm
> Compression Ratio: 17.5:1
> Dry Weight, less clutch: 835 lb
> SAE Net Horsepower: 300 3,100 rpm
> SAE Net Torque: 520 1,800 rpm
> Boost Pressure: 18 psi 1,800 rpm
> Cylinder Block Material: Induction hardened Gray Iron
> Crankcase Material: Aluminum
> Cylinder Head Material: Aluminum w/ 6 bolts per cylinder
> Valve Arrangement: 4-valves per cylinder
> Valve timing: Gear driven timing set, single cam
> Fuel Injection: High Pressure Common Rail Direct Unit Injection
> Oil Capacity: 9.8L/10.3 qt w/filter
> Oil Cooler: Internal, Unitized plate construction
> So what does everyone think? GM is stepping it up to 300HP(but only to
> 520ft.lbs).
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