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97up-list-digest Sunday, August 29 1999 Volume 02 : Number 230

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Re: FTE 97up - rear traction and other concerns
FTE 97up - Re: Blue Oval Cesorship



Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 10:16:40 EDT
Subject: Re: FTE 97up - rear traction and other concerns


Several problems it seems.

First poor traction.
Pickups are notorious for poor traction ubloaded but this seems excessive. I
suspect tires. With 44 k the originals are gone and there are replacements on
there. If someone put a ahrd rubber long mileage tire on there well you pay
for that usually with wet weather performance. My personal experience is
that Dunlops are lousy wet wather performer. I have had gppd luck with aqua
treads. That's my personal experience and I don't want to start a thread on
tire performance. Theres more opinions than tires out there.

As to a limited slip in your open, sure there are several aftermarket brands
that should fit with varying degrees of additional parts. Some will use your
existing carrier, some supply a whole new carrier and you bolt op your
existing gears..

Useful websites for detailed ifo and 800 numbers:
HREF="">West Coast Differentials ,
Randy's Ring and Pinion
, Reider Racing ,
HREF="">drivetrain direct

I'm not sure those are links but the names are searchable.

Cost will be somewher between $350 to $650 depending on how crazy you get +

The clunk:

Well, somethings got freeplay in it> Two suspects. Universal joints,
(likely), and not too expensive.

Rear end. Less likely but worth checking. General issue here would be loose
pinion nut or bad pinion bearing. There are other thing but these are easy
Best way to troubleshoot this is to block the wheels, put it in park or in
gear and get underneath. Grab the driveshaft and turn back and forth. Where
the slop is should become evident pretty quickly..

Can't help you on the rough running issue. It's unlikely to be plugs, more
likely a sensor or a plugged vacuum hose or possibly a cracked one. There is
no solution for that except to pull out the checkbook for troubleshooting are
get a manual and spenata weekend slowly going through the system. Problem is
you wont have the test gear for the sensors but you can make sure that
everything is hooked up they eay it's supposed to and the loes are intact.

John G

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Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 18:58:46 -0700
From: "Bill Splaine"
Subject: FTE 97up - Re: Blue Oval Cesorship

>Ford Motor Company has successfully trampled on
>the first amendment and the freedom of speech!

*****Please note...... this is NOT a personal attack..... But it is an
attack on the idea someone presented*****

I'm sorry to say that the above message is pure uninformed crap! Apparently
you don't understand business... that company secrets are just that..
secrets. Those who write these comments also don't seem to understand just
what First Amendment rights really protect... and what are excluded.

Put yourself in the position of ownership of Ford or even some smaller
company that was driven by the competitive forces of MONEY. Your
shareholders pay good money to engineers and other personnel to come up with
great ideas that will put your product at a comeptitive advantage to CH#$Y
or D#$GE or ????. You as the owner/CEO/??? of the company find that your
trade secrets.... Ideas that you OWN, . the things that make you successful
and keep you and YOUR EMPLOYEES EMPLOYED.... were being emailed/faxed or
snailed to a bunch of scumbags that presented those secrets to the world...
even to your competitors.... HOW IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU AS A THE OWNER OF
THIS COMPANY FEEL? Take a deep breath....... step back....... grab a
beer......... sit down...... cogitate on this matter for whatever time it
takes to get over the fact that I said you your comment was CRAP. How would
you feel if your secrets were divulged to a competitor. What would you do
to a newspaper (newsgroup, website) who printed that message to the world?

You certainly would take the same action (or even worse) to protect your
investment. You have to know that those who own Ford (the shareholders that
own the company stock) are vitally interested in preserving these secrets.

If you haven't thought further then the nose on your face you will not
understand the consequences of what Blue Oval has done.

I believe that's enough said.


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