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97up-list-digest Saturday, July 31 1999 Volume 02 : Number 204

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RE: FTE 97up - K&N/Catback??==>Superchips
RE: FTE 97up - K&N/Catback??==-Superchips
FTE 97up - SuperDuty
Re: FTE 97up - 2000 GM/Dodge
FTE 97up - question???



Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 06:17:52 -0500
From: "Strukel, Mike"
Subject: RE: FTE 97up - K&N/Catback??==>Superchips

I stopped at my dealer last night and made an appointment to get those
annoying squeaky bushings replaced and while I was there, we started
chatting about performance modifications for the V10. They (the dealer)
offers a deal where they will install a Superchip on my truck and offer a
100% moneyback guaranty. He said they have done a number of the V10s
already and that I could expect 25 - 30 hp gain and 50ft/lbs torque. He
also claimed that the mileage has been increasing by about 2mpg. I am
going to get a couple of references from him to talk to the guys who have
done it.

the only drawback of this chip is the price. $500 plus $25 install.
Normally I would never consider paying someone to do something that simple,
but since they will refund all of my money, no questions asked if I don't
like it, $25 is a cheap insurance policy! Not sure if I will try it
yet, but it is sounding appealing.

We also chatted about the Superchip in the diesel. It is a 50hp and 100
ft/lb gain. That is quite a gain for $375. He basically said that the
diesel one is a no brainer.

Mike Strukel

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From: Keith Privratsky []
Sent: Wednesday, July 28, 1999 10:06 AM
Subject: Re: FTE 97up - K&N/Catback??

I'd like to hear more about the Superchip.
Manufacturer, claimed gains, and observed gains, even
if they are "seat of the pants".

Keith P
99 F250 SD XLT SC V10 4.30 K&N Magnaflow

- --- Christian Bagley wrote:
> I have a Magnaflow
> exhaust system with the K&N and a Superchip. When I
> installed the
> Superchip, I noticed a huge difference.
> Chris

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Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 07:52:36 EDT
From: "Christian Bagley"
Subject: RE: FTE 97up - K&N/Catback??==-Superchips

I talked with Mike Troyer(Superchips Distributor) about offering a discount
to people here on the list. He told me to let everyone know that if you
want a discount on the Superchip just mention my name and drop by the
message boards on This web site has a ton of very
detailed information on performance modifications and many other topics.
The regular price for the Superchip for a 97 F150 with the 4.6L is $265,
Mike is offering his discount for $225. I am fairly certain that the 5.4L
is the same price as the 4.6L. The V10 is regularly $495 he will offer it
for $425. If you have any questions and/or want to order one just email
Mike at or call him at (540)862-9515. Remember to
mention my name Chris Bagley a member of f150online & 97up-list, and check
out the message boards on the web site. The site may be down for a few days
due to a rebuild of the server but go back and check it out. I am a member
of both mailing lists and I love the availability of both mailing lists and
the extensive knowledge on them. I hope this will help everyone out. Sorry
for the long post.


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Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 08:06:59 -0700 (PDT)
From: Becks2
Subject: FTE 97up - SuperDuty

You can try:

Its has pics and info on the superduty`s and some links to other truck sites.

Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 14:18:14 -0500
From: Joe E Thomson
Subject: FTE 97up - Super Duty

If anyone knows of any website or magazine divoted to the new style SuperDuty's please tell me.


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Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 23:46:44 EDT
Subject: Re: FTE 97up - 2000 GM/Dodge

Hi Nathan,

Sorry for being late in response to your request, been out of town
again. Here's something I kept from the Dodge list with some commentary
sprinkled in from one of the Dodge list "Experts" (not me)
As you can see, in a couple of areas, they're playing
"catch up" with Ford.

Best Regards,

In a message dated 7/29/99 12:11:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

> Has anyone found any information as to what changes are being made on the
> 2000 GM/Dodge trucks and SUVs? wrote:
> I found this info from a dealer web page. Sounds legit. - Jamie
> New For 2000 Models
> We have some exciting information on equipment changes for the 2000 models.
> Exterior
> New Trailer Tow Mirrors - folding, flag mounted

If these are the Mexican extended mirrors, they are worth it - much
better than the metal "X-mount" mirrors that have been used for decades,
and similar to the Ford Super Duty towing mirrors.

> Clearance Lamps no longer available on 1500s
> New Wheels
> Interior
> Tachometer is now standard w/low washer fluid indicator
> New SLT+ Interior Package includes:
> heated driver/ Passenger leather seats with Ram head logo, power
> driver/passenger seats, rear underseat storage, AM/FM/Cass/CD radio,
> wheel mounted radio controls, keyless entry, security alarm, fog lamps,
> travel conv. Package
> Functional
> Improved Brake and Suspension System on 2500/3500

Listed as an On-Hold/Date to be determined option is the Snow Plow
package with Cummins-powered 2500/3500 4x4 Quad cabs. Supposedly, 25/35
trucks with this combination will get a 5200 pound front end over the
standard 4850. I'd order that option just for the suspension upgrade,
whether I plowed or not.

> Off-Road Group (AWL) only on 1500 4x4 SWB models
> Group includes: HD Service Group, limited slip differential, unique fascia,
> A/T tires, an unique 17" aluminum wheels
> New Exterior Colors
> PRV Dark Garnet Red (replaces Metallic Red)
> PLT Sierra Bronze (replaces Emerald Green)
> PBT Patriot Blue (replaces Deep Amethyst)

Patriot Blue is a beautiful color (deep royal blue) - had it been
available in 1996, I would not have gotten black on my Ram.

Two other very nice additions for 2000:
- - LT265/75R16E tires optional on 2500s, over the standard 245/75
- - LT235/85R16E tires standard on 3500s, replacing the 215/85

That second change will give 3500 owners a LOT more flexibility in
choosing the brand of tire that suits their needs. There are so few
tires that come in an E-range 215/85 - I think I may have used all but
one of the A/T tires in that size, although I must admit the tires I
have now, Bridgestone M773 commercial all-terrains, have been incredible
- - no cupping, no outside rib wear in 5 months so far.

KC Jackson
1996 Ram 3500 Club 4x4 Laramie SLT Cummins

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Date: Sat, 31 Jul 1999 01:25:01 EDT
Subject: FTE 97up - question???

i know this is off the subject about trucks, but does anyone know about 4 pin
wiring harnesses for trailers? i have an '83 glassmate fishing boat. the
trailer has a 6 pin wire harness. my 99 f-150 only has a four pin harness.
what's the difference. i've been told that trailers only need four wires. i
need to buy an adapter or a male harness for the trailer. the problem is
that the wires are all in maroon sheathing and i can't tell which ones go
where. the harness is marked with letters on the trailer portion of the
harness. i don't want to connect wires to the wrong holes in the new harness
and possibly mess something up.

please, any help would greatly be appreciated

thanks, Bill
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