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FTE 97up - Slide-In Camper weight ratings
FTE 97up - V-10 MPG
FTE 97up - Mixed bag of general Ford F-series truck questions



Date: Sat, 5 Sep 1998 16:57:52 EDT
From: MRoadarDOJaol.com
Subject: FTE 97up - Slide-In Camper weight ratings

My 1999 F-350 SRW 4X2 Crewcab with V-10, auto trans, and 3.73 limited slip
axle is equipped with the camper package. The Truck Camper Loading
information form that came with the truck shows that the GVWR is 9900 pounds.
The Certificate of Origin shows a shipping weight of 5558 pounds. I would
have thought that the difference between the shipping weight and the GVWR of
4342 pounds would be the maximum weight of cargo that I could load on the
truck. However, the Camper Loading information form states that the Cargo
Weight Rating is a maximum of only 2774 pounds. I have looked at several
slide in campers made by Coachmen. The dry weight of these units exceeds 2774
pounds and will be considerably more by the time you add water, fuel, and
options such as a generator and air conditioning, not to mention people, food,
etc. Am I missing something here? The information form includes the comment
that "For optimum performance and enjoyment it is suggested that you equip
your vehicle with those options specifically intended for camper hauling."
Does that mean that the information form is not taking into consideration the
fact that my truck already has the camper package installed? I don't want to
buy a camper that overloads my truck. But, Good Lord, I thought I was buying
a big enough truck to handle most any slide in camper available. And the
units that I have looked at are not among the largest out there! If anyone
has any information that could help me figure out what my options are, I would
appreciate hearing from you. Thanks.
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Date: Sat, 5 Sep 1998 18:37:12 EDT
From: KWkM3aol.com
Subject: FTE 97up - V-10 MPG

Anyone out there have a SD-250 or 350 with the V-10? If so I would appreciate
any statistics on your gas mileage. Unloaded,towing,city and highway. Thanks
in advance,

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Date: Sat, 05 Sep 1998 22:49:40 -0700
From: Tiger
Subject: FTE 97up - Mixed bag of general Ford F-series truck questions

I've owned a 98 F-150 since July and I've been watching the Ford truck mailing
lists carefully. I'm somewhat automobile ignorant so I've had a hard time
understanding some discussions because some terms are used without definition.

I have many basic questions, so let me start with the acronymns and basic
definitions. If I'm wrong with anything, please correct me.

* SD = Super Duty, LD = Light Duty

What is the definition of a Light Duty vs. a Super Duty? Obviously the SD is
built for heavier use, but how specifically? When I bought my F-150 the word
"light duty" or "heavy duty" never came up at the dealer. Is there a LD and
SD for each tonnage class?

* 1/2 ton = F-150, 3/4 ton = F-250, 1 ton = F-350

The tonnage refers to how much additional cargo weight can be placed in the
bed? An F-150 is meant to take up to 1/2 ton (1000 lbs) in the cargo bed?

* SC = Super Cab (usually), but I once saw a message saying:

"In '97 Ford made the 3.27 axle an option since the SC was discontinued".

I know the Super Cab was not discontinued, so what does that SC refer to?

* PTO = Power Take Off

What's the purpose of PTO? Though it sounds like it would be related to
extra acceleration power, from other messages I gathered it had to do with
running electrical devices off the engine? Are we talking about 120V AC?

* What's the intended purpose of installing a Borla muffler in place of the
one the F-150 comes with? Noise level and vibration obviously, but what

* SHO engine? I know what SOHC means, but not SHO. I believe this is some
type of engine used by other Ford vehicles?

* Powerstroke engine? Is that an engine type (like SOHC) or a brand name?

* I've heard about "engine snapping" problems. Is this the same as the "cold
start knock" problem? If not, what is it?

* Does the 4.6L V8 suffer from the cold start knock problem? From my reading
of the Ford lists I have only noticed it discussed regarding the 5.6L V8.
It was described as follows:

>a lifter/rings engineering problem with these engines. Basically, it
>causes noise when first started that gradually fades as the engine warms.

Generally speaking, is the design of the 4.6L vs. the 5.4L almost identical
other than size and power capacity?

* STD (standard) vs. HD (heavy duty) transmission - what's the difference in
real terms? Obviously the HD is meant to work harder and last longer.
Which Ford vehicle uses the E40D?

* What is a Quick Lube filter? An oil filter? I haven't heard many specifics
about oil filters other than to use a premium $10 filter instead of Jiffy
Lube garbage. No specific brands were mentioned, unless Quick Lube is one?

* From what I've seen, the major differences between the 98 and 99 F-150 4.6L
V8s are: 4th door standard, front & rear ABS standard on XLT, 6-CD changer
goes under the driver seat (captain's chair only), and the price is about
$200 less than the 98 equivalent. Correct? Cosmetics don't interest me.

* The main recall mentioned for the 98 4x2 F-150 are the lug nuts. I heard
that they were only a problem on early 98 F-150s. Is this correct? I haven't
received any recall notices. When I mentioned the lug nuts to the salesman
he said "if you don't receive a recall notice, then your vehicle is not
affected, so don't worry about it". Is that true, or should I bug Ford
about this recall anyway? BTW, I believe my F-150 was made in May 98.

* Before the 99 models, why did so few F-150s (other than the Lariat) have
rear ABS only? Was Ford just being cheap or was there a practical reason why
only the Lariats in the F-150 line got 4-wheel ABS? I wish my 98 had these.
I was told

By going only half-way, it seems that while the rear tires won't lock up,
the front ones will and you're still likely to lose control. Have any rear-
ABS-only F-150 owners had to engage their rear ABS in order to avoid a
collision and did you retain full steering control?

* Is there a cheap and easy way to lower the antenna a few inches? It always
hit the top of the garage door. I'd rather not spend several hundred on a
power antenna.

* A few posts mentioned that having a towball installed in the tow hitch
receiver provided extra protection when rear-ended by another car. It seems
to me that a towball wouldn't provide any additional strength. Rather, if
it sticks out beyond the bumper it would take some of the impact before the
other car's bumper hits your truck's bumper. So is it worth spending $40 or
so to buy a towball to protect my bumper from low-speed rear-endings even
though I have no plans to tow at this time? If yes, what type should I get
for this purpose?

Now for a few extra-dumb sounding questions:

* How often should I wash and wax my truck? It stays in the garage at nights
and is left out in the sun about 50 hours a week. I don't want there to be
any damage to the paint, but I also don't care if my truck looks a little
dirty. I was told that if dirt (or bug guts) stay on for too long that they
may remove paint. So what's the maximum time period between washing and
waxings while still being safe?

* For curiosity only, how do people define a "jack-rabbit" start? 0 to ???
in how many seconds?

* I've visited F-150 Online and a few other Ford truck sites. Is there a FAQ
with most of this stuff written up? I've found articles which touch on these
issues, but it seems that most of the info is written assuming that you
already have a firm knowledge of the subject matter, which I don't.

* Finally, are there any protocal rules against posting the same message to
both the f150list and 97up-list? Do the same people hang out on both lists?
It seems to me that the messages and authors seem to be different most of
the time, so I assume the audience is somewhat different. Why?

Well, I hope I haven't annoyed people with too many questions. I tend to save
them up over a couple of months, so it looks like a lot, but I actually don't
post very often.

BTW, I don't expect any single person to answer all of these questions (unless
he's Superman). I hope that several people can tackle a few questions each,
either on the list or in private email. I would really appreciate any help.

Thanks so much!

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