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Subject: fordtrucks80up-digest V2 #5

fordtrucks80up-digest Monday, January 5 1998 Volume 02 : Number 005

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Ranger Annoyances & Follow-up [ANTHONY RIFICI ]
Re: fuel line connections [Penqiun ]
Re: fordtrucks80up-digest V2 #3 [Bill Funk ]
legislative alert-Colorado [ (Randall Goolsby)]
Shocking F-150, AND Ford dealer mishaps. [Bob ]
Re: fordtrucks80up-digest V2 #1 [ILUVMYF250 ]



Date: Sun, 4 Jan 1998 23:13:09 -0500
Subject: Ranger Annoyances & Follow-up

My truck is a 1994 Ranger Supercab XLT w/ 4.0L, 5-speed, 34K.

Several problems have developed and I was hoping somebody could help me =
solve them:

1.) When the truck is warmed up and re-started, (ex. Driving 15+ miles =
and starting it before it cools down) the engine nearly stalls and then =
idles rough ( approx 700 RPM) for about 30 seconds until the computer =
raises the idle to 1000 RPM, then eventually drops it back down 700 RPM =
with an even idle. It will run fine and return an even idle until it is =
shut off again. When re-started the cycle repeats. Ideas? My general =
warranty is expired, would something like this be covered under the =
emissions warranty?

2) The brakes are excessively grabby and squeal in cold or wet =20
weather. This mostly occurs with the rear brakes, but the fronts =
sometimes do this too. The S10 I sold for this truck did this too, but =
it didn't have power brakes (and this was the least of it's problems) so =
it wasn't as noticeable. Ideas?

3) The interior door panels are rubbing against the metal door and have =
worn through the paint in some places while making an annoying squeak. =
Has anybody had this problem or have any ideas on how to fix it before I =
take sandpaper to the plastic and round the edges?

Thank you for the responses on my first post " Ranger Supercab Noise =
Problem". I have checked the cab security to the frame and it is solid. =
The noise is most definitely from the rear window frame rubbing up =
against the cab body. I have temporarily cured the problem by injecting =
a silicone based lubricant into the gasket area. When spring comes, I =
will pull the window and try to cure it permanently.

Hopefully I am not beating a dead horse by this response to the =
discussion about winter weight and I know I am late, I just checked =
e-mail for the first time since 12/15 (813 new messages!). I bought a =
"Load-Lok" style bedliner that allows you to secure your load by holding =
2x4s in place with a series of slots along the side of the bed. I use =
(6) 50lb bags of gravel locked between the wheel wells. The setup works =
perfectly and there is no room for the gravel bags to slide along the =
bed. I would highly recommend it. My current liner is made by Penda =
and my old truck had one made by Apex I think.

I bought this truck in July and I am still trying to exorcise the demons =
from the former owner. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. =20

Anthony Rifici


Date: Sun, 4 Jan 1998 23:38:39 EST
From: Penqiun
Subject: Re: fuel line connections

Found out about special tool in gen repair manual for ford trucks under fual
filter. It gave part number for it. Dont think dealer will sell tools.


Date: Sun, 04 Jan 1998 22:03:27 -0700
From: Bill Funk
Subject: Re: fordtrucks80up-digest V2 #3

> From: Sheldon Belinkoff
> Subject: Re: Differential Gearing
> Well, Bill, you don't have the "big Dana axle" unless your truck is an
> anomoly. What you have is the Ford Corporate 10.25" axle.
> If you're looking for mileage, you might be well-served with a set of
> 3.55 gears, which, if I recall, was the higher ration for your truck.
> Cost depends a lot on where you go and the labor rastes in your area.
> A
> set of gears might set you back about $150.00 - $200.00 and labor
> about
> the same, perhaps on the high end.
> I would not go to a dealer, but rather to a good axle or 4X4 shop that
> does this sort of work on a regular basis. They are enerally more
> experienced and often quite a bit less expensive than the dealership.

You're right, it *is* the 10.25" axle. I was remembering my '81 F-250, I
We have a few 4X4 shops, but I'll try my regular shop first. They're
pretty good about letting me know if there's something they can't
One of my concerns was about the RPMs going too low with something like
a 3.55 gear; that's more than a 10% drop in RPMs, and they aren't all
that high at 65 anyway. Will that 460 be too low in the torque band for
economy? It certainly doesn't feel like it...
If it gives a 10% increase in MPG, at 10,000 miles in a year, at
$1.30/gal, getting 13.5 MPG now, that would save (if it were all highway
miles) over $800. For a $4-500 investment, that's not bad.
Going with a 3" Cat-back exhaust let it go from 13 to 13.5 MPG.
The way I figure, I can put a lot of money into this puppy and never hit
the monthly cost of a new one...



Date: Sun, 4 Jan 1998 22:24:32 -0800
From: (Randall Goolsby)
Subject: legislative alert-Colorado

To Ken and Everybody on the late model Ford truck list,We got the same
message on the late model Bronco list on 1-2-98 or 1-3-98.There was alot
of bandwidth used on this topic,believe me.The post I saw here was the
same one I saw there,It was generated by SEMA,who are apparently
enthusiasts as we all are.I E-mailed the author of the post for further
info and also to attempt to confirm the post.I also E-mailed a
representitive of the AAMVA(american assoc. of motor vehicle
administrators) who offered some form of criteria to Colorado that has
gotten this thing as far as it may be.I have recieved nothing from
either as of this post.What's really needed here IMHO is some kind of
confirmation that this thing really exists,and how far it's gotten if it
does exist.I would suggest that it would be best obtained through a
fellow list member from that state, accessing through means readily
available on the internet,also possibly calling the responsible review
committee for firsthand info., (read-NAMES)and status,authors ,etc.I
would suggest that there are others on this list that belong to
additional lists that could find out what's being done,if anything
there, to assist in an organized effort to defeat this thing.I agree,it
reeks of Big Brother,Elitist mentality and the rest.I would however not
like to see any of us discredited by the perpetuating of bad or
incomplete info.If I find out ANYTHING on this,be certain I'll post
it.Would all of you do likewise?THEN we can turn he dogs loose. Thanks.
Randy,94 Bronco 85-F-250


Date: Mon, 05 Jan 1998 00:23:57 -0900
From: Bob
Subject: Shocking F-150, AND Ford dealer mishaps.

Hey all,

Ive got this weird problem with my 1995 F-150 Supercab pickup. Every
once in a while it shocks me through the little screw on the inside door
handle, or through the ignition when I insert the key. Most of the time
it is a small shock, but sometimes I really get hit, and can see a blue
spark jump from the truck to my finger if its dark out.

What is the problem ? It doesnt happen all the time, off and on at all
times during the year. Any ideas ???

Also, on a lighter note, kind of... I have noticed that my underhood
light blinks when I hit bumps in the road. Its like a mini light-show
at night on a dirt road ! I took it to my dealer and they gave me a
dumb look and said that they would look at it. Well, after 3 more trips
to the shop, it still blinks, and they still deny that it does. Its
rather amusing at this point. The last time I took my truck in I gave
them 8 specific problems to have them look at under its extended
warranty. ( 42000 miles ) They came back and said nothing was wrong.
I went out to the parking lot to drive home and found that one of my
problems, the middle console seat in my 40/20/40 front seat that would
not go down, STILL wouldnt go down. Amazed, I looked at the invoice
they had given me stating what they had done to the truck. It said "No
problem found". Im to the point where I wonder if they even looked at
my truck. Possibly just to see what color it was so they could write
that on their invoice ???

What really bothers me is that the real reason I was there was to have
them fix my front axle that was, and still is, making all kinds of
clunks and pops. And to figure out why my truck whines so loud when its
cold (under 10 degrees). It sounds like all of the bearings for the
accessories driven by the belt have failed. They say that it is
supposed to make that noise when its cold... What ???????

Can anyone shed some light on any of my many mishaps ?

Thank you,
Anchorage, Alaska


Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 05:08:01 EST
From: ILUVMYF250
Subject: Re: fordtrucks80up-digest V2 #1

I would be grateful if someone could please mail me instructions on how to
receive this group's message in individual form, instead of in digest form.
Thanks a lot. David


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