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Re: New V-10, Diesel, msc. [Tyler Abbott ]
CB question []
1999 DELAYED [Michael Ruth ]
Bronco II 4x4 Question ["Vince Vella" ]



Date: Sun, 1 Feb 1998 11:10:46 -0800
From: Tyler Abbott
Subject: Re: New V-10, Diesel, msc.

Sure the Dodge hp/torque numbers look good, but FORDs V-10 is a lot smaller.
If you're to compare hp/displacement in. or torque/displacement, you get
some good looking numbers: FORD Dodge
265hp/415ci 300hp/488ci
.64 hp per ci .61 hp per ci

410ft/415ci 450ft/488ci
.99 ft per ci .92 ft per ci
Not too shabby the way I look at it.
- -Tyler-


Date: Sun, 1 Feb 1998 20:22:04 EST
Subject: CB question

I have a question about CB's. I have this cb my friend gave my that is
ancient, hooked up to two whips on my truck. The cb works ok as long as my
truck is off. Once its on there is a lot of interference. I had to run the
wires through the firewall under the truck. Would this matter since I have it
by the engine. I'm thinking about getting a new cb with that noise reduction
option on it. You think that would help? Any suggestions?



Date: Mon, 02 Feb 1998 01:07:27 -0500
From: Michael Ruth
Subject: 1999 DELAYED

HELP! I am going nuts. I called my salesman and he said that my
February 16, 1998 delivery was bumped up to at least MARCH 09, 1998.
Has anyone had the same happen? Call and get a scheduleded ship date if
your not sure. They also told me that mine is the first one due in, so
not to worry. I am excited/ wondering. Thanks.
Mike Ruth
Baltimore, MD


Date: Sun, 01 Feb 1998 22:58:00 PST
From: "Vince Vella"
Subject: Bronco II 4x4 Question

I was wondering if anyone out there could help me out.
I have an '89 Bronco II 4x4 with manual locking hubs. Everytime I start
rolling in gear (Up until about third when I can't tell if it went a awy
or if the wind covered it up) it makes this clicking noise. It isn't too
loud, and the time inbetween it decreases in relation to my speed. It
seems to be coming from the front-driver;s side area. This would lead me
to believe that the noise has something to do with the front tires or
front axel, but I not have the transfer case in 4x, and the hubs are
unlocked, and like I said it only occurs with I'm in gear. (Never in
reverse, ironicly) Any thoughts?
Also, my front wheel drive system is really screwed up. I don't think
that the two problems are related, but I would like some
answer/suggestions on this one too. The front passenger side's wheel
doesn't work because the axel stub going to the wheel broke off at the
Universal joint. An easy fix I hope. However, the other wheel in a
different story. When I was last four-wheeling I became stuck in the
mud. At frist teh wheel would turn, then the truck sank a little deeper,
and it took more RPMS to get it going. Eventully a randum cluncking
noise started to occur in place of the tire's turning. This would point
to a problem in the front differentail, but what, exactly? (Now even the
slightest bit of force agienst the tire will produce the sound.) Lastly
with this problem, when I make a hard turn (a U-Turn for example) there
is a loud noise and vibration from the front passenger-side wheel that
makes my blood run cold, definatly something getting turn up, but what
and why? I know the BII isn't the most popular 4x4, but any information
will help. I think the Rangers are identical in 4wd systems. Thanks.
-Vince Vella



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