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Re: Tool Cleanup [Josh Dronkers ]
How much oil, What filter [Claude King ]



Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 21:32:13 -0900
From: Josh Dronkers
Subject: Re: Tool Cleanup

> Add any gasoline to diesel fuel and the whole mixture becomes as
> flamable as the gasoline due to the vapours given off by the gasoline.

This is definitely wrong. All diesel is, is gasoline with oil added to it. The
oil makes it very hard to ignite. You can take a mixture of 60% diesel to 40%
gas and still not be in a ratio that will sustain fire. Diesel's fire point
(minimum temperature at which vapors will sustain combustion) is over 100
degrees. It is only classified as a combustible liquid. Adding gasoline will
bring down the fire point temperature, but it would need to be at least 80
degrees and then it still won't be explosive. I work in a fire department, and
our training fires we have used 50/50 mixes and haven't been able to light
them. We now use 25/75 diesel to gas, and that provides the right mixture to
ignite a room slowly and safely.

My personal opinion on clean up is just to use straight diesel. I clean all my
parts and tools with just that. But nothing beats just straight solvent.


Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 02:08:34 -0400
From: Claude King
Subject: How much oil, What filter

What is the average quantity of oil need for 7.3 diesel, I know the capacity, but how much really comes out?
Does the 99 ford 7.3 take the standard for oil filter that they used in everything from my 66's to 91"s?



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