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Re: Bent Bumper [Randy ]
Re: Misc. problems on 87 F250 302cid EFI [Randy ]
Re: F-250 [Sven Setterdahl ]
Recomend some reading [FoMoCoNUT2 ]



Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 22:19:33 -0700
From: Randy
Subject: Re: Bent Bumper

Mike Mueller wrote:
> Fordsters, Croth2-
> I have adjusted the Front bumper on my 89 F-150 to be a little higher and level. The only thing you can adjust is the up and down.

you should be able to adjust the bumper right to left w/the brackets
on the bumper. You can adjust the 'tilt' 'slightly' depending on how
large the mtg holes in the frame are. Was the F-350 a 4x4 and does
the guy still have it? I'll give him next to nothing for it if it kidding.


Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 22:25:59 -0700
From: Randy
Subject: Re: Misc. problems on 87 F250 302cid EFI

That body change was in the 86 to 87 years. I have an 87 F-250 w/the
'flat face' front-end (first year) which was up until '96. The pre-87
beds may or may not be the same size, but the lower half is noticably
different in design and wouldn't look at all like the lower side of
your cab so 87-96 should work just fine.

Ken Payne wrote:
> I have aa '97 bed on my '89. Matches up just fine, fits perfectly.
> However, if my memory serves me well, there was a major body change
> between 1988 and 1989, so I'd look into the bed switch carefully.


Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 21:33:13 -0500
From: Sven Setterdahl
Subject: Re: F-250

> Subject: Re: F-250
> I think for a 15 acre farm an F-250 Heavy Duty would be the lightest
> truck I would buy. 8ft bed or flatbed just whatever you think would
> come in handy more often. Make sure you get a diesel, powerstroke would
> definately please you, but you won't find a powerstroke for less than 20
> grand. I don't thing gasoline engines are very dependable. Do not get a
> cummins. So I recomend a F-250HD diesel.

Sorry, but I disaree. I know a lot of farmers who own a lot more the 15 acres the

get buy with 1/2 ton six cylinder gas engines. My dad has a '83 F150 4x4 300ci
six and a 4spd. It has 170,000 miles and counting on the original engine, and
original clutch. This truck ahs been to hell and back and still won't die. It
has pulled numerous grain 170 bushel grain wagons to town with the factory bumper
hitch, might I add. For a very small farm, an F150 will do just fine. I guess it

depends on how much you have to spend. If money is no object, sure go out an buy
that F550 4x4 dually and slap a nice Alum-line flatbed on it. But if you're on a
budget buy the truck that fits you're price range. Any full size truck will get
the job done, but for a price other's will do it a little faster.



Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 01:22:57 EDT
From: FoMoCoNUT2
Subject: Recomend some reading

Hey Gang,
I am going to have some severe down time after this Friday. I'm the first
one on the table at 0530 for back surgery at Portsmouth Naval Hospital ( I'm a
Marine ). So it looks like at least a couple of weeks in bed and then at
least another two weeks of being at home and not being able to lift much at
all. I have been a mechanic for almost 21 years now and am for sure a
certified Ford Truck Nut. I am going out to you guys for any suggested good
reading, Ford related of course, Ford truck related the best, something,
anything, Videos too. I am going to go to the library with these suggestions
and put my tax dollars to work. I think I might even just polish alot of
stainless, Any suggestions you great bunch of gearheads can come up with is
greatly appreciated. I still plan to attend the Effie Nats in Tenn in May, I
will be spending alot of time sitting at the booth helping out Ken so I hope
to meet as many of you as I can. Thanks again and see you soon.

P.S. I was just corrected by the better half, also known as the "senior over
the shoulder Email editor" that she will be the one no doubt to do the Library
running..... :)

"it's going to be a long month gang, "

Thanks again to a great bunch of Ford people

John Miller


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