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re: starter again [Jim Cannon ]
l992 E-150 Ball Joints ["Rosemary O'Brien" ]
RE: stock wheel size/computer reset ["Casey Vandor"
Re: cb - Amplifier (long reply) [ (Scott Giddens)]



Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 22:13:54 -0500
From: Jim Cannon
Subject: re: starter again


The one small diameter wire that connects to your solenoid is the one
that the original poster was referring to. There is a small metal
cylinder inside the ribber bit. He proposed gently squeezing it, to push
the sides in and make a better connection to the post that is slips

It might work. Try it; nothing to lose.

Jim Cannon
Houston, TX
- ----------------
Casey Vandor wrote:

I have a remote solenoid, (right next to the battery) so I don't think
have what you are talking about, it is just the two big contacts and two
little ones, one of which is not used. Should I consider moving the
I cleaned the area up a bit, but the surrounding area is real
rusty..... If
it comes to moving it, where should I put it?



- --

Jim Cannon
Houston, Texas

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Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 23:07:09 -0400
From: "Rosemary O'Brien"
Subject: l992 E-150 Ball Joints

Is it unusual to have to replace ball joints at 52K? We've had this van
since it was new, always serviced it according to schedule. It's a cargo
van which has only seen light duty. I recall Ford made some changes to the
front suspension in 92 when they redesigned the econolines. This van has
the 302 engine. Thanks for any feedback.


Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 20:37:18 -0800
From: "Casey Vandor"
Subject: RE: stock wheel size/computer reset

My 235/85 r 16 are 7 inches wide (83 f-250 4x4)


P.S. email me personally if you know of a way to "reset" the brain box for
my EEC III ignition module. I have heard that this might be contributing to
my rough running problems once in a while.



Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 22:49:41 -0600
From: (Scott Giddens)
Subject: Re: cb - Amplifier (long reply)

Yes, if it is an HF amp not a VHF or UHF
amp, but you will need to make a modification
that sometimes requires testing equipment.

If you can find one that covers 160 meters
to 10 meters (1.5-29 mhz) no adjustment
is required. You should look for one that
has a receiving pre-amp in it if you need
to hear things farther away. What's the
point of having 30 watts out if no one can
talk back to you. You should make sure
your antenna is capable of the wattage
you put into it and that it is very well tuned
to the frequency you will be using or you
will fry the amp and the antenna.

You can buy them at any ham store or
catalog shop like Ham Radio Outlet,, or at AES, You don't need a ham
license to purchase them.

My advice:
It's allot of money/trouble to get it working
unless you know what you are doing. You
would be better off buying a good Cobra
and taking it to a CB shop and have it
peaked-up and install a good antenna like
a 1/4 wave 108" whip. The antenna is
more important than the amp. I use a 5/8
wave antenna, they are about 3-4' long, and
mount it with as much of the top above the
truck as you can taking into account if you
are going off-road and need it to clear trees,
flex, and not swing back into your truck. Some
5/8 wave antennas have a "bulge" at the top
that must be above the metal roof. If you
buy a used radio at a CB shop chances are
it is already peaked-up. My Cobra 148 GTL
performs better than any of my buddies radios,
they can hear me no matter where I'm at but I
can't hear them, because they have crap
equipment and cheap antennas. I was able
to contact a guy in SC on side band one time
when I was stuck in the mountains alone and
had him call collect to my wife at home to bring
help. 11 meters (CB's) will only work long
distance in an incremental radius of 1500
miles anyway (1500, 3000, 4500, etc.) more
power will only bounce more. So why would
you need more power unless all you want to
do is broadcast to the whole world. Something
I would not suggest doing with illegal equipment.


>So will a 30 watt ham amplifier successfully amplify the cb 30 watts??
> Zack H. Schneeberger

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