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Subject: fordtrucks80up-digest V1 #92

fordtrucks80up-digest Thursday, September 4 1997 Volume 01 : Number 092

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In this issue:

About Ford Ranger [ (Silent . Bob)]
PowerStroke Coolant Issue [Peter Arnold ]
Re: 84 F150 Questions [Joe Maleski ]
RE: '93 Ranger Cruise Control [Charles Cohn ]
Need elementary lifter help []
RE: '93 Ranger Cruise Control [ (Jason Lester)]
Re: Leaking Fuel Injector Seals ["Mark J. Salvetti"
Re: I-6 Performance [John Schur ]
Re: Questions for the Experts [John Schur ]
Rebuild or junk??? [Richard J Wilson ]
[none] [Frank Nesbitt ]



Date: Wed, 03 Sep 1997 18:55:37 EDT
From: (Silent . Bob)
Subject: About Ford Ranger

I have no idea on how to help this guy. Maybe some of you might have
some clues.

If you can help him, reply to this address:

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Subject: About Ford Ranger
Date: 1 Sep 1997 00:58:30 CDT

Im a Ford Ranger owner in Sweden and is sad about Ford Motor Co. who
doesnt take the Ranger to Europe for sale. If I want a new Ranger I have
to import one by myself from the USA and hopefully try to get it legaly
Sweden with all restrictions and rules.
I need to get the right motor family, right safety equipment and a lots
documents from Ford Motor Co. that says the specific Ranger I buy is
equipped with that and that and wich is as the rules in EU says it has
be !
And you cant imagine how much I have to pay for everything in Sweden, a
country with taxex over your head you cant belive.
Do you know a Ford dealer on the east coast of US who knows to pick right
pick up and send to Europe and Sweden ?
If I would like to order a brand new , let say, Splash, who do you
recomend me to contact ?

Like your site !


Lars Fredriksson

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Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997 19:33:28
From: Peter Arnold
Subject: PowerStroke Coolant Issue

Sorry, I am new to this N.G. and would like to ask a question that I'm sure
has been asked a dozen times before..........

My '95 PowerStroke just turned over 30k. Can I flush and refill with
normal Antifreeze and thereby eliminate the coolant "testing" that my
dealer is ignorant of?

BTW, Great truck, Getting 19.5 MPG with auto and 4:10 gears >>


L=II Peter T. Arnold WM
Washington #70 A.F.&A.M.
Windsor, Connecticut


Date: Wed, 3 Sep 1997 16:59:12 -0700
From: Joe Maleski
Subject: Re: 84 F150 Questions

>I am going to change the transfer case oil in my truck, and Canadian Tire
>told me to use Dexron 111 but the manuel says Dexron 11. Is Dexron 11 older
>or is Canadian Tire totaly useless?

Dexron III is a replacement for Dexron II. Go ahead and use either, but
don't mix it.


Joe Maleski
Santa Clara, CA
1994 F-250HD SuperCab, 460/5-spd, The Silver Camel


Date: Wed, 03 Sep 1997 22:25:32 -0400
From: Charles Cohn
Subject: RE: '93 Ranger Cruise Control

At 09:17 AM 9/3/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I thought I had problem with my cruise control on my '95 2.3L Ranger.
> If your truck is a stick, make sure you don't rest your foot on the
>clutch pedal, or the cruise won't turn on. I was all worried when my
>cruise only worked half of the time, but then after reading the
>owners guide, I found out that depressing the clutch shuts of the
>cruise ( I never drove a stick regularly before). Even if you rest
>your foot on the pedal ever so slightly, it will not work.

Resting your foot on the clutch pedal ain't so good for the clutch, either!!

Charles Cohn,
6311 Mark Trail, Austell, Georgia 30168

voice: 770-944-7510


Date: Wed, 03 Sep 1997 18:58:45
Subject: Need elementary lifter help

I'm putting the heads back on my son's 302 F150 (88) with a tappet cam. I
haven't done one of these in oh, a coupla years! The info I have in my
Haynes (!#$!) and in my Ford shop manual just say install the rocker arms.
And if you've done any serious work, then take some measurements. I take
this to mean that the rocker arm studs on these 302 lifters are just run
down and bottomed out. No adjustment except with different length pushrods.
Am I on the right track? I want to get the valve covers and intake on and
get it out of my driveway by Friday evening. Any help would be appreciated.

Also, what muffler (other than a big stock one) would be recommended for
this F150 4X single exhaust, that will give a mellow tone, (Not the factory
whoooosh!)? The recommended muffler needs to have a chance of being on the
shelf locally (unbelievably for a back woods small coastal town, there's
alot of custom work done in the shops). Also what size pipe from the cats
back is recommended? (its all bad).

Dave Lampert


Date: Wed, 03 Sep 1997 23:14:51 -0400
From: (Jason Lester)
Subject: RE: '93 Ranger Cruise Control

Also, you may not think so as slight as the pressure is, but even that
little bit of pedal contact is enough to prematurely wear your clutch and
throwout bearing. Never rest your pedal on the clutch when moving.


You wrote:
>I thought I had problem with my cruise control on my '95 2.3L Ranger.
> If your truck is a stick, make sure you don't rest your foot on the
>clutch pedal, or the cruise won't turn on. I was all worried when my
>cruise only worked half of the time, but then after reading the
>owners guide, I found out that depressing the clutch shuts of the
>cruise ( I never drove a stick regularly before). Even if you rest
>your foot on the pedal ever so slightly, it will not work.


Date: Thu, 4 Sep 1997 00:17:33 -0400
From: "Mark J. Salvetti"
Subject: Re: Leaking Fuel Injector Seals

>86 Ford Bronco II with a 2.9L V-6. Problem: fuel leaking out around the =
tops of Fuel Injectors, where the Fuel Injectors are >pushed into the =
Fuel Supply Manifold.
>From reading my repair manuals, it sounds like I need to replace the =
seals on=20
>the Fuel Injectors. It doesn't sound like a tough job, just time =
consuming. Has anyone every done this before?? Is there >any "little =
problems" I need to be aware of?
>Keith Srb

Keith, I had to do this on my wife's Sable. The only problems I had =
were that some injectors were really hard to pull out of the intake =
manifold. I ended up using some brute force and pliers, but be really =
careful you don't damage the injectors.

Also, don't be discouraged if Ford tells you they don't sell the O-rings =
separately. That's what a couple of dealers told me, but a quick call =
to NAPA found a set of O-rings and the little plastic hats that go over =
the pintle for about $6.

Good luck!



Date: Wed, 03 Sep 1997 23:07:10 -0700
From: John Schur
Subject: Re: I-6 Performance

Hi Sean,

I have the 4.9L in my Bronco and I am trying to find out more regarding
performance improvement and MPG improvement (getting about 11.5 MPG,
down from about 14 MPG a little over a year ago for some reason). If I
find anything out, I'll pass it on to you. I would like to know more
about the Offenhauser aluminum intake and Holley carburetor setup also.

Good luck,


Date: Wed, 03 Sep 1997 23:13:34 -0700
From: John Schur
Subject: Re: Questions for the Experts


Regarding the gas leak; Have you tried replacing the gas cap? I had the
same problem with my Bronco and that did the trick.



Date: Thu, 04 Sep 1997 02:13:26 -0500
From: Richard J Wilson
Subject: Rebuild or junk???

Hello All,

I have a 1986 F150 300(4.9L) straight 6. It started to run kinda rough
last winter and I brought it into the shop and had some carb work and minor
tune-up done. It ran better, though not great. Today, I went to put on
some new spark plug wires and noticed that the #5 cylinder spark plug had
oil on it. The oil was on the outside of the plug. I did not remove any
spark plugs(they were replaced last winter and old ones looked fine).

It sounds like I need to possibly replace the rings. I have never taken
apart an engine before, but my finances require me to do it if I decide to
fix this engine. I know certainly that the truck is not worth a $1200
engine rebuild/replacement. Should I decide to rebuild, what other engine
parts should I replace and what machining is necessary when doing this type
of repair?

This truck has been pretty good to me. I bought it new and have had to
rebuild the front-end and fix the master cylinder for the clutch and a
water pump replacement, as well as brakes twice and tires once. My biggest
problem has been windshields. I have had it replaced 3 times. Though the
body looks like junk(Minnesota winters and peeling paint). Given that, I
am wondering if I should fix the engine or scrap it out. I am considering
donating it to a tax deductable charity.

I have changed the oil every 2000 miles and have driven 125000 miles. In
the mean time, I have purchased a 1987 Bronco II 4WD. I bought because of
the 4WD. This puppy runs pretty good, though it is plagued with the hi
mileage problem(180000). It went through an accident, so the passenger
door is smashed and is not able to be opened. I found a body shop to
straighten the body out to install a door that I found 1 day before it was
going to the junk yard.

Any advice/recommendations are apprecieted.


Date: Thu, 04 Sep 1997 05:09:10 -0400
From: Frank Nesbitt
Subject: [none]

Date: Wed, 03 Sep 1997 09:10:21 -0400
From: "J. R. C."
Subject: '96 F-150 Tranny

HELP - Occasionally I get a pretty good thunk/grab when the automatic
transmission shifts into 2nd gear from a dead stop. Cannot pinpoint
when it is going to happen. Every other shift is fine - on time and
all. Like I said, it happens intermittantly. Question: Is this a
potential problem or a problem now. I hate to spend the cash to have it
looked at if I don't need too. I bought truck new & it has 38,000 miles
on it. Haven't changed to trans oil yet but propably need to. Thanks
for any help - guesses will be appreciated too.



Your truck sounds like mine. I have a 94 F-150 with over 140,000 miles. I
bought the truck used the first of this year with over 120k on it. If I
ease on the gas starting off it seems to shift fine but you mash a little
too hard and it becomes whiplash city. If it is pulling a good size load
it still shifts hard from first to second.

The tranny specialist said that that was the way the EAOD transmisson
shifted after it was "broken in". I am also living with it but would like
a different answer to the problem.

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