Date: Sun, 2 Nov 1997 03:50:18 -0700 (MST)
From: (fordtrucks80up-digest)
Subject: fordtrucks80up-digest V1 #200

fordtrucks80up-digest Sunday, November 2 1997 Volume 01 : Number 200

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Re: ADMIN: List of people who got stickers []
Re: ADMIN: List of people who got stickers []
manual hubs []
V8 firing order, book to read ["Erik J. O'Daniel"
More Power from 4.9L engine [Hlynur Tomasson ]
spam ["Casey Vandor" ]
Cheap blower? [Luke Wells ]
Ranger Temp [ (Christopher D Kelly)]
Replacing axel pivot bushings [Jim Cannon ]



Date: Sat, 1 Nov 1997 10:33:38 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: ADMIN: List of people who got stickers

I mailed you $10.00 about 2 months ago.
My name did not appear on this list nor
did I receive the stickers. Just to let you
know. Thanks,
Elias Menagias
96-41 46 Ave.
Corona, NY 11368-2717


Date: Sat, 1 Nov 1997 10:39:08 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: ADMIN: List of people who got stickers



Date: Sat, 1 Nov 1997 13:06:09 +0000
Subject: manual hubs

List Members,
Hello, this is the part number for the 90-97 Ranger maual hubs by

29071 M250D =Standard Manual Hub(no premium offered)
27997= Conversion kit

I also have part #'s for 83-89 BII and Ranger if someone needs

Jimmy Russ


Date: Sat, 1 Nov 1997 10:53:25 +0000
From: "Erik J. O'Daniel"
Subject: V8 firing order, book to read

I read a book called, appropriately enough, Truck - about a guy
fixing up an old truck. (Touted as the Zen and the Art of Motorcycle
Maintenance for old trucks.) In the book the guy tore apart and
rebuilt the engine, put everything together, fired it up. No go. I
think he had same symptoms as you. He remembered that he'd had
difficulty installing, I believe, the cam - getting the valves up in
the correct position, etc.

Someone already mentioned that the cap may have been installed
180degress off - but maybe not. Maybe the cap was installed
incorrectly and the cam is off 180deg. The other reply mentioned you
might just start swapping the wires at the cap. Try advancing them
all four spaces each, and keep the regular order of course.

And as for that book - in case someone doesn't know about it:

TRUCK: On Rebuilding a Worn-Out Pickup, and Other Post-Technological
John Jerome

I really doubt you can buy it but your local library should be able
to borrow it from a library that owns it. We call it Interlibrary


Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 18:28:54 +0000
From: Hlynur Tomasson
Subject: More Power from 4.9L engine

Hi all, I am new to this list so please be gentle,
I have 1990 "E" truck with 4.9L 6cyl. engine that I like to do some
modifications to.
I have already purchased Clifford 264 hyd cam with springs & lifters for
this engine (not installed yet).
By phone call Clifford claim that, this cam and headers & ROM chips =
approx 35-50hp gain and better low rpm torque, true??
Does anyone have any experience with the Clifford stuff
Can anyone point me to any article, books, archive or other sources for
tech data on tuning 4.9L 6cyl. with EFI.??
Has anyone done turbo mod on 4.9L EFI engine?
Has anyone modified the 4.9L EFI engine for more power but still kept
the low rpm torque?
H. Tomasson
90 E150 Modified to 4x4
85 Ford Sierra Coswort Replica
52 Buick Super


Date: Sat, 1 Nov 1997 13:22:13 -0900
From: "Casey Vandor"
Subject: spam

I am new to the Internet and this list, what does it mean to be "spammed"?


Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 19:04:42 -0500
From: Luke Wells
Subject: Cheap blower?

I think I read somewhere, motortrend I think, about a blower for smaller
engines (4cyl,3)
that was only around 800 dollars(this was when I had my jeep so I wasnt
paying much attention). I am going to look again but if anybody has any
info post it.


Date: Sat, 1 Nov 1997 20:28:24 -0500
From: (Christopher D Kelly)
Subject: Ranger Temp

I have a 94 Ranger with 2.3 and most of the time the temp gauge doesn't
even make it to the N on NORMAL, but recently if I excellerate hard it
gets up to the O but soons as I let off of it it goes right back down!
Sometimes it just does it for no reason but not often. I realize that the
temp is not to high but why is it so erratic? Seems like something might
be going wrong but not sure, any suggestions? I was thinking about having
it hooked up to a computer and see if anything comes up(sensors) but my
engine light does not come on. I occasionally get an unburnt fuel smell
if I am climbing a hill...maybe have something to do with it! It does
have a few mods but were done before this started! Well thanks for any


Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 19:58:39 -0600
From: Jim Cannon
Subject: Replacing axel pivot bushings

I am replacing the axel pivot bushings (and the radius arm bushings) on
my 1980 F-150 2WD. Can anyone share with me your tricks or shortcuts to
easily get the axel pivot bushings out of the axels? Everything came
apart easily and I have tha axels out, but the old bushings do not want
to budge.


- --

Jim Cannon
Houston, Texas
"Didja hear the one about the dyslexic agnostic insomniac?
He tossed and turned all night wondering if there really was a dog."


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