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fordtrucks80up-digest Tuesday, September 2 1997 Volume 01 : Number 088

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86 Bronco 4.9 L Performance [John Schur ]
Re: 86 Bronco 4.9 L Performance [ (Ian Holter)]
f-150 clutch [Edward A Arkin ]
Re: ABS ["C. E. White III" ]
Re: Recommend workshop manual fro 4wd F150 ?? [ (]
Re: Which Tires? [Max Dooley ]
RE: Which Tires? ["DAVID MUMMERY" ]



Date: Mon, 01 Sep 1997 07:17:40 -0700
From: John Schur
Subject: 86 Bronco 4.9 L Performance

My 1986 Full-Size Bronco with a 4.9 L straight 6 does not perform as
well as it should. I have about 125k on it. About 8k miles ago, I
replaced just about everything that is fuel system and emissions
related, with the exception of a couple of sensors (as it became a Gross
Polluter by California’s definition). After all was said and done, it
passed smog, but my fuel mileage dropped from about 14 MPG to about 11.5
MPG and performance has decreased. Also, it has a random miss when at
idle. What would cause this miss? Any ideas what happened? Can I put a
performance carburettor on it without upsetting the Smog Gods? Is there
such a carburettor available, if I would choose to do that?

John Schur
- --

Never give up...
never, never give up...
never, never, NEVER give up.
- --Winston Churchill


Date: Mon, 1 Sep 1997 10:48:12 -0400
From: (Ian Holter)
Subject: Re: 86 Bronco 4.9 L Performance

Hi John, I had the same problem on a 91 f150 but mine was a EFI you
could try a new carb, but my problem was in plug wires, so I replaced
the spark plugs( Champion Truck Plugs) new plug wires, dist cap, rotor.
that fixed my problem. Hope this helps you.
good luck BTW mine was a 4.9liter


Date: Mon, 01 Sep 1997 11:40:42 -0700
From: Edward A Arkin
Subject: f-150 clutch

Mark J. Salvetti etal

If you'd check the archives you'd see i had a similar problem with my
85 150 [300, 4spd OD] i did get 1 reply but it didn't solve my problem
yes the firewell was flexing and for about 10-15 bucks i got a
shaped chunk of steel to put inside the cab, against the firewell--
well that helped a bit but the pedal would still stick in the 'in'
quite a bit-- i wrapped the clutch pedal with some rags and duct tape
so i could 'pull' it back up with my foot and that worked 4 a while-
then it would start ok but after 4-5 shifts it would stick in the 'in'
position again. according 2 my helm shop manual the entire clutch
was sold as a single unit-- cut to 1997-- at the pep boys i was delited
2 find
i could get just the clutch master cylinder [w/o the tube & clutch
slave] for $100
i installed it in about 15 min [after messing with it 4 so long --i
could do it in the dark]
and nary a problem since-- the dealer would have given my $800 for it on

a trade in
the way it was-- ,and i later sold it [2 a fellow i see all the time--
and who thinks he got a 'ell of a price at $2600] and nary a problem
with it-- that clutch works great.


Date: Mon, 1 Sep 1997 15:52:02 -0400 (EDT)
From: "C. E. White III"
Subject: Re: ABS

At 02:25 AM 8/30/97 -0700, you wrote:
> On dry pavement, where the vast majority of miles are driven,
> ABS is better than even modulated braking, much less locked tires, with
the > average driver.

I really need to research this. I just cannot believe it. Maye I am stupid,
but it sure is "conter-intuitive".


Ed White


Date: Mon, 1 Sep 1997 14:39:08 -0600
From: (Dave & Kirsten)
Subject: Re: Recommend workshop manual fro 4wd F150 ??

I just called Helm about two weeks ago about the Shop Manuals for my '97
Ranger. The cost for me was $110 plus $5 shipping, although at the time
they were not taking any new orders due to the U.P.S. strike.

The number for them (here in the U.S.) is 1-800-782-4356, and when you
call be sure they are quoting the price for the shop manuals and not the
ower's manual, which they also print. My jaw dropped when she told me it
was only going to cost like $20.

It is absolutely worth the difference in price between the manufacturer's
manuals and the Chilton's.

Dave A.

>Bite the bullet and buy the factory manuals through Helm. There are
>several books you will need, and it will cost $150-$200, but they are
>worth every penny.
>Steve S.
>Keith Bugeja wrote:
>> G'day All
>> I am new to this digest, so if this has been discussed before please
>> forward me the appropriate info.
>> Anyhow, I live in Melbourne Australia, and own a 1990 F150 XLT, 4wd with
>> a fuel injected 351.
>> I am looking at buying a good workshop manual in the next few weeks or
>> so. I noticed there are
>> quite a few out there.
>> Just wondering, what is the most thourough, well written and organised
>> workshop manual for the vehicle mentioned above ??
>> Any opinions you could share would be appreciated.
>> Thanx
>> Cheers
>> Keith


Date: Mon, 01 Sep 1997 23:51:05 -0400
From: Max Dooley
Subject: Re: Which Tires?

reply to : Dale Grein

I don't know about the hoosier a/t's but BFGoodrich 31x10x15 All
Terrains or Mud Terrains are really good tires. I had a Toyota with BFG
Mud Terrains and would go anywhere I pleased in the snow and ice. They
also handle very well for that big of a tire. They hummed a little,
however it was barely noticeable with the windows up, air and radio on.
I was very pleased with their wear also. During the three years that I
had them I put 34K miles on them and could barely notice any wear. Also
I never had one flat or difficulty with them. Your favorites, Mickey
T's, wear a lot faster and are more exspensive. I feel the BFG's
perform just as well for the money.


Date: Sat, 30 Aug 97 21:07:12 UT
Subject: RE: Which Tires?

HI , The tires I use now and continue to use are Yokohama Super Digger 5.
These are A/T tires. They handle great in the snow,rain,mud. They do not have
to much road noise and they kick buttttt!
I have tried B.F.'s A/T, Dunlop, And several others. To save room I will not
tell you what I think of them all. I will just say theat when time comes I
will replace my Yokohamas with the same.
My .02

- ----------
From: on behalf of Dale Grein
Sent: Saturday, August 30, 1997 12:41 AM
To: Ford Truck List
Subject: Which Tires?

Hi all!

I need new tires but don't know which brand to buy.
Are Hoosier AT's good?
I live in Canada and havn't been able to find Micky T's which are my favorite.
I need 31x10.5x15 All Terrains.
Any help would be very much appreciated.

P.S. My tires were the cause of my truck severely pulling toward the ditch.
The thing was you couldn't tell just by looking at the tire.

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