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fordtrucks80up-digest Friday, September 26 1997 Volume 01 : Number 133

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E4OD Upgrade ? [Bob ]



Date: Fri, 26 Sep 1997 01:32:30 -0800
From: Bob
Subject: E4OD Upgrade ?

Howdy !

I would like to improve the shift quality of my 95 F-150 Extd. Cab
pickup with the 5.0/E4OD combo. I am looking for firmer shifts under
load, and near WOT. I have found two systems that claim to fix the
problem of "shifting like a car". Banks Transcommand and Jet Shift

The Banks system ($214) looks like a complete module setup. You cant
vary the firmness of the shifts, and you can turn it off with the switch
they sell for $20 extra.

The JET Shift Command ($115) looks like a small calculator. It also
lets you choose from 4 settings from stock to race. It looks alot
smaller than the Banks system.

I know that the Jet costs half of what the Banks system is, but I also
know the quality of Banks parts is hard to beat. I would like to hear
from anyone who has either of these systems, or has heard about any
other systems.

You help is appreciated !
Thank You,

Bob K.
Anchorage, Alaska


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