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Subject: fordtrucks80up-digest V1 #122

fordtrucks80up-digest Friday, September 19 1997 Volume 01 : Number 122

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Re: fordtrucks80up-digest V1 #120 [Bill Funk ]



Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 22:11:03 -0700
From: Bill Funk
Subject: Re: fordtrucks80up-digest V1 #120

> Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 12:31:02 -0500
> From: "David J. Baldwin"
> Subject: Re: fordtrucks80up-digest V1 #118
> Bill Funk wrote:
> > ... a "race" cam will move the torque up on the RPM
> > line, increasing HP at higher RPMs. A torque cam (sometimes called
> an
> > "RV" cam) moves the torque down lower on the RPM line, for better
> > accelleration off the line. (You can't have both.)
> Hey, Bill, I was looking at Competition Cams' web site a while back
> looking for an "RV" cam--and didn't find any.
> I've since seen several references to RV or Torque cams here, but
> nobody
> specifies who makes them. Do you know of any good ones to check out?
> My '95 5.0 is a little weak on the low end and I would like to know if
> there is a cam out there that will help. I don't tow anything, but
> the
> size of the F-150 dictates that good low-end torque is required to get
> it moving quickly. BTW, most of my milage is highway, and I don't
> want
> to go higher than the 3.55 rear end ratio that I already have. I've
> been somewhat dissatisified with off-the-line performance all along.
> I'm just glad I didn't opt for the 3.39!
> I've been thinking that a set of underdrive pulleys would be an easy,
> low-cost torque improvement. I've been concerned about turning the
> water pump slower when I live in an area where it is regularly 100
> degrees F (38C, for our northern neighbors) for about 4 months of the
> year. Anybody out there running underdrives on a 5.0L in an F-150 in
> someplace like Arizona without overheating problems (in traffic)?
> - --
> Best Regards,
> Dave Baldwin
> Dallas, TX

I got the one I put in my 400M from NAPA.Try a magazine like Trailer
Life for some ads for engine parts for truck engines.
I believe Edelbrock has a cam line for trucks.
Most of the places you are probably looking are for racing purposes, and
that's a lot different from what you want when you build a truck engine
for pulling power.
Underdrive pulleys might not do as much as you think. A torque engine
uses low RPMs, and underdrive pulleys don't really come into any power
savings untill higher RPMs are reached. On my 460, 4500 is about as high
as it goes. Here in Phoenix, underdriving the water pump might not be a
good idea!
Bill Funk


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