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80-96-list Digest Thu, 15 Mar 2001 Volume: 2001  Issue: 054

In This Issue:
Re: Talking down the 302...
We're having fun...
Power Steering


Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 07:49:29 EST
Subject: Re: Talking down the 302...

Sorry for the long post guys, but I think I needed to say some of this:

Les writes:

> I was a little suprised by Wayne's one line comment to your post, so I can
> only assume he too has taken my posts out of context, and has been offended.
> If that is the case, then please accept my unreserved apology ...

No offense taken to your posts. I am trying to get in a little bit of ribbing
at you too. =)

Now to reply to the rest:
Les writes:
I have had GREAT ADMIRATION for what Wayne has achieved with his combo, I am
well aware at the huge weight penalty he has chosen to run with. I have been
on this list for some time now, with the grace of Ken, and have followed the
adventures of the rebuilds etc, BUT I still feel, If ALL this development
work would have been put into a 351, how much quicker, and further down the
path he would have been. I really do fail to see how I am dumping on the 302
V8. If the project was being financed by Ford, then that's just fine, but
it's a huge personal price for Wayne to pay, just to prove a point.

Wayne replies:
I am humbled and appreciate the kind words.
Yes, Les, you are correct in the fact that I SHOULD have gone with the 351 a
lot sooner than I did. BUT, as a man of definite principal and ego, I
accepted a challenge from a guru of mine to make due with what I had and
improve on it. I am one to take a challenge and do all I can with it to make
my point known. My challenge was to run as fast a most mustangs, and to show
the Lightning guys that I was a serious performance threat on the drag strip,
with a 5.0 motor in a 5200 LB truck. I think I succeeded, with only having
been a serious racer in the Fun Ford Weekends Top Truck class for 2 years, I
have NEVER (until this year) been below 5th in the points from the start of
the season. I finished 2 in the nation for 1999, and 4th in the nation for
2000. I took this BEHEMOTH I drive from an 18.33 bone stock run to a best of
a 13.45 102, with a 1.88 60 ft time on STREET TIRES, not any kind of slick
or DOT slick. Granted, this has taken some time and serious duckets, but MAN
has it been fun. I have earned the respect of some serious lifetime racers
such as Barry Shepard, whom now knows me by name and speaks to me at length
every time I see him. THAT to me is the best reward or accomplishment I have
gotten out of all this. The notoriety has been 2nd to me.

With all the different combinations, and through trial and error, I think I
can say I have done very well, taking an application with which the
aftermarket has embraced the driveline, but not the vehicle, on the
performance side of things. I have run myself out of breath asking questions
and bugging the heck out of people to get straight answers and see what
works. I have had to adapt parts, take parts from similar applications and do
a little bit of new fabrication to make it all work. I guess that's what its
all about, the learning curve. I have learned a lot by doing what I did with
the 5.0 and I am more than willing to save someone else the heartache and
empty pockets I suffered by getting my truck to where I did with the valiant
little 5.0. That is why lists like this are such a value and commodity with
which we should be grateful for (THANKS KEN).
NOW, its time to step up the stakes a little and start learning a new
combination and get this beast into the 12's. Can you imagine? A 5202 LB (at
race weight) Supercab pickup running 12 second 1/4 miles? Do you think people
will sit up and take notice? I think so.

Better to be a racer for a moment, than a spectator for a lifetime
Wayne Foy
94 Flareside SC 351 L powered
ClubFTE #57
NLOC #484
2000 #4 Top Truck
1999 #2 Top Truck
Atlanta GA


From: Fred Moreno <>
Subject: We're having fun...
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 17:18:48 -0700

Hello Uncle Les,

Sorry for the infuriating commentary, in pondering my action I guess I can
simplify it down to the fact that I was jealous that Wayne is doing a great
thing (again!) to his truck. To have the time and money. As a punishment for
taking up bandwidth and readers time, I will seek "the-other-domestic-brand"
company truck to drive my next errand and pretend to be content.

But Les, I never doubted your skills as a mechanic,  though perhaps doubted
your sanity at times. I will also admit that with 209K miles on my 302 that
I considered shopping for a used 351 from a junk yard to start rebuilding it
for future use. There again, time and money have other priorities at this
date. When I was towing the flatbed with a 120 bales of hay it would be nice
to have just a bit more muscle under the hood. I could not say however that
the Broncos I mentioned would of done any better that my truck and yes those
are not the same 351's you get to play with. These were a dissappointment.
Surely the engine was detuned to meet emission regulations and the computer
must of been programmed conservatively.

Not sure if the readers understand the "dak-dak" reference. That's the VW
motor sound when it's running?

Regarding one liners to plant into the mind of the undecided ignition
shoppers, and I've used it many times before, I just ask them if they would
prefer to light a fire with a bic lighter or use a torch.
Yes both will do the job, but you can sure generate the BTU's in a hurry
with a torch. The fuel needs to be completely consumed for each stroke so
that's why the spark last for an entire 20 degrees of crankshaft rotation at
all RPM's. Stay out of customer's underpants, not a good idea.

And on the subject of ignition something interesting happened last
week-end: I was rerouting the MSD harness going to the coil and I unplugged
the direct TFI harness to shuffle things around. No big deal right?
I get everything looking somewhat civilized again and the truck will not
start. It just cranks and cranks, but no fire, no pop, nada.
I'm not sure if you have the TFI coil system or not but after a little
diagnosing and getting back to a VERY rudementary analysis of what I had
just done, I discovered that in the harness side coil connector, one of its
pins had misaligned itself. This did not allow that pin to mate to the coil,
thus no spark. I guess in the process of reconnecting the coil, I must of
pushed that pin off to the side just enough to cause it to slip out of its
intended target. The connector did feel nice and snug - of course the pins
makes it harder to push in completely. And the coil being mounted at the
back of the engine, it appeared correct.  Another 5 minute job turned into a
very stressfull 45 minute what-in-the-heck-did-I-do-now job.

And I appeased Aunty Sheila, she's done crying for now, and the photo album
is safe - until she figures out where we hid it.  I KNOW I did not take your
post out of context, and my feelings were not hurt, just surprised!

Well it has been a pleasure addressing the list once again. Ken, I saw the
photo you posted, it looks great.



From: "The Casey's" <>
Subject: Question
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 20:25:02 -0600

Whats the benefit of joining the Ford truck club is there special boards or


Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2001 23:13:12 -0800
From: Chris McKinnon <>
Subject: Power Steering

I blew my HP power steering hose while pulling a u turn. Any gotchas on the
replacement of this little item?



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