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80-96-list Digest Sun, 05 Mar 2000 Volume: 2000 Issue: 026

In This Issue:
Re: mug punter
Reply Starting problems & Post problems ?
1985 460 HP and Torque
Re: Modified Slurs
Re: Matter Of Ethnic Principal
Thanks Phred
Automatic Trans Fluid Pump over exchange?
Re: ch*vy
Brand? Why worry?
Re: Automatic Trans Fluid Pump over exchange?
Re: Modified Slurs
Chevy engines Cha chiinng
Re: 1 more tranny Petersen missed
Re: 1 more tranny Petersen missed
ch*vies again
Re: Reply Starting problems & Post problems ?
Keep Partying on Mark!!!!
Re: Problems starting
Off topic, off the list....
Re: Okay somebody educate me!!!
ADMIN: Mailboxes, slight delay
Re: Post problems ?
Re: Problems starting
Not FT, but I though you guys might get a kick out of it
Re: Not FT, but I though you guys might get a kick out
Re: Not FT, but I though you guys might get a
First On Race Day
B&M Transpack ROCKS!!!
My Personal Insight on Ford vs. Ch*vy
MSD/300I6 trial


From: "Steve Schmeckpeper">
Subject: Re: mug punter
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2000 08:17:22 -0600

Thanks Les,
I am very much relieved to hear that 'mug punter' has nothing to do with
kicking beer cans, as that happens to be one of my favorite Redneck pastimes
down here in South Louisiana.<>
After a long day of workin on my Ford truck (FTE content), my idea of Heaven
on Earth is a quiet evening on the porch with friends, sharing an ice chest
full of COLD brews, watchin the bug zapper, and usin the trash barrel for
target practice.

From: les williams>

> No Worries Mate,
> Ok, so a 'mug punter' is a good old Oz slang saying usually used in
> association with betting on horse races


From: "The Casey's">
Subject: Reply Starting problems & Post problems ?
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2000 09:44:58 -0000

Have verified the battery cable tried wiggling them. After about a minute everything powers up. will get the battery checked for a dead cell though. It currently only does it about once every two to three weeks?

Is any one else having problems with my post emails if so any suggestions on how to correct it? I truely am not a computer person. Thanks again.


Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000 08:47:43 -0700
From: Andrew Antipas>
Subject: 1985 460 HP and Torque

Hi Folks, Anyone know the HP and Torque figures for a 1985 460 factory 4
barrel carb in a F350 crewcut 4x4 factory non catalyst? The engine does
have an air pump and EGR though. Any simple hop-up suggestions. Thanks.


From: "DannyF">
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2000 10:09:53 -0600
Subject: Re: Modified Slurs

> Why do we have to talk about hateful things at all?. Also, why do we have
> to
> put down Chevy or any other make to feel good about our fords.
> Eric
> Proud Ford, Chevy and Nissan owner

Eric, I'm resigned to say its plain 'ol human nature. Been existant
since the time of man.

Almost everyone wants to "feel" like their doing better than the next
guy. When your not and you know it, theres an inclination to down
the other guy to make yourself "feel" better. Sort of a "self-

How one deals w/his current perceived "position" is what
determines his perceptions/attitudes and sometimes, even entire

BTW, entire countries can take on this behavior when dealing
w/one another.


From: "DannyF">
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2000 10:10:32 -0600
Subject: Re: Matter Of Ethnic Principal

> Didn't really notice that point but you are right, we have at least one
> member from Saudi Arabia who would be within his rights to take offense
> at
> that remark. We've discussed this before when some of us were running
> the
> Japanese down because they flood our market with less expensive cars
> etc.
> and called them "Japs".
> I've always used this word because my dad was in the second world war
> and
> when you come from that generation you have little love for them but this
> is
> now and because a person has a heritage or lives in a land which is
> doing
> wrong things does not mean all are guilty so.........and even if they
> were
> what do we gain by this?
> Please note my trimmed post :-)
> --
> Michigan, Pot Hole Jumping,
> 78 Bronco Loving, Gary

I'll be brief since this is a Ford truck list:

Am I the only one who uses the word "Jap" WITHOUT any negative
connotations? Its short for the word Japanese! Hell, I can't read
everyone's mind to search for negative perceptions about every
word I use in conversation.

Same w/Americans calling British "brits" or a detective calling a
victim a "vic" or a perpetrator a "perp". Just semantics.

I can tell you this...the Japanese have a common word for
Americans that might not be so perceived as neutral. Many other
countries do too.

If I call a catalytic converter a "cat" are the Al Sharpton's of the
catalytic converter industry going to lambast me?

Sheesh! Some people need to release some of their inner



From: "Donald Porto">
Subject: Thanks Phred
Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000 09:15:16 PST

Thanks for the great tour of your facility and the delicious Mexican Food.
I knew from your posts that you are knowledgeable but had no idea as to how
much so. I think you are correct once again on the timing of my vehicle.
I captured quite a bit of statistics on my 460's performance between
El Passo and New Orleans. By the way I arrived at 2:30 PM. Friday just in
time to get cleaned up and catch the parades.

I plan to install the MSD Ignition Module you recomended before leaving
New Orleans for New York. I will compar the statistics on that leg of
the journey and let you know how things compare.

/Thanks again


Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2000 12:18:42 EST
Subject: Automatic Trans Fluid Pump over exchange?

I live on long Island New York and need to find a place to have my auto/trans
fluid changed but I want to have the system flushed pump new fluid exchanged
for the old and then have my filter changed in that order Is this correct?
I need to find a shop here on LI NY that will do this sort of thing,does any
know where I can get it done?
Thanks Tool


Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2000 12:32:42 EST
Subject: Re: ch*vy

In a message dated 3/4/00 8:28:21 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< >Also, why do we have to
>put down Chevy or any other make to feel good about our fords.

I agree that racial slurs don't belong on this list, but vehicular
slurs????? >>

This whole thread started because someone referred to Saudi Arabians as Camel
Headed, Goat Breath, Sand something Maggots. Then that person wrote back that
he will use the word Chevy as a negative so us thin skins wouldn't be
offended. Anyone with common sense knows the Ford and Chevy rivalry is all in
good fun. The REAL issue was the unnecessary name calling of other races. How
it turned into not being able to rib your buddy about driving his Chevy is
beyond me.


Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2000 11:18:13 -0700
Subject: Brand? Why worry? said:

> This is a long message, so go get a cup of coffee, okay? And
> I'm not trying to be quarrelsome, I'm just pointing out a
> few things based upon experience. Remember through all this
> that I am still an F-series (and Ford in general)
> enthusiast, just a realistic one.

Well spoken! The Ford pickup list is a place where members express pride
in their rides and display an excellent level of technical knowledge about them.
I appreciate the information and support I have already received, and the
tolerance you folks have shown while correcting some erroneous statements
on my part.

I started as a GM guy, have driven many makes, and bought my used 93 F-
150 because a) I love the captain's seats and the 351 engine (although it's not
as strong as I think it could be); c) I put 3K miles on a 96 F-150 and liked the
way it drove, and; c) In this market. the Ford cost $1000 less than comparable
Chevy pickups, which had an interior design I personally liked just a bit better.

Any more, I don't really have strong brand preferences among domestic
vehicles, and frankly don't like most of the US cars. For examples, GM
consistently designs cars (not trucks) which repulse me. (Want my personal
definition of butt-ugly? Try the tail ends on the new Monte Carlo and Impala.)
We've bought used Audis for our last two family cars, and we love them.
Working on them, however, is definitely an acquired skill.

In engines, I guess my experience is getting out of date. I've rebuilt all or part
of the Ford 292 Y-block, Chevy small-block V8, Pontiac 389, '59 Mercedes
straight six, Fiat 4-cylinder 1100/1200 series, and Ford flathead V8. I helped
my dad put a 292 Y-block into a 53 Ford pickup, which worked super! I've
done transmission and rear end repairs or rebuilds on many of the above. The
only vehicle I own with under 100K miles is my 1958 Fiat Spyder Roadster
(Hey, it's fun. No other excuse is needed..).

The reason I haven't rebuilt newer engines is that no car of any make that I've
owned in the past 20 years has NEEDED an engine rebuild. I've run
synthetic lubricants since 1977, and I've not had a lubricated engine part fail
since then. As all the list-members here know, good maintenance pays off
with any vehicle.

I like driving ANY of the above. They're all different. I think that with good
maintenance, the engines of modern vehicles will last more than 200K miles
without major work. Aside from the tendency of Chrysler-designed AC
systems to grenade themselves about every 40K miles, I don't really see a
dramatic advantage of one domestic pickup truck line over another - it's just
"run what you like".

Having said all the above, I really do like my 93 F-150, and have no plans to
part with it for many years. Dad my dad always kept his trucks at least 20
years....maybe I will, too. I thank all of you for the great information you
share on this list, and I want to mention that Ken deserves credit as one of the
best listserv moderators I've seen in a long time.

Al Powell
1958 Fiat 1200 Spyder "Transformabile"
1983 Datsun 280ZXT
1990 Audi 200


Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000 13:30:59 -0500
Subject: Re: Automatic Trans Fluid Pump over exchange?

If they flush pump the tranny, they won't change the filter. They reverse pump the system, which is supposed to clean the filter as it flushes. When you exchange old fluid for new in a flush pump, there is no opportunity to change the filter. You could have them change the filter, button it back up and then flush pump the remaining fluid.


> I live on long Island New York and need to find a place to have my auto/trans fluid changed but I want to have the system flushed pump new fluid exchanged
for the old and then have my filter changed in that order Is this correct?


Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000 13:42:19 -0500
From: Ken Payne>
Subject: Re: Modified Slurs

At 08:43 AM 3/5/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi, Ken....
>This is a long message, so go get a cup of coffee, okay? And

Three comments.

1. Your way off on your Mac/Intel/Linux assumption. I've
used Macs since the first 64k model and PCs since the XT.
I've always hated Macs. I've always preferred being in
control rather than someone who needs the OS to wipe his
butt. Nothing against the Mac, but I'm potty trained. I
have 4 computers. 3 of them run Linux. One is a Linux &
FreeBSD dual-boot system. Plus the dedicated server runs
Linux. Our last server was BSDI Unix. I have mail on the
Win NT box for one reason: there is a program called
Perfect Keyboard that handles keyboard macros really well,
which is what's needed for email responses when you
get 200-300 daily emails. If it weren't for that, I'd use
one of the many excellent email packages for Linux and
would dump NT. I've never bought a Mac, not because of
cost because cost has never been the primary reason for
buying a computer. Rather, Apple hasn't produced a true
open system since the Apple IIgs. Apple lost its soul
when Jobs pushed Woz out.

2. My 390, essentially the same setup as a 427, has never
been a hassle and is a very good street engine. It got
its first rebuilt at 265,000 miles when I decided it was
time to give it more ooooommmmmpppphhhhh.

2. We haven't added "Chevy Engine" to our name. If you want to
talk in depth about how great Chevy engines are, take it
to a more appropriate forum. It doesn't belong here, which
is probably why you said you knew you were going to get
flamed. Please read our charter on the web site. In essence,
"here's a quarter....."



Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000 14:52:23 -0500
From: Paul>
Subject: Chevy engines Cha chiinng

From what I have read the Chevy engine fans mention that they can build
a nice engine easier and cheaper than they could a Ford. Plus, Auto
Zone might not have to order the parts!

It also seems like Chevy engine people see the engine as kind of a plug
in appliance, sort of like buying a refrigerator; "why spend more for
the loud thing that makes it go" point of view, and who cares if
everyone has one. A fair argument for those who have little passion for
their vehicles.

The Ford engine people seem to see the engine more as a living heart,
and wouldn't want a Chevy engine in a Ford anymore than wanting in
theory a baboon heart in their body, for example. A far more passionate
argument for those who see the car/truck at a higher level.

The bottom line is that Chevy fans should never use the "heartbeat of
America" slogan, since they couldn't care less about the heart/engine.
A heart, after all, is alive. Better they choose a term more
appropriate, like "the goodwrench of America", etc.

The REAL "heartbeat" fans are of course the superior Ford people, who
appreciate the "heart" on a higher plane, not yet attained by the
Chevyites, as a personal, living thing and not just something that keeps
you "not dead".

Besides, if the Chevys are so great: why, when designing a new engine,
would anyone deliberately choose to position the distributor at the
wrong end of the engine? Some of the new, smaller engines are used in
transverse designs where the distributor positioning isn't as important,
and that's why in straight line design the end up on the wrong end, but
you can't make that excuse for GM.

Just my nickel,

Davidek Mahavishnu


Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000 12:46:48 -0800
Subject: Re: 1 more tranny Petersen missed
From: Joan and Walt Posluszny>

Petersens also forgot to mention the 4 spd, Manual O.D. in my 85 150, behind
a 351W 4x4.

I think it was technically called a TOD? Stock : 3.01, 1.78, 1.00, 0.71

> From: "Peters, Gary (G.R.)">
> Subject: Transmission gear ratios.......
> Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2000 11:12:23 -0500
> Petersen's 4 wheel and Off Road has a great article in it this month, April,
> 2000 issue, about trannys, xfer cases etc, and failed to include the Ford
> C-6

> Here are the ford ones:
> C-6, stock:
> 2.46, 1.46, 1.0
> C-6, aftermarket:
> 2.82, 1.54, 1.0
> 2.75, 1,57, 1.0
> T18:
> 6.32, 3.09, 1.69, 1.0
> T19:
> 5.11, 3.03, 1.79, 1.00
> T98:
> 6.40, 3.09, 1.69, 1.00
> A4OD:
> 2.40, 1.47, 1.00, 0.67
> E4OD:
> 2.71, 1.53, 1.00, 0.71
> NP435:
> 6.69, 3.34, 1.79, 1.00
> Clark 280:
> 7.00, 4.00, 2.17, 1.00, 0.80
> --


Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000 13:08:10 -0800
From: Bob Kennedy>
Subject: Re: 1 more tranny Petersen missed

That article wasn't even the tip of the iceberg, No ODs no Borg Warner cases.
Since that's all I've got it left me a little disappointed as well.


Joan and Walt Posluszny wrote:

> Petersens also forgot to mention the 4 spd, Manual O.D. in my 85 150, behind
> a 351W 4x4.
> I think it was technically called a TOD? Stock : 3.01, 1.78, 1.00, 0.71
> Walt
> >
> > From: "Peters, Gary (G.R.)">
> > Subject: Transmission gear ratios.......
> > Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2000 11:12:23 -0500
> >
> > Petersen's 4 wheel and Off Road has a great article in it this month, April,
> > 2000 issue, about trannys, xfer cases etc, and failed to include the Ford
> > C-6
> [snip]
> >
> > Here are the ford ones:
> >
> > C-6, stock:
> > 2.46, 1.46, 1.0
> >
> > C-6, aftermarket:
> > 2.82, 1.54, 1.0
> > 2.75, 1,57, 1.0
> >
> > T18:
> > 6.32, 3.09, 1.69, 1.0
> >
> > T19:
> > 5.11, 3.03, 1.79, 1.00
> >
> > T98:
> > 6.40, 3.09, 1.69, 1.00
> >
> > A4OD:
> > 2.40, 1.47, 1.00, 0.67
> >
> > E4OD:
> > 2.71, 1.53, 1.00, 0.71
> >
> > NP435:
> > 6.69, 3.34, 1.79, 1.00
> >
> > Clark 280:
> > 7.00, 4.00, 2.17, 1.00, 0.80
> >
> > --
> ==========================================================
> To unsubscribe, send email to: with
> the words "unsubscribe 80-96-list" in the subject of the
> message.

86XLT/5.0/AOD/8.8/D44 4.56 Detroit/EZ, 36x12.50x16.5, 6"/0"


Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000 13:10:56 -0800
From: scott>
Subject: ch*vies again

>A Hemi produced approximately 425-500 horsepower in street
>trim. A Chevy 350 can produce similar figures if built

I do believe a 2000 Pinto engine can built up to near the 500 horse
area also.A 500 horse version of a 460 is available in the Ford
Motorsports catalog.So what.

>The bottom line is this: there is more "bang for the buck"
>with a Chevrolet small block.

Most of us realize ch*vies are cheaper to build.So what.
There are ways around that.I just bought a used Edelbrock manifold for
my 428.It cost me $75.I bead blasted it and it is just like brand new.
You may just have to be a little more resourseful to run a Ford.
The bottom line is that new ch*vy parts are cheaper due to higher
demand.I prefer to stick with something that has a lower demand for
replacement parts,thank you.

>the cost of building a performance engine evens out between Ford >and Chevy. I'm not so certain about the "lasting longer" point,

Maybe if you don't count the crankshaft.The man who does my machine work
told me BB ch*vy cranks break on a regular basis.He has never seen a 460
crank break.

>This is also true. But remember, more often than not, what
>wins a race at NASCAR isn't the car's engine but the skill
>of the driver and the skill of the mechanics who "dial-in"
>the car.

That is why why Dale Jarrett credited his Robert Yates horsepower when
he won Daytona this year.

>running some sort of definitely non-production hybrid engine, a mill
>with Cleveland-style heads on a specialized Windsor-type

And ch*vies are running the same engine that comes in a 00 monte carlo?

>Chevies, on the other hand, are running
>an engine that is fairly close to their production small
>block in terms of how the long block is laid out. That
>should tell you something, as well.

I guess so .I thought SB ch*vies had siamesed exhaust ports on the
center two cylinders

>Just because a path is more difficult does not necessary
>mean it MUST be better.

Why challenge youself,right.

>And money is difficult to come by,
>so I spend it in a manner that nets me the most returns.

I'm no millionare myself,but have managed to put together a very good
looking and running Ford.

>I would never transplant a Chevy engine into a Ford. The
>hassle involved with that simply makes it cost-ineffective.

But if ch*vies are so much cheaper and better,why not????

>The difference with the T-bucket kit is that the frame is
>already set up for a Chevy small block.

I believe I could find one with Ford mounts.

>The reason is
>simple...more people are going to build one with a SBC,

And why be different.BTW ever look at the tailgate on a T?
It says FORD.

>But as a realist, I have to acknowledge that in some areas
>(performance) Chevy has the upper hand.

That is what the kid in the bl*zer thought Wednesday afternoon.
I may have changed his mind 30 yards from the traffic light thoo.....


Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000 16:17:47 -0600
From: Jim Cannon>
Subject: Re: Reply Starting problems & Post problems ?

At 09:44 05/03/00 -0000, The Casey's wrote:
>Have verified the battery cable tried wiggling them. After about a minute
everything powers up. will get the battery checked for a dead cell though.
It currently only does it about once every two to three weeks?
>Is any one else having problems with my post emails if so any suggestions
on how to correct it? I truely am not a computer person. Thanks again.

My software automatically wraps your long lines so I can read them OK.
Usually there is a setup option where you specify "line length" or
something like that. You will have to tell people what e-mail software you
use and then see if anyone else on the list happens to use it and can give
you more specific advice.

Jim Cannon
Houston, TX "A Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech
'29 Ford Model A Phaeton and a helluva' engineer!"
'80 Ford F-150 300 I-6 2WD '63 Buick Riviera 401 V-8


From: "Dave Harmier">
Subject: Keep Partying on Mark!!!!
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2000 16:23:35 -0600

In Jegs, Edelbrock Performer RPM Heads:
Chevy SB: 930.99/pr
Ford 5.0/5.8 1029.99/pr

cams pretty much same price chevy or ford

intakes:Weiand Action + sbc 90.99 sbf 111.99
X-cellerator sbc 106.99 sbf 152.99

Stealth sbc 99.99 sbf 158.99 351w 187.99

Edelbrock Performer RPM sbc 119.99 sbf 145.99 351w 183.99

Say what you will. I will drive Ford Every day. But I will Hot-Rod, Play
Car with Chevy Power.
Guess I'll put on Asbestos Suit now.

Dave H.


Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2000 17:25:30 EST
Subject: Re: Problems starting

Hi The Caseys,
Look at both ends of the battery cables. I would bet that there is a loose or
dirty connection.
Hang in there!


Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000 17:41:50 -0500
From: Ken Payne>
Subject: Off topic, off the list....

Keep the off topic posts off the list, please.
Yes, I'm talking to the Chevy weenies.

Ken Payne
List "Den Mother"


Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000 13:31:48 -0500
Subject: Re: Okay somebody educate me!!!

>that gasoline has an octane rating of 82-97 and propane 95-104 which,
>although different are not radically different, but I'll take the fuel with
>100 or so rating any day over a lower value. This makes a huge difference in
>performance. Dedicated applications usually recurve the distributor, but the

This is a common misperception. Octane DOES NOT add power to an engine; it
merely supports the higher compression ratios and other performance-adding
features of a high-output engine. It is those features that make the power,
NOT the octane. Add octane to the average car that does not require premium
fuel, and you will notice absolutely no difference in power, longevity, or

If an engine requires high-octane fuel and gets the cheap stuff instead,
however, it will run noticably less well. Spark knock, reduced power output,
reduced economy, and reduced longevity (not to mention elevated emissions)
can be expected when cheap stuff is pumped into the gas tank of a car that
needs premium.

Both of these examples assume all other things being equal, but in the real
world, this is not true. The lower grades of gasoline, particularly at these
little generic gas stations and convenience stores, are often cut with other
subtances, usually ethanol and/or toulene (sp?), which contribute to reduced
output. So, if you have a "regular unleaded" car, you may indeed experience
a better running engine by pumping the good stuff in there, even though it
exceeds the car's published requirements.


Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000 18:24:06 -0500
From: Ken Payne>
Subject: ADMIN: Mailboxes, slight delay

The free email boxes will be delayed until mid-week. I need a couple of extra days to get the sign screen ready.

Ken Payne
Admin, Ford Truck Enthusiasts


From: "Ed Mount">
Subject: Re: Post problems ?
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2000 18:33:27 -0600

No problems at all with your post, and had no problems at all with your
previous post.


-----Original Message-----
From: The Casey's>
To: <>
Date: Sunday, March 05, 2000 9:56 AM
Subject: [80-96-list] Reply Starting problems & Post problems ?

|Is any one else having problems with my post emails if so any suggestions
on how to correct it? I truely am not a computer person. Thanks again.


Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2000 20:53:42 EST
Subject: Re: Problems starting

Sounds like you need to pull the battery connections and really clean them
inside and out, then use vaseline or a non-corroding paste when reassembling.
Then possibly charge the battery before use.

Bill in KY


From: "Robert Werner">
Subject: Not FT, but I though you guys might get a kick out of it
Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2000 02:07:38 +0000

This weekend, a bunch of us dumb high-school rednecks took an old Tempo out to a big sand pit and drove it off a cliff (no driver, we ain't that stupid - yet). Went off once, kept runnin, even after somebody put a charge of gunpowder under the hood-blew the hood open. Pulled i up, went off again, except this time it flipped, and it kept running until she ran outta gas or oil, there were clouds of smoke everywhere (beware the DNR). We tried to do the same thing with a plymouth horizon-didn't work. Haulin here back there, I snapped a tow rope twice, then she caught fire before we could send her over (nearly started a brush fire) I know it was probably very irresponsible and stupid to be doing this, but hey didn't you ever do this kinda stuff when you were kids?


Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2000 21:18:25 EST
Subject: Re: Not FT, but I though you guys might get a kick out

well, i dont see the point in that message.


Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000 21:36:08 -0500
From: "Theodore D. Mills">
Subject: Re: Not FT, but I though you guys might get a

At 21:18 03/05/2000 EST, you wrote:
>well, i dont see the point in that message.

I do.......

Fords are so tough you can run them over a cliff and they keep running.

Guess that makes me a redneck then.....



Aston, Pa

84 Mustang GT (in pieces)
85 Ranger XL 2WD 2.8L
91 F-250 SC 4X4x460
94 Taurus LX wagon 3.8L


From: (Jerome Kelly)
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 00:20:40 -0500 (EST)
Subject: First On Race Day

Who has heard of Henry Ford? Why don't we have a national holiday in
his honor?
As I drive down this old mountain road listing to the music of my v8
purr, blessing
the engineer who made this slide rear window, I throw another beer can
out the back into the bed of the truck. A ch. vy big block will
challenge me sooner or later.
I grin for I know he will be hauling another
engine from Generous Motors soon. I will
still be hauling aluminum for another decade. I know I am driving the
true winner. I just love to brag. Yes, another
slam, because I can.


Date: 5 Mar 2000 21:42:27 -0800
From: "David W">
Subject: B&M Transpack ROCKS!!!

1990 F250 460 E4OD, 117,xyz miles on the odometer and
a huge camper in the bed...was having trouble with transmission
"shift flair" on upshifts and downshifts, plus the torque converter
shuddering during lock-up. Six months ago I did a full change
of ATF including draining the torque converter and changed
the filter, no help.

Last week I purchased a B&M Transpack, for those who dont know
its a kit designed to make your transmission shift quicker. It
works by adding an electronic component to the wiring harness
to the transmission, plus drilling a few holes inside the separator
plate and changing out springs in the hydraulic
pistons/actuators inside the transmission. I went to my local
"Cottman" transmission repair shop to ask them how much $
to install the Transpack. (Not to say which Cottman Transmission,
185th...) After driving my truck, the prognosis was grim indeed.
I needed a full rebuild. Plus, those E4OD transmissions are
"riddled with defects." So they would have to replace the center
support, relay board, torque converter, blah blah blah. Then
they would add a box to delay converter lock. All of this would
be between $2600 and $3000. The manager (owner?) seemed
like a nice guy, but I knew something was up when the mechanic
started to explain everything that was wrong to the manager
(owner?). It was a conversation between them intended to sound
like a funeral for an E4OD, in reality it was a pressure sales pitch
to me, designed to make me fear being able to drive another mile.

I went home. The next day I installed my Transpack and a
miracle occurred! Both up and downshifts are crisp and instant!
Not neck snapping, but FAST! My torque converter lockup is
much faster than it was, the shudder is GONE. Had I spent
$2600 on the rebuild and it behaved like it does now, I would
have thought the work had been done right...even if the price would
have "bent me over and loaded me like a shotgun."

So, my non-expert but not stupid mind has concluded that
there is NOTHING wrong with my transmission. The torque
converter clutches MIGHT be worn and COULD be replaced
but there is in fact no pressing need to do so; my transmission
now shifts better than it ever has before. I did not do the work
because I sensed impending failure, I did it because I know slow
shifts cause friction, friction makes heat, heat kills transmissions.
For all I know it could die tomorrow. But I doubt it. Eliminating
the shift flair has certainly extended the life of my E4OD.

So, the advice: If your transmission is up there in age and you
are a bit worried, the Transpack is about $100, plus filter if you
have a 4x4, and some new ATF. The instructions say the kit
will NOT cure a sick transmission, so your mileage may vary.
I took the chance because my shifts were slow, but once they
were done everything felt solid, there were no noises except
for the (now gone...) converter lock shudder. I hope this
helps someone else. If so, feel free to mail me 5% of what
you saved by not doing a rebuild. ;-)

Opinions are my own and not those of Intel corporation.

----- Original Message ----- > Hi Gary,
> I think you're a little off the mark by portraying ''most''
> garages as unscrupulous. (snip)


From: "Michael R. Dunbar">
Subject: My Personal Insight on Ford vs. Ch*vy
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 02:19:49 -0500

Ok, I know we're supposed to be letting the Ch*vy posting's die out, but I
just want to add my two bits worth anyway, most of which will be my bragging
about my Ford. I'll start out with my brief statement on experience with
Ch*vy though, just to get the painful part out of the way:

Yes, I said painful, physically painful. My father is on his 2nd Ch*vy Astro
van in 12 years. He's had one since 88, bought a new one as replacement in
93. In his mind, these were the best bang for the buck at the time, hauled a
good deal with a 4.3L V-6 and had more room than all the other mini-vans on
the market. (Yes, way back in 88, it was deemed a mini-van, later it was put
in it's own class as a mid-sized) Anyway, like any other kid, I helped my
dad in the garage, usually doing simple stuff like rotating the tires or
adding new oil after he drained the pan. Later in life, I helped with minor
engine work, and both of us have scars on our knuckles from something as
simple as changing out sparkplugs, and he has a lot of scars in his
checkbook from having to buy expensive replacement parts over the years. My
dad isn't a die hard fan of any manufacturer, he just bought what he liked
and what he felt was the best deal for his money at the time. Right now,
he's semi-considering getting rid of the van, as it's no longer the fam's
primary people hauler, for that he uses a Honda Accord, more than adequate
for he and my mom and sister and it gets umpteen zillion miles to the
gallon. However for trips to the dump and going and buying a load of mulch,
etc, he's looking at a nice, used four-banger, Ford Ranger. I guess my point
here is that in my experience with Ch*vy, they make a painful setup to work
on, but it shouldn't matter what you drive as long as it does what you need
it to do.

Okay, that said and done, I'll move on to what is appropriate on a Ford

At 20, I'm new to the whole owning of a car scene. Granted, all through high
school, I've had friends who had mom and dad buy them cars, I've had friends
who have owned everything from Audis to Fords to BMWs to MGs to Hondas,
Toyotas, VWs, etc But not me, why? Didn't really need one. But now, being in
college, being a bit more independent, I got myself a used Ford in October
of 99. Yeah, I could've opted for something small and that got me a million
miles to the gallon, but I didn't. I had my eye and my heart set on a Ford
truck owned by my aunt. Being in the family, she cut me a deal. So off I
flew to Virginia to pick up my 89 F-150. I don't care that she's not brand
new, that she's not flashy like some of the new trucks on the road today,
etc. The fact is, she's mine. Under the hood, she's got a 300 I-6. I have no
loyalties, but this engine has been making me lean towards Ford recently.
The odometer was built back in the day before Ford used the 100,000 mile
mark, so it currently reads 61,079, but it really means 161,079. How does
she run? Yup, like she's got 61,079 miles, period. Granted I've got my fair
share of problems, it's a 10 year old truck, who doesn't have their fair
share of problems on any car? But I knew what I was getting into, and I
wanted a project vehicle anyway. My problems you ask? Here's a short list:

A) Engine is sputtering/hesitating when applying gas.
B) Exhaust kinda smells sulfurous, often at times leaves yellow spot on
garage floor
C) The ride is a bit rough, especially on frost-heave ridden, Vermont roads
D) The paint is pretty rough, I've heard there was a factory defect in the
primer used in 89
E) Gas mileage isn't that great, it's a truck!!! What can I expect?
F) Minor body rust

If I remember right, that's it, if it weren't 1:40 in the morning and I
wasn't sick, I might remember more, I might not? But like I said, I wanted a
project truck. I'm young, I'm ambitious, I'm open to learning new things. I
like being a weekend grease monkey when I have the funds, and on top of
that, I have plans to make my truck kick some serious ss. (Like I said, I'm
young) A truck is a truck right? You can have a heavy hauler, a weekend
warrior, a daily driver, etc, it's still a truck, it serves it's purpose to
the man or woman who drives it, right? Most guys on campus drive 4x4s,
mostly Toyotas and Nissans, there's a few Ch*vy's and Fords, not one single
Mopar powered vehicle though. And everyone I know gives me hell for what
I've told them I'm doing to my truck. No, I'm not lifting it. I have 2 wheel
drive, and it's my truck, I'm going to do what "I" want to do. I've recently
become fascinated with the Sport Truck world, in my opinion it takes the
best of both worlds, you've got a little bit of the hot rod world mixed with
the truck world, what more can any testosterone fueled, college male want?

Back to what I've been saying, I wanted a project truck. My goals are
simple: make it look and sound good, make it catch someone's attention from
time to time (being recently single, this could be advantageous to me...,
especially if it's a female's attention I catch...) and make it something
that is solely mine in look, feel, and sound. Because I drive a Ford, I'm
already off to a good start, no one around here drives a Ford turned Sport
Truck. Why? Because every aftermarket place makes parts for all the other
manufactures. I like challenge, this will make the work be more worth it for

Anyway, the Ford bug has bitten me, especially since I own one now (My dream
is to get out of college and get financially stable and to buy my first new
truck, a F-350 Crew Cab Dually, yeah, I probably don't need it, but it's an
imposing sight coming down the road isn't it? Like the slogan at Blimpie
says: "It's a beautiful thing").

My truck isn't the biggest or the best on the road, but to me, it's the
greatest thing since round wheels were invented (forget that sliced bread
crap) I love driving around in my Ford and on a nice day being able to toss
an empty Coke can (I'm only 20, can't be tossing beer cans in the back) in
the back through my slider window. I love being able to open the huge hood
and having to get a short step ladder out just so I can reach the rear of
the engine. She's mine, and that's what's important. She's a Ford, and
that's what is important to this list. Now, if anyone can help me out with
my listed problems, it'd be great. I have a few fixes already lined up for a
few, here's what I have planned:

A) Engine --> Ask the guys on the Ford list for help
B) Exhaust --> I'm going to be replacing the headers, cats, and muffler with
performance parts this summer. Can't decide between Gibson, Borla or
Flowmaster, I'm leaning towards Gibson though.
C) Ride --> The shocks need to be replaced badly, as for the rest of the
suspension... I'm building a Sport Truck, the suspension will be overhauled
and rebuilt to my liking.
D) Paint --> A friend who works at a local body shop is going to teach me
how to paint, but he'll be doing most of the repainting work this summer,
for nothing more than the price of the paint. What are friends for?
E) Gas mileage --> One option I'm looking at is installing new gears, I'm
thinking a 3.55:1 ratio, but am not sure. I'll ask you guys for opinions.
F) Body rust --> This falls under the paint category

So anyway, there's my brief insight. I'm young, but still I have quite a bit
to say. Hopefully I won't have to step into an asbestos suit for saying what
I did about Ch*vy, It was quick and hopefully painless. Also, I'm hoping I
don't get shot at by you guys for what I have planned for my Ford, she's
going to stay 100% Ford with a lot of my blood, sweat, and tears rolled into
one as soon as she's done. I guarantee to post pictures when I'm done,
hopefully this summer, just promise not to shoot at me. For now, I'm going
to bed to have dreams of F-series driving through that damned fence the
sheep were jumping over...

Mike Dunbar
89 F-150 XLT Lariat
White River Jct., Vermont

"Just remember, the wheel's spinning but the hamster's dead"

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Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2000 23:25:11 -0800
Subject: MSD/300I6 trial
From: Bill Berninghausen>

Well, I went and spent some unnecessary money and about 30 minutes of
free labor to install an MSD-5 and a Blaster coil in my 82 F100 300I6.
Started right up! Tried it on a country road with long up- and
downgrades. Seat of the pants said 'got more go.' Foot said 'responds
right quickly, even uphill.' Felt a bit like the day I over-advanced my
old 318 Forest Service Dodge about 20 degrees.

Returned home on the four-lane, 3/4 throttle from 45 on the onramp and it
marched right up to 85-90 without breathing as hard as it used to. Data
on mileage at the end of this tankful. Hoping that three sparks per
cycle will burn gas more efficiently.

Phred, if you had anything to do with this mild, street-type ignition,
you done good. It would probably be even better with propane, right?

A recent post asked about NGK V-power plugs in a 300I6. I walked into a
local CarQuest outlet, named the engine, and they brought the plugs right
out--should be right there in the book.

Anybody have any thoughts on tuning for this ignition, or does the
factory spec work as well as anything?

What have I forgotten to mention?

Bill in Portland
82 F100 300I6 3spd 2.47 gears 1bbl Carter


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