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80-96-list Digest Thu, 17 Feb 2000 Volume: 2000 Issue: 010

In This Issue:
Re: second nipple
Re: second nipple
Re: max tire height-F150
TFI-IV Ignition Timing and More
FS: Dually Wheels
Re: ez locker vs. powertrax help
Truck Value (Transmission)
Differential biasing question
'99 Wheels?
Re: Leaning tires
Re: Oil In Air Filter--Mine Too!
Re: '99 Wheels?
body changing
new bed!!!!!


Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 14:21:10 EST
Subject: Re: second nipple

If memory serves me, which it usually doesn't anymore, the lower nipple takes
sends coolant to the recovery tank when the pressure in the radiator exceeds
the radiator cap limit and back when the coolant cools. The upper one should
have a hose that goes around the fan shroud to the ground in case the
pressure increases too quickly for the lower hose to handle it.

Years ago before they had a hose on it at all the coolant would run over the
neck onto the radiator and fan and would spray onto the windshield or onto
the engine misting the windshield. Before the environment was important to
us the manufacturers put the top nipple in. Probably was a liability issue.

Bob Sweed


Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 12:30:40 -0800
From: Chuck Sanborn>
Subject: Re: second nipple

At 02:21 PM 2/17/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Years ago before they had a hose on it at all the coolant would run over the
>neck onto the radiator and fan and would spray onto the windshield or onto
>the engine misting the windshield. Before the environment was important to
>us the manufacturers put the top nipple in. Probably was a liability issue.

I can remember those days Rob...before overflow "bags".
And I doubt if liability was an issue then, people didn't sue for just any
in days. They seemed to have had a higher ethic (not to mention less lawyers).
In fact, doctors even made house calls.

Chuck Sanborn
Torrance, CA
1964 Falcon Sprint
1986 F150 six banger (Hers)


Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 17:06:21 -0500
From: rtb>
Subject: Re: max tire height-F150

I have 33x9.5 BF Goodrich, and they work great, rub slightly in a real hard turn, but
generally not to bad. Paid $120 per tire at tirekingdom
92 F150 4x4

DannyF wrote:

> Date sent: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 11:16:23 -0500 (EST)
> From: Ford Truck Enthusiasts List Server>
> > What are the tallest tires & wheels that I can put on my 1996 standard
> > cab
> > F-150 pickup?
> >
> > Bob
> I just asked this question to 2 busy tire shops. 33 X 12.5 X 15 will
> rub on turns for sure. 31 X 10.5 X 15 will be OK except maybe
> turned hard and hitting a deep hole w/weak coil springs.
> Danny
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From: Fred Moreno>
Subject: TFI-IV Ignition Timing and More
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 15:10:29 -0700

Allright I finally caught up on all my emails! Taking days off does have

Chris wrote;

I have a suspition that I may not be getting any advance from my
there an easy way to check? I've been thinking about going to an MSD

Are you suspicious because of lack in performance or degredation in

Since we are dealing with computer controlled equipment, an old saying
applies; garbage in = garbage out. No other way around that one. People with
phobias toward computer controlled EFI's always love that argument.

By disconnecting the SPOUT connector, the timing will be at base, typically
calls for 10 degrees of timing advance. When you reconnect the SPOUT
connector (turn off the key & engine before reconnecting!) the timing should
be different because now the computer has its influeced calculated into the
I think mine jumps up to 15 degrees or so. If something similar happens to
your system, then the TFI-IV is working. Your SPOUT connector is a large
bullet type connector about 8" down the harness from your distributor
mounted TFI-IV module.

Next thing to look for is vacuum leaks, plugs, plug wires, cap/rotor, loose
manifold bolts (Hey I had some of those!), restricted air filter, base idle
(come on guys, what else am I forgetting here?).

Also I noted that people were talking about stalling and/or temporary high
idle RPM situation - okay so I scrolled real fast through a lot of the lists
to catch up.
Base Idle is similar to base timing. It needs to be checked. You will need
an auxilary tach for this test. Disconnect your IAC with the engine running
and warmed up. Now the computer has no influece on your idle speed.
Set the base idle to 650(?) or whatever the sticker calls for. If it needs
adjustment, set it using the idle set screw on the linkage - underneath the
plastic cover it hides under.
Once set properly, turn off the engine/key and reconnect the IAC. Done. Now
the computer has the proper starting point to set good idle speed.
Do not use the instrument OEM tak, not sure if its quality is the same as
all their other gauges.

Toodle-doo to the guys at Gardniers spares, jump in anytime, its fun, very
addictive and legal.

Phred KD5AQB
1995 F-150 4X4, with propane or gasoline fed 5.0L, 5 speed, and air bag.
La Union NM resident, El Paso TX employed where the cheap stuff is $1.35
gallon. Two weeks ago it was $1.19. How about anyone else?


Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 17:52:28 EST
Subject: FS: Dually Wheels

Ford 8-bolt, 8-hole polished dually alloys for sale. The following is
stamped on the inside of each wheel:

FORD (logo) 16x6K DOT-T A 100395 F4TA-1007-HA

Photo and my sob story posted at

Don't know what they're worth so make me an offer I can't refuse.

Will ship. I'm in Boulder, Colorado.

Bob Tunnell


From: "Michael J. Pasznik, Jr.">
Subject: Re: ez locker vs. powertrax help
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 19:53:14 -0500


It was one of those TNN NASCAR Garage shows they have on every now and
again. They were going through the rears and said the only options allowed
for the vehicles was either an open diff or a detroit locker.
Then again, I should know by now not to believe everything I see on TV.


>I thought they used spools?
>Michigan, Pot Hole Jumping,
>78 Bronco Loving, Gary
>>was made up when I heard that NASCAR uses Detroit Lockers.


Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 21:09:07 EST
Subject: Truck Value (Transmission)


As I mentioned about 3 or 4 days ago, i am going to buy a 95 or 96 F-250
ex-cab 4X4 with a 460 or PSD. I heard that there are 2 or 3 different five
speed manual trannys that were available. Are there anyone of them i should
watch out for that may lead to future problems? Or, are they all ok? Will
you get more power out of one or the other? What is the difference in the
gear ratios?


From: "Mark Behling">
Subject: Differential biasing question
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 20:11:52 -0800

I've been looking at several types of traction enhancing differentials for my 2 wheel
drive F150 long bed. One spec. I see stated often is biasing, which is sometimes given
in a ratio or simply given as high or low. Would anyone out there know exactly what the
term biasing means for differentials and what is ideal?

'96 F150 I6 5spd


From: "Tom Humphreys">
Subject: '99 Wheels?
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 22:40:33 -0800

Hey y'all,

I just bought a set of '99 stock wheels and tires off an F150. I only
wanted the tires for my F250. I tried to pawn the wheels off on the used
tire guy who mounted the tires for me in exchange for the labor. But, he
told me the '99's are a one year only bolt pattern and thus of very litle
value to him (made me pay cash!). Is this true? Anybody want to buy 'em?
What the heck can I do with them if they're useless to anyone except owners
of '99 5-lug F-series trucks (who presumably have a set already)? They're
kida fancy looking things too. Shwoopy, y'know? Pix available if you want.


Tom Humphreys, West Seattle
'71 Westy "Mach Schnell"
'67 Beetle
'83 F250 "Timberland"


Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 21:58:53 +1100
From: les williams>
Subject: Re: Leaning tires

Hi Gary,
I did assume that's what you were referring to...Yes, it's the twin 'I' beam
front end here. In fact one book (a US publication) I have here only recognizes
king pins, and you wonder why I sound confused. Does that mean that all those
balljointed 'I' beam front end's are a phantom????
I'm starting to feel sorry for the spare parts persons again.....

Lost in the Land of OZ

"Peters, Gary (G.R.)" wrote:

> Haven't looked at the 92 real close yet but I will this weekend for sure and
> let Y'all know what I find. The 91 E-150 was a one owner handycap van that
> no one else ever worked on but me. It came stock with king pins. Unless
> they are doing some kind of arcane thing with ball joints these days, the 92
> also has pins but I'll take a closer look this weekend anyway just to make
> sure :-)
> Do the ball joint versions use the twin I beam suspension?
> --
> Michigan, Pot Hole Jumping,
> 78 Bronco Loving, Gary


Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 21:59:21 +1100
From: les williams>
Subject: Re: Oil In Air Filter--Mine Too!

Has anybody tried out Jim's suggestion regarding how the engine oil gets into
the air cleaner ?
I don't actually know anyone with a I-6 to try it out on, this is Cleveland
Country around here in OZ and as Phred would say 'inquiring minds want to
know', and besides I have bet a 'slab' of beer on the 'right' answer!!!


Lost in the Land of OZ

Jim Cannon wrote:

> At 17:02 06/02/00 EST, you wrote:
> >There are about 15 guys I know (including me) having this same problem with
> >the same engine. I've changed everything in the crankcase system and
> nothing
> >has helped. I've also replaced every vacuum line, ensured the exhaust
> system
> I had a thought about this today, but have not had time to investigate on
> my I-6... It could be an indication of a resticted exhaust system
> (partially plugged cat converter or muffler). At wider throttle openings
> and higher RPM, when you try to push a lot through the exhaust system, the
> manifold vacuum will really drop off with high back pressure on the
> exhaust. You need the vacuum to pull the vapors and blow-by out of the
> crankcase. If the vacuum is not there, it will come out the filler vent.
> Check it out with a vacuum guage while you drive, under load and at higher
> RPM. Let me know what you find.
> Jim Cannon
> Houston, TX "A Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech
> '29 Ford Model A Phaeton and a helluva' engineer!"
> '80 Ford F-150 300 I-6 2WD '63 Buick Riviera 401 V-8


Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 09:26:26 EST
Subject: Re: '99 Wheels?

I believe I heard something of this in the TRUCKIN
Magizine. I think it had something to do with the
lug nuts and studs the way they tighten down. Flush
vice counter sunk. Don't quote me on that. I would
have thought the Tire and Wheel store would have known
the answer.

'99 F250 Super Duty, PWR STROKE, CC
'86 F25O S/C


From: "Joel Thomas">
Subject: body changing
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 09:22:09 -0600

I really need to know if my 1984 f150 cab will bolt onto a
70's model frame???
like a 72 or the later up to 79's

also I have been looking at a 1987 F250 2wd
frame that had a diesel and a c-6.
it iwll come with everything but the drivetrain
all the lines and steerig box and everything,
for 425$.

my question is how hard to put a front axle underneath the f250
to make it 4wd, and are the 2wd and 4wd frames different.
also i have a 351W and what are the differences between the diesel and 351W mtor mounts, it would probably be the 6.9L since its a 1987(not sure though)

thank you.
Joel Thomas
Little Rock,AR


Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 17:26:27 EST
Subject: new bed!!!!!

I an in need of a new bed and tail gate. I have a 87 f-150 and I am wanting a
bed off of a 90's model with the smooth tail gate. if any one has one for
sale or knows of anything to help me out please write back.



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