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80-96-list-digest Wednesday, December 8 1999 Volume 03 : Number 347

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Re: FTE 80-96 - Is this legal?
FTE 80-96 - ABS Diag Connector
FTE 80-96 - differance between C6 and C4
Re: FTE 80-96 - differance between C6 and C4
FTE 80-96 - Truck Seat
FTE 80-96 - Re: 80-96-Is this legal?
Re: FTE 80-96 - Clear Taillight lenses! Cool Fool
Re: FTE 80-96 - Wide tires and lift



Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 21:31:13 EST
Subject: Re: FTE 80-96 - Is this legal?

In a message dated 12/7/99 9:16:32 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

week if anyone wants it.

Blake >>
I would like those numbers if you don't mind.
Wayne Foy
'94 Flareside SC
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Date: Tue, 07 Dec 1999 19:50:46 PST
From: "Christopher Worley"
Subject: FTE 80-96 - ABS Diag Connector

Thanks for the help, you were right on the money, fixed my prob with your

'67 F100 352 LWB
'93 F150 351 SC

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Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 22:08:31 -0600 (CST)
From: (David Trowbridge)
Subject: FTE 80-96 - differance between C6 and C4

does anyone know the differance between a C6 and a C4 auto tranny? i
just found out that my F-150 has a C4 and not a C6 like i was told by
the original owner. thanx.....

85 F-150 300 I-6

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Date: Wed, 08 Dec 1999 00:08:21 -0600
From: Jim Cannon
Subject: Re: FTE 80-96 - differance between C6 and C4

At 22:08 07/12/99 -0600, you wrote:
>does anyone know the differance between a C6 and a C4 auto tranny? i
>just found out that my F-150 has a C4 and not a C6 like i was told by
>the original owner. thanx.....
>85 F-150 300 I-6

The C6 is a bit beefier. They are both 3-speed autos. The C4 is probably
adequate behind the I-6 engine if you do not tow things very often. I would
not put it behind anything with a lot of HP. For example, I think Ford put
them on the '65 Mustang with a 289 V8; my '73 LTD with the 400 CID V8 had
the C6.

Jim Cannon
Houston, TX "A Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech
'29 Ford Model A Phaeton and a helluva' engineer!"
'80 Ford F-150 300 I-6 2WD '63 Buick Riviera 401 V-8
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Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 22:22:05 -0800
From: "The Reis's"
Subject: FTE 80-96 - Truck Seat

I have been looking for a replacement seat for my 87 - F150 standard cab.
It has the standard grey low back basic seat. Does anyone have any
experience with the replacement seats offered in the ads in Truckin and
other mags? I've been to the wrecking yards around my area (seattle) but
most of the newer seats are trashed. I need to be able to seat 3 sometimes
but would like the folddown feature for pop cans, big gulps, etc. Anybody
tried 3 Aerostar or other minivan seats across the front, I measured mine
and it might fit without some armrests, but pretty crunched. Anyone know of
any good on line junkyards (oops: I mean truck part recyclers) that I could

eric in seattle
87 Ford F-150 I-6 4sp 4x4
93 Aerostar

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Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 02:13:41 -0600 (CST)
From: (George Hennessey)
Subject: FTE 80-96 - Re: 80-96-Is this legal?

When an oncoming driver fails to dim his vehicle's headlights, one
should immediately flash the brights. That way, yer both blind.

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Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 03:52:20 -0500
From: "Michael McCarthy"
Subject: Re: FTE 80-96 - Clear Taillight lenses! Cool Fool

This post is not a criticism of any previous post or individual. It is
merely my humble opinion.

You said it, "live and let live". In particular, "let live". Don't make your
vehicle unsafe to operate or hinder the ability of others to operate their
vehicles safely and nobody cares what you do to your truck. "Safety" is not
a rallying cry, it is a real concern. You are probably a responsible
individual but what about those who aren't? Yes, sometimes our legislators,
or others in authority, over react. Exercise your constitutional right to
get the law changed if you believe in your cause. Democracy & freedom carry
responsibilities, they are not an open license to do as we please without
regard for others. We are all restricted from doing EVERYTHING we want to

We have all seen some really fantastic looking trucks out there with all
kinds of lights, lifted, lowered and other assorted modifications and the
folks who operate them are safe and sane. We have also seen the bozo who
lifts his truck to the sky and then thinks he is driving a sports car, or
likes to pull right up behind you and shine his lights right in your rear
view mirror. Unfortunately, it is the later who gets all of the attention.

BTW, I picked up a little common courtesy driving habit in Japan. When most
drivers in Japan are sitting at a red light they turn off their head lights
and use only their parking lights. When the light changes they turn on their
head lights and continue on their way. It doesn't make much of a difference
when I am in my passenger car but in my truck, or motorhome, people really
appreciate it and they let me know they appreciate it. If everybody that
drove a "lifted", or higher, vehicle adopted this habit you might find
public opinion on your side rather than against you.

Michael McCarthy
Export, PA

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Date: Monday, December 06, 1999 8:03 PM
Subject: FTE 80-96 - Clear Taillight lenses! Cool Fool

>do ANYTHING else to change it such that someone would notice
>it, you're going to make some safety nazi out there try to legislate
>your hobby away. When will Americans just live and let live. Usually
>"safety" is the rallying cry to whip up the crowds fervor and herd them
>in the direction you wish. The fact someone doesn't like something or
>is irritated by it is never enough. You have to be able to point out
>how it's somehow unsafe. That way it's okay to stop your neighbors
>pursuit of happiness. Or so it seems to me.

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Date: Wed, 08 Dec 1999 20:05:48 +1100
From: les williams
Subject: Re: FTE 80-96 - Wide tires and lift

Hi Alex,
The headlight issue is obviously has greater latitude here in OZ, to what you
have.The worst headlights we have are the new 'Hi-brite' (??) type. That is the
Glass (polycarbonate) lense is clear, just like a plain sheet of glass, and the
job the lense used to do is now acomplished by the reflector body only. The type
of headlight is turning up on toyota rav 4x4, ford falcon's as used by the NSW
police, as well as others, and they are the biggest offenders. One was the victum
of the QI filament imprinting I mentioned previously. I suppose lights are like
anything else, once you have driven with a Good set, Set Up Right, it's difficult
to go back to the stock offerings. The F100 stock H*lla units comly with at legal
requirements, the european Cibie replacements, and this isn't spam, are streets
ahead in lighting performance for the same wattage, and they have the 'cornering
lights' built in, as part of the lensing system. Aha... I know what you next
question is, How Muchchizit?? Half the price of H*lla. In my opinion, the only
person that can set lights up is the driver, and I know the garage wall is the
favoured suggestion, but may I suggest a factory complex drive way at night? Park
the truck over the concrete centre line and go for it, this allows far greater
accuracy in seeing where the lights are pointing, over distance, in the real
world. The process isn't rocket science, and after you have done it a couple of
times, it's dead easy. If you can adjust the slow idle speed on a carby, you can
adjust headlights.

As regards the act of Modifying the Suspension, this is tightly regulated, but
still varies from state to state. If you modify without an engineers certificate
(EC) you will void your insurance and have problems at rego time. The police can
stick your vehicle with a 'yellow canary' (defect notice) this requires a trip to
an inspection station, and you can bet they will find a few extra things to amuse
you with!! To modify anything serious requires the services of an engineer for
the EC. That costs money.
So to use your example of a' 3/4 T GMC with about a 6'' lift', Is the Engineer
prepared to sign a legal document that it's OK ? In three words, Not Bloody
Likley!! You do get people trying to gain height with springs and or wheels only,
but that creates more problems anyway. The thing I don't understand, with lifting
the truck is, How are you suppose to work on it?? Mine is on 31X10.50R15LT's and
I have to drag a milk crate around with me to stand on, to do anything more than
check the oil!! Maybe, If I was 20 yrs younger, I could climb around the engine
bay like a monkey, but even that gets tiresome after a while, Second thoughts on
that one - MSD installed in here, No way am I going to swing my butt around an
engine bay with THAT installed......

Wide tyres, sounds similar to you, the guard must cover the tyre and comply with
the tyre sticker on the drivers door, and all suspension requirements. If the
vehicle is used for off road use then all the rules are broken, and in the more
isolated parts of the territory, who's out there to enforce it anyway. Oz is a
Big Country.

We did go thru a dark period where nothing or very little could be changed if the
vehicle had a compliency plate affixed, on otherwords anything post 1970. The
situation now is if you use the services of an engineer as you modify, a lot of
things can be done. The Street Machine Scene is looking up. The smog rules have
produced an interesting spin on engine swaps. I am aware of a couple of Fairlanes
( and a hell of a lot of other vehicles !!) that have had the stock 302w engine
swapped out for a rather hairy 351c engine. If you choose to convert to 'propane
only' at the same time, that will be the end of you smog questions and 'big
engine swaps' will not be questioned. Now don't ask why would you toss out a
windsor for a cleveland engine, it's a long story.....'Once upon atime on a
mountain in Bathurst, the tribes of Ford & GM would meet and.... Hellpp,
The general consensus is that propane Sux, so how much trouble can you get into?
Now, I don't particularly want to start a range war over propane, but don't kid
youselves that it is a poor performer, the performance is in a slightly different
direction, single propane fueled vehicles are common down here and I know of an
F100 swb, 351 4V Clevo, dual turbo's, Toploader box, 9" rear end, pulling 11s
over the Quarter. Yes, if he used petrol, he may squeese another half second off
the time, but still, Not bad for a mobile B-B-Q!!


Lost in the Land of OZ wrote:

> Dave R (M-block devotee):
> Like I said, enforcement is spotty but lift kits or ANY suspension
> modifications are illegal in Colorado. I'm not speaking out of my back side
> on this. I work closely with law enforcement on a daily basis and 2 of my
> best friends are traffic cops. (I take a bit of good-natured grief from them
> about my '85 Bronco's 3'' lift and 31X10.5 tires) During that little snow
> storm we had here last week, a 3/4 T GMC with about a 6'' lift rear-ended a
> Suburu wagon full of kids just outside the mall. The damage from such a low
> speed collision should have been bumper-to-bumper but instead was
> bumper-to-rear window. This sort of thing is why, in my opinion, the law was
> enacted. Luckily the injuries to the kids was only from flying glass but the
> driver was issued citations for following too close and for his modified
> suspension. It happens more often than you may know. Just in case you
> didn't catch Ken Woods post on this subject, check out the following URL:
> (Thanks Ken!)
> I don't see that many headlights out of alignment at night in metro Denver,
> but when I do it's usually a vehicle with weight in the rear causing the
> headlights to point up, or some sort of a SUV with a lift kit. It's easy to
> adjust the headlights on Ford trucks to compensate for lifts... all you need
> is a wall and either a screw driver or a cheapo adjusting tool that's
> available at most any parts house. (The real clowns that hurt my eyes are the
> ones with the after-market driving lights. I don't have a problem with
> after-market lightning or factory running lights, I just don't see a need to
> ever have them on in town.)
> The purpose to my post was to look for feed-back from other areas of the
> country (and Canada & Oz?) to see if lift kits and wide tires are regulated
> and/or tolerated by law enforcement. The only time I've overheard the boys in
> blue talking about giving tickets for oversized tires was in the context of
> ''attitude tickets''
> And now for the big secret: Although the suspension law is still on the
> books and still being enforced, it was declared unconstitutional in 1976. If
> you were to get a ticket and then contest it, the agency will withdraw it and
> then likely replace it with a defective vehicle complaint. Most people won't
> go to the trouble of contesting it when they find out that the suspension
> ticket doesn't carry any point penalties and the defective vehicle does.
> Alex
> (and Dave, when it came to low-end grunt, I REALLY miss my old 400. They
> just don't make 'em like that any more...and it got 17mpg)
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