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80-96-list-digest Saturday, September 11 1999 Volume 03 : Number 254

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Re: FTE 80-96 - Sad Ford Aftermarket
FTE 80-96 - Re: '87 Tailgate latch -- HELP!
Re: FTE 80-96 - Speedometer cable
FTE 80-96 - EGR Supply tube...'91 F-150 5.8
FTE 80-96 - Feinstein-Gorton amendment (CAFE standards)



Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 07:48:11 -0500
From: "Steve Schmeckpeper"
Subject: Re: FTE 80-96 - Sad Ford Aftermarket

Yo Greg!
My sentiments exactly! As a matter of fact....."Sad Ford Aftermarket" is the
reason I belong to the list!! (In the last year I've picked up more GREAT
info from the list, than the last 20 on my own.)
A while back I was pretty much makin' the same lament to my buddy about
timing chain covers (~200 for Ford cast aluminum from the dealer/~20 for
Ch*y chrome steel from Autozone) I sez "it makes me wanna go over to the
Dark Side". He sez "go to". I did it and I'm glad ;^))
Thanks Ken Payne!!!!!!!!
79 F100 & 87F150............ as of this post ;^)

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From: Greg Carter

> I sit here working late because I spent another day surfing the web
> for engine parts when I should have been working...
> I have been looking at putting in a built 351w into my truck. About the
> best I have found (price wise) is:

> But its still pricey when compared to a Chev and it sucks, and I haven't
> even included what it is going to cost me to convert to mass air and
> the EFI (injectors, performance intake...). 8 years ago I rebuilt a 289
> my Mustang, and I remember having to pay more for parts just because it
> a Ford. I thought back then "boy wont it be great with all these new 5.0
> Mustangs and all the new aftermarket parts.", but nothing has changed.
> If I had a Chev 350 I could go to the FACTORY and get a bran new 330 hp
> engine assembly , for just under $2000. No used block, no used
crank, >rods, right from the factory.
> What does Ford have, an SVO 351 for $4500, sure you get a water pump and
> distributor, or I could get the short block with no cam for $1700, what a
> deal.
> You can get a good set of performance heads (on above engine) from Chev
> fully assembled for the 350 for $414 a pair

>you can't even get one assembled GT-40 head for that.
> Am I missing something, just not looking in the right places?
> PS, the reason I know about the Chev stuff is because my friend with a
> has been nice enough to point out how much cheaper it is.
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Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 11:45:23 -0400
From: "Serian"
Subject: FTE 80-96 - Re: '87 Tailgate latch -- HELP!

> I got the tailgate of my '87 F-150 jammed, left side latched,
> right side not, but up tight against my load.
> When I tried to open it back up, I couldn't get it unlatched,
> and upon pulling harder on the latch handle, broke the left
> hand side.
> Any advice in getting it open, and then in replacing the latch
> handle?

how tight does it fit against the rest of the box ?

sometimes, you can slip a flat screwdriver between the tailgate
and the edge of the box where the latch mechanism is, and then
push the latching tab back in with the screwdriver (always works
for me, so long as the screwdriver fits !) The latch handle is held
in (at least on my '83) by two or three hex head screws that you
can find easily with the tailgate down and looking in the approximate
location of the handle on the other side. On my '83, they are 10 mm
hex heads. its a pretty easy swap, but be sure not to break those
little plastic rod holders that keep your latch tab operating rods
from falling out. good luck

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Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 21:26:17 -0500
From: Blake Malkamaki
Subject: Re: FTE 80-96 - Speedometer cable

>In your case the electronic sensor at the transfer case end is probably for
>the cruise control. It's signal also goes to the computer and the dash on
>later trucks for transmission control and speedo functions. You can replace
>just the core on this type of cable, chances are however that the case has
>a groove worn in it at one of the bends. You could try lubricating the
>cable with graphite powder. This still involves removing the cable though.
>At this point it might be just as easy to install a new one.

Ok, found out today the speedometer cable is fine. It's the drive gear on
the back end of the transfer case is shot. Ordered one from Ford and fixing
the ratio too so the speed is currect with my 33" tires.

Little Mountain
Concord, Ohio
Early Oil Well Historian
"Society is safest when the criminals don't know who's armed."
"An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject...."

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Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 21:42:38 -0500
From: "Dave Harmier"
Subject: FTE 80-96 - EGR Supply tube...'91 F-150 5.8

Will I be able to change it without pulling my hair out?
The upper connection appears a piece '0' cake.
The bottom is a WHOLE other story.

Even the best cobb up fix I could throw at it failed, and it's leaking
exhaust again!


Dave H.
Houston, TX
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Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 23:06:11 -0500
From: Paul M Radecki
Subject: FTE 80-96 - Feinstein-Gorton amendment (CAFE standards)

It is time for the annual attempt by certain politicians to limit
the manufacture of trucks. Senators Feinstein (D,CA) and Gorton (R,WA)
have introduced an amendment to the FY2000 Transportation Appropriations
bill which would allow the DOT to raise Corporate Average Fuel Economy
(CAFE) standards for light trucks. CAFE standards are designed to limit
the number of trucks and SUVs automakers can sell, which in turn causes
prices to inflate. Ford must make a huge profit on every Expedition they
sell because they are practically giving away Escorts in order to meet
their mandated Corporate Average Fuel Economy. This is why you can no
longer buy an inexpensive new truck.
If you don't want the Government deciding what kind of vehicle you
are allowed to drive, you can find your Senators' email addresses here:

If you want some interesting reading, check out the July 2, 1999
issue of USA Today (pg B1). In an article entitled "Deaths by the
Gallon", USA Today concluded that CAFE standards have cost 46,000
American lives since 1975 - lives that would have been saved by larger,
heavier vehicles. It also debunks several myths concerning truck safety.
For example, in 1997 there were 12,144 people killed in small cars.
Only 136 of them died in collisions with "killer" SUVs. Most (56%) died
in one-car crashes or collisions with other small cars, both cases in
which large vehicles are safer. You can view the whole Special Report
online at (it'll cost you a buck) or at your
local library.
Ford truck loving Libertarian
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