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FTE 80-96 - Re: 80-96-list Brakes and shocks
Re: FTE 80-96 - Brakes and Shocks
FTE 80-96 - Wheels Needed
FTE 80-96 - Gas Milleage question
FTE 80-96 - New to list- 1988 Ford F150
FTE 80-96 - re:Rear Seal and Torque Converters



Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 06:15:43 -0800 (PST)
From: rokkinhorsewebtv.net
Subject: FTE 80-96 - Re: 80-96-list Brakes and shocks

I recently replaced the front pads on my 94 Bronco w/ 50K miles on
it.There was still qiute a bit of material left on them,but wanted to go
ahead and do it.The rotors were in good shape too,but shiney. I used a
DA sander with some 120 grit paper on it to dress the rotors on both
sides,purchased some of those lifetime NASCAR brand front pads, a tube
of the pastic compound that is used between the piston and pad and
reassembled it.The sanding of the rotors I did with them on the
truck.There were some shallow grooves that were still there after this
process,but the hard spots seemed to all come out,leaving a dull
cross-hatched finish.I didn't want to have them turned because the
tendency is that they get thin and warp. I didn't do anything with the
calipers as they weren't leaking.If yours aren't leaking,I'd leave them
alone.This worked very well.Truck doesn't pull to one side or squeak
when the brakes are applied.After finishing this brake job,I bled all 4
brakes by starting at the furthest wheel from the master cylinder and
refilled with synthetic brake fluid as I went. If you do this,use a
clear plastic coke bottle to observe the color of the fluid bleeding
out.You will definately be spending most of your time on that right rear
wheel,but the rest will bleed alot faster. This brake fluid replacement
took about an hour and I used about a quart and a half of the new
fluid.The fluid is now good for at least another 3 years and the way I
get around to these kinds of projects,probably 5 :-)

Randy Goolsby-94 Bronco EB/85 F250 4x4

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Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 20:54:45 EST
From: FoxDFoxaol.com
Subject: Re: FTE 80-96 - Brakes and Shocks

you got it wrong, his name is Jim.
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Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 19:09:44 -0800
From: Bob Kennedy
Subject: FTE 80-96 - Wheels Needed

I'm looking for 5 rims, 9.75 x 16.5 on a 5 on 5.5" bolt
pattern. Does anybody have any they wish to part with?

Olympia, Wa

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Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 23:03:27 -0500
From: EJ
Subject: FTE 80-96 - Gas Milleage question

What should be the average cruising range for my truck, stock weight,
after a *complete* fuel fill up ?

1992 F-250 460, E4OD, 3.55 gears, dual tanks(37.2 gal ?), 4WD w/auto
hubs, selector on floor.

Anybody have a similarly equipped ride ?

Or better yet, with similar weight increasing ad-ons similar to mine(my
truck can be seen by clicking on the link in my sig below)


.....thinking the 10-12 mpg the new Excursion will be geting is sounding
rather economical at this point ;) .
- --
"EJ" In Hamilton Township, New Jersey, suburb of Trenton
On digest where availabile, not regular mail
E-Mail: oldsluvrbellatlantic.net
The "Fleet"
1979 Pontiac "Olds organ donor" Trans Am T-tops Rebuilt Olds 6.6L 403
4bbl-TH350 Performer Cam and Intake.....going into the Calais
For Sale.
1984 Olds Cutlass Calais T-Tops 5.0L 307 4bbl-TH350-2.14 gears K+N.....
soon to be 6.6L 403 4bbl, and hopefully some better "rear" gears
1985 Olds Toronado 5.0L 307 4bbl-AOD(newly acquired Sept. 98).
1992 Lincoln Mark VII LSC Moonroof 5.0L 302 EFI HO-AOD-3.27 gears
inner fender baffle removed-K+N.
1992 Ford F-250 Reg-Cab 4WD 7.5L 460 EFI-E4OD Auto-3.55 gears.
3-inch converter-dual outlet flowmaster 3 chamber.
Complete K+N(no more factory air-box)-ADS Super Chip-Spitfires-
Accel Super Coil-Cap-Rotor & 8.8 wires.
1994 Toyota Camry Sedan 4-banger-(Wow we could have had a V6!)-"mili
-liter"-AOD. K+N (why did I even bother, still a slug!)
My SO's rider
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Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 21:12:14 -0800
From: "Nolan Woodbury"
Subject: FTE 80-96 - New to list- 1988 Ford F150

Hello everyone,

My name is Nolan Woodbury, and I'm a Ford owner again, after nearly 19
years. As a way of introduction, I'm a industrial tool maker, and on the
side do a lot of vintage motorcycle photography, and free lance writing,
and of course....a the wife and kids thing too.

Just recently, a good friend (who happens to be a used truck salesman) gave
a call and said he had a real cherry on the lot....one owner, low miles,
and would I be interested in having a look? In 1996, my trusty 1970 C10
longbed (which I drove for 17 years) was stolen from my carport and never
recovered. In the meantime, I'd fixed up a junker '73 C10, and although it
ran well, the body was full of bondo, and the interior was wasted...I don't
make payments on trucks for myself (I keep the wife in a newer Suburban) so
I was looking to deal. I use my truck for my motorcycle projects, photo
shoots, and rallies. Recently, I've been involved with a lot of out of town
events, so I needed something a bit newer and better.

This is not my first Ford; that was a 1965 Custom 500 2 door post (289,
2bbl, three-on-the-tree) that I bought as a junior in High School. I
remember that car was a one owner Ford as well, a little old lady special.
I'll never forget opening the ashtray and finding mints inside. It was a
great car.

I purchased this 1988 Ford F150 Custom for $4500. It's a long bed, silver
and red, (with a matching shell) and a beautiful red interior. 302 FI,
5-speed OD, and the trailer towing option. 85K. Although the clutch sticks
down a bit when cold (I did read the fix on the homepage however, and will
get to it as time allows) the truck runs perfectly and drives wonderfully.
I like it because of the _lack_ of troublesome (to me) options; no power
windows, locks, or seat, no cruise, just PS, PB, air, and a nice stereo.
Even red rubber flooring instead of carpet. PERFECT! Just the way I would
have ordered it myself.

However, one slight niggle is the "whooshing" or vacuum release noise when
I shut the truck off....which seems to be coming from under the dash near
the heater/AC controls. Everything is working perfectly...so what could it
be? I have checked all the (that I can see) vacuum lines under the hood,
and under the dash, I don't see any within reach. Do I have to get the
tools out, or is this noise normal F150 owners?

Funny thing: The first time I saw this truck and drove it, I pulled open
the ashtray to have a peek, and it was full of mints! "I'll take it" I told
my dealer friend.

Nolan Woodbury
Coolidge, AZ

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Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 21:24:07 -0800
From: bob chaytor
Subject: FTE 80-96 - re:Rear Seal and Torque Converters

And lastly, the attached message mentions "rear seal oil leakage
similar to what you would expect from a bad pvc valve." My Cougar has a

leaking rear seal, could it be related to the pvc? If it could be,
could someone explain why that is?]

The pcv valve (positive crankcase ventilation) , if not working will
allow pressure to build up in your crankcase causing the rear seal to
leak. The valve can plug up or in my case the inlet plugging up with
scum not allowing air to flow through. Normally it is the pcv valve and
they should be changed when ever a filter change is done.

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