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FTE 80-96 - A Little More on Springfield
FTE 80-96 - E-250 lower ?
Re: FTE 80-96 - Posessed?
RE: FTE 80-96 - 83 F-150 advise
FTE 80-96 - FTE t-shirt
Re: FTE 80-96 - ADMIN: Anti-SPAM
Re: FTE 80-96 - E-250 lower ?
FTE 80-96 - Re: 80-96-list-digest V2 #298 Rhino Linings



Date: Wed, 02 Sep 1998 06:53:56 -0400
From: The Neighbors
Subject: FTE 80-96 - A Little More on Springfield

Hey all!
I let myself fall behind on checking my e-mail, so I didn't notice
until this morning (Wednesday) that a few of you need more info. Sorry
about that! "Springfield '98 - Fall" will be held at the Clark County
fairgrounds in Springfield, Ohio, near Dayton and Xenia, and within
sight of I-70. For those of you who like to camp out, there are
campgrounds at one end of the fairgrounds with hookups for those who
need them. Campsites with hookups cost $20 a night, general admission is
$5 a head.
For more info call (937)376-0111.

See you there!

- --
Don Neighbors
'54 F250 Named Grover

"Any dropped tool or part will automatically fall into the most
innaccesible part of the vehicle."


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Date: Wed, 02 Sep 1998 15:25:00 +0200
From: "=?iso-8859-1?Q?Bj=F8rnar?= Huse"
Subject: FTE 80-96 - E-250 lower ?

Hi again.

I have a 1990 E-250 Club Wagon 7.3 diesel. One objection to its
construction; it looks like it's on stilts. Do anyone have a tip on how
to lower the thing without detriment to its driving characteristics?

Thanks, Bj=F8rnar
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Date: Wed, 02 Sep 1998 10:35:08 +0000
From: Garr&Pam
Subject: Re: FTE 80-96 - Posessed?

Help!! Is my 94' F-150 4WD (5.8L) posessed by demons?
1) The symptoms:
The transmission (E4OD) intermittantly goes into neutral (even worse
is when it comes back into gear- better be off the gas when that
Some times occurs at shift point, sometimes at cruise, sometimes at
lot speeds. Every now & then it only has a mild case of confusion wherre
just unlocks/locks the torque converter at cruise. Intermixed with all
is an occasional hi or erratic idle speed. Occasionally I can associate
problems coincident with road bumps -sometimes not.
2) Repair saga:
Rebooting the PCM (by disconnecting the battery) will damn near cure
the problems for a short time but they always come back. There are no
"hard" codes (111), but I consistently get a memory code of 122 (TPS
signal lo) and the KOER test passes with no problems (111). After bench
testing the TPS sat, I replaced it any way (that was the beginning of
long saga) -no change. I then convinced myself (via reading TSB's) that
TPS connector must be bad (tested OK though) so I replaced it with a
trailer connecter- no change. I then followed the TPS wiring back to the
intake manifold harness, replacing every kinked or blemished spot that I
could find- no change. I should also mention that the problem is
by hi ambient temperatures (which we get alot of here in Phoenix, AZ.),
this summer was my breaking point . The symptons got so bad that I had
difficulty maintaining hiway speed at times- neutraling out often!
Then I came upon TSB #230A -an insufficient ground on the MLP which
causes the transmission to neutral out. It too tested OK -but hey, we're
talk'in about an intemittent problem here. So I implimented the TSB
recommended repair by splicing in a seperate ground wire to circuit #46
the MLP connector (happens to be the common signal return circuit). Oooh
baby -got some action on the hard codes after a day or so after driving
with that circuit grounded! Gone were the intermittant problems,
by definite failures -3rd gear starts, no TCS lock-up, hard shifting and
more. Dumped the codes but had reached the end of my diagnostic
without a break-out box and a trans tester ($$). Rebooting the PCM would
cure all problems for a short (and successively shorter) periods of time
3) The Ford dealer ($$):
I removed the ground wire from circuit #46 and hauled down to the
dealer for some profesional diagnosis. He diagnosed a bad shift solenoid
> assy in the tranny. Cost me $465 (included a major trans service) to
> repair. Now I'm back to the same aforementioned intermittant problems which
> I have grown to recognize without even looking at the tach or speedometer.
> The dealer recommends replacing the entire transmssion ($2300) and being
> done with it. I'm having a hard time believing that this will correct the
> problem. I'm also having a hard time parting with $2300. The transmission
> operates beautifully when it is not experiencing these intermittant
> problems. I suppose I could have the dealer spend what ever time it takes
> to solve the problem, but at $68/hr and no gaurantees- it's not a good
> option in my mind.
> 4) My plead:
> I'm at my wit's (and pocket book's) end. I am looking to all of you
> kind and knowledgable Ford folks to bail me out before I trade for a Chevy!
> Any advice would be appreciated. Sorry so wordy on the letter.
> ......R.B.

E-mail level 10 they specialize in E4OD trannies. Most of the Lightning
guys use them and praise them for thier work..I think they could even
rebuild yours to alot better than stock for 2300!!! Thier web site is
Hope this helps
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Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1998 09:39:52 -0500
From: Sean Winters
Subject: RE: FTE 80-96 - 83 F-150 advise

I have a 2.5" two chamber Flowmaster on an inline 6. It also has a BIG
resonator tip on the end that adds to the sound quite a bit. It sounds
pretty cool, but don't have any delusions of it sounding like the 5 liter
Mustangs with the same setup. (That sound brings tears to my eyes) Maybe
with a header....

With any mod like this, you will see a little improvement in power; nothing
astronomical. Gas mileage went up maybe 1~2 mpg.

smart a** mode: OFF X ON
If you are looking for big performance gains how about a 250hp shot of
NOS??? Should work great on a big 6 with 177K. :^)
smart a** mode: X OFF ON

Sean Winters

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From: DHall8577aol.com [mailto:DHall8577aol.com]
Sent: Tuesday, September 01, 1998 5:23 PM
To: 80-96-listford-trucks.com
Subject: FTE 80-96 - 83 F-150 advise

In a message dated 98-09-01 07:43:24 EDT, you write:

single pipe and the cat. is already gone. How about a nice sounding
deep but not too loud. What are you guys using...Flowmaster?

I have heard about those Flowmasters, are they good, will they work on a
4.9L inline 6? Will it sound good?, I also have 173,000 miles on mine and
looking for a little boost in power.

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Date: Wed, 02 Sep 1998 22:19:41 -0400
From: Ken Payne
Subject: FTE 80-96 - FTE t-shirt

This past Spring I mentioned putting together a Ford Truck Enthusiasts
t-shirt. Several list members sent in pictures for the design. Thanks
for the time you took to do this. Unfortunately, due to time constraints
and a lack of artistic ability, I haven't been able to come up with a

I'd like to ask list members to come up with a design. It should show
the spirit of what FTE is all about and no focus on one specific type
of truck. Perhaps 2-3 trucks on the design from different eras. Peggy
and I are going to put together a prize pack (to be announced in the
next few days) and the winner will get the prize pack, along with their
signature in the design.

All designs will be posted to the web site, along with an anonymous
voting center so everyone can vote on it. We'll keep the final price
of the t-shirt reasonable.

Send the designs to kpayneford-trucks.com. Note in the email that
its for the t-shirt contest. We prefer JPEG (JPG) formated files but
most anything else will work.

On another note, several people emailed me concerning the spammer. I'm
a little behind in my email and will reply to your comments/questions

Ken Payne
CoAdmin, Ford Truck Enthusiasts

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Date: Thu, 3 Sep 1998 00:17:56 EDT
From: ValleyDECAaol.com
Subject: Re: FTE 80-96 - ADMIN: Anti-SPAM

Thanks Ken!

You're help is much appreciated.
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Date: Thu, 3 Sep 1998 00:27:27 EDT
From: JSC721aol.com
Subject: Re: FTE 80-96 - E-250 lower ?

Why would you want to lower it. its an e-250 and it has the heavy duty
suspension. its built to take the weight.i have an 89 e-250 and my truck
stands tall, and i can load it up pretty good without dragging my a_ _ on the
ground.buy a e-150 it will be much lower.good luck.
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Date: Tue, 01 Sep 1998 17:50:41 -0700
From: Len LaSac
Subject: FTE 80-96 - Re: 80-96-list-digest V2 #298 Rhino Linings

>From: Gary Callahan
>Subject: FTE 80-96 - Rhino Linings

> I have run across a product, that looks pretty good to me, called >Rhino Linings. It is a thick sprayed on polyurethane permanent coating >for the truck bed. If you contact the companies web site they will >send you a sample in the mail. The sample I received seems pretty >strong and durable. Has anyone else had experience with this product >or a similar product?

>Gary Callahan

I've had a Rhino Liner for over four years in the bed of my 90 F250
XCAB. I have a fifth wheel, crew box and 50 Gal extended fuel transfer
tank in the bed. I've hauled rock, batteries, metal, wood, sand, salt,
mower tractor, chippers, brush, ladders and other abrasive material in
the bed of the truck. NOTHING has affected the liner. It is tough as
nails, still plyable, has retained it's "tint" (grey.) It is a cold
application but is a two part mixture that has an epoxy type chemical
action that "heats up" when exposed to air.

The paint on the truck was replaced by Ford, but the bed was not
warrented. I had a drop in bed liner and the bed was rusting. I asked
the vender what "prep work" was necessary. I removed the loose paint,
and it was "shot" with the Rhino Liner. I was worried about the rust,
the vender said that the liner would bond and seal the metal, without
air the rust(oxidation) process would stop. He was correct, the only
place I don't have a rust problem is the bed of the truck!

I feel it is well worth the price, the truck was ready to be taken out
of the shop and driven 1 hour after the bed was shot.

Len LaSac aka gunnyaccessone.com
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