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Re: FTE 80-96 - ABS Light



Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 20:55:20 -0700
From: johny
Subject: Re: FTE 80-96 - ABS Light

About a year or 2 ago, this happened to my 89 broncoII. I did not want
to believe it was the RABS valve, but a $60 hookup to a Ford Diagnostic
computer confirmed it. The $240 quote was about what I was quoted.(included

I took a look at the part, and for $100 less, I did it my self.
It's not that hard. Bought a flare nut wrench and...
2 lines in from the master cylinder, and 1 line out to the rear brakes.
The thing is located on the frame rails and is pretty easy to get to.
And there is an electrical connector on it.

The broncoII being a much shorter wheelbase, was way easier to lock up
the rear tires. Too scary for me not to fix.

Oh, If I remember correctly it all started to happen, after I changed the brakes,
and *then* decided to slam on them to see how well the brakes worked.

Seems to be a trend on the "hard stop" theme? Wonder if there is a TSB?
If you can't find it online, sometimes the local parts houses are a wealth
of information. It's worth asking.

For what it's worth, it was in the 70,000 mile territory as well.

- -john

Ken Payne wrote:

> Forwarded for: William Street
> I have the same problem on my 90 Ranger 2 wheel drive w/5 speed. Lights came
> on after
> a very hard stop. My brake guy ran diagnostics and said it was the RABS module
> wh*ch
> costs about $240 (plus labor). Since I wasn't prepared to fork out the money
> at the time,
> I've just lived with it - it's kinda like driving w/o ABS - you have to pump
> the brakes to
> keep from locking up the rears under hard decel. This happened over a year
> ago.
> The kicker is: about a month ago the ABS and Brake lights went out - now they
> come
> on at random times but are off about 75% of the time. I haven't had the
> 'opportunity'
> to test ABS to see if it's really working. Not sure what to do next but am
> eagerly
> awaiting wisdom from this list.
> Bill
> Golly, Scott M wrote:
> > Howdy Ford Friends,
> >
> > I have a good one for you. My little lady gave me her truck and said that
> > she slammed the brakes on real hard yesterday to the point that the ABS had
> > to activate. Now the ABS light won't go off and the Brake light won't go
> > off. It is a 93 Ford Ranger XLT extended cab 4x4 with an auto tranny. I
> > checked the fluid level, it is good. No vacuum lines are disconnected, is
> > this a thing that I need to reset or what???
> >
> > Scott Golly
> >
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