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Subject: Re: FTE 80-96 - AOD vs. E4OD
FTE 80-96 - Clutch pressure plate bolts
FTE 80-96 - RE: tires
Re: FTE 80-96 - Automatic Overdrive.



Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 16:13:01 -0600
From: "Dave Resch"
Subject: Subject: Re: FTE 80-96 - AOD vs. E4OD

Yo Dudes:

The AOD was used w/ the 351W in Crown Vic police cars from 1979 to 1989.
It was used behind the 5.0 (302) in Crown Vics, Mustangs(& Capris), and
Thunderbirds. It was never used behind the 460 big block, but I'm not sure
what engines it was used w/ in trucks.

Dave R. (M-block devotee)

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Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 16:23:50 -0600
From: "Dave Resch"
Subject: FTE 80-96 - Clutch pressure plate bolts

Yo Casey and Wojo:

When I replaced the clutch on my 1980 F250 4x4 351M last year, I found no
washers on the bolts that attach the pressure plate to the flywheel. I
have seen some manuals that show no washers used w/ the pressure plate

I would check w/ a Ford manual or a Ford dealer parts/service department
before you decide whether or not to use any washers. Maybe some
applications used them and some did not.

BTW: There should not be sufficient vibration in the flywheel to cause
properly torqued bolts to loosen. If you have that kind of vibration in
your flywheel, you've got a lot worse problems than loosening pressure
plate bolts. If you're really concerned about the bolts, you could use
some LocTite on the threads.

Also, Wojo, watch out for the flywheel balance when you re-thread the
stripped hole (heli-coil or whatever). Might be worth having the flywheel
balance checked if you have to make that kind of repair.

Good luck.

Dave R. (M-block devotee)

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Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 16:48:02 -0600
From: Fred Moreno
Subject: [none]

Hey Jorge,

First, let me say I work for a spin off of the company that designed
and builds the MSD ignition, actually, they are right next door to us (I
work in the Alternative Fuels div.). My paycheck thus is from Autotronic
Control Corp. I am not a salesman by far, I take technical emails and
phone calls, write installation instructions and run our own production
I have an MSD Off-Road 6AL + MSD Billet distributor and a set of 8.5mm
wires installed on my 1995 5.0L 4X4. This truck now has 112K miles I
installed each component at different times to see how much of an effect
it would make.
I started out with the 8.5 mm wires because the OEM wires just went to
caca real quick, in about 30K miles. Wow, I was impressed because the
miss I had with the stock wires went away ( no surprise there as long as
the wires are of decent quality). Okay I was happy. You can't really
compare a faulty set of wires with 30K miles behind them with a brand
new set. But what I can do is again state that the truck has 112K miles
with the same set of wires, and no complaints.
Around 45K miles I finally got my hands on that super cool looking
black Off-Road MSD box and being an avid off-roader, well what the hell.
Yes I could tell a difference of how easy it starts and how much
smoother the engines seems to accelerate. Just putting around town type
of driving I saw no real difference in performance, but when the split
personality kicks-in while driving with a good song on the radio, and
the right hand downshifts the manual tranny to get around some brain
dead 9-to-5'er stuck in the left lane, YEAH I can feel it! Houston we
have lift-off! (I am not condoning this type of driving, but I have my
weak moments - no flames please guys)
This is my experience with the products, the MSD did die on me once (
that was no fun with the spousal unit inquiring diligently no less) but
I got it replaced promptly. Customer service is important no matter
where you shop.
I wil ask the MSD tech guys about the site you post. They are into
racing and that sort of stuff, I deal with everyday commuting and don't
make enough money for that.

Fred Moreno
Autotronic Controls Corp. - Alternate Fuels div.
El Paso TX.

Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 11:39:58 PDT
From: "Jorge Ramirez"
Subject: [none]

Hello list...

Does anyone have an MSD or Jacobs ignition systems installed?

I happened across this URL, take a look...Is it live or is it memorex.


Seems to be some kind of spark enhancer, but not MSD/Jacobs type.


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Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 16:08:19 -0700
From: Steve Faust
Subject: FTE 80-96 - RE: tires

Blaine wrote:
I own a 1982 F-250 4x4 ... and was considering a 2 inch lift. What is
the biggest tire I could put on without a problem. I have been told 33
inch max, but I really want 35 inch tires. How much of a lift would I
need to run the 35?

The suspension company application chart I have says that you should be
able to fit up to 36" tire with no modifications with the 2" lift or up
to a 38" tire with a 4" lift on a 80-91 4WD. This doesn't mean that you
might not get a little tire rub in hard wheeling situations if your
slamming the truck around. FYI it says that a 92-96 4WD will only take a
33" tire with the 2" lift without moving the OEM 'wrap around' bumper,
also says only 33" on a 80-91 2WD w/ 2" lift.

BTW a good tire shop will mount up a tire and put it on the truck so you
can see how it fits (if your buying the tire from them of course).

Good Luck!

Steve Faust -- '88 F-250 Supercab 4x4 (7.3)

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Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 19:40:57 -0400
From: troywmfi.net (Troy Williams)
Subject: Re: FTE 80-96 - Automatic Overdrive.

On 30 Jul 98, at 20:51, Robert Kennedy wrote:

>A different solution;
>You could try to adjust the kickdown cable that controls the downshift of
>the transmission w/acceleration. That should bring it out of OD as you
>throttle it.

Hmmmmmmm, that's odd 'cause I have ready access to an 86 F-
150, and an '82 LTD that does the EXACT same thing as mine. :( I
will see how that might help it out. Thanks for the help.

You might be a redneck if... You have a sign on your front door
explaining house rules and liability. - Jeff Foxworthy

Troy Williams
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